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This article is part two of the Affiliate guide, we've previously covered the first part, where we gave you an overview of everything you need to know about . You can read part one of the affiliate marketing guide before proceeding if you are still new to the affiliate marketing business.

To be clear with you, this post will be focusing on product marketing and which are part of the necessary things you must do to as an .

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Product Marketing Guide

To really money online as an affiliate marketer, you will need to pay close attention to the way you market your products. Product marketing is vital as it's the means by which customers see your product and understand what value you are offering to them.

Before you market a product, you need to follow these affiliate marketing guidelines and the template below to help yourself do it right.

Product Marketing Template:

  • Step 1. Understand the Product: You need to understand the product you are about to market. Do quick research, and know more about the product or service. If they have a website, visit it, browse around and probably chat with their customer service to ask a few questions.

By doing these things, you will get to understand how your audience will feel when they visit the product page.

  • Step 2. Understand the Target Audience: Each product has a target audience and if you market to the wrong audience, you will end up wasting both your time and money on people that will likely not buy. Stop the guessing game.
  • Step 3. Outline the Problems and Solutions: Every product is meant to solve a problem; have you figured out what problem the product you are about to market is solving? Find them and outline all of them before you start marketing.

Once you have done these three things, you can now start marketing your products. Keep reading!

Email Marketing Guide for Success

Follow Up Email After Interview

I hope you are enjoying this for beginners and you are definitely understanding what I'm teaching you right? good! let's proceed, shall we?

Now that you have successfully done your product research and have started marketing your product to the right people, there are certain mistakes you must avoid in order to maximize your earnings and traffic.

You probably paid for this traffic, so it's important that you close every sale and even sell more to them without having to pay again for the traffic. That is where email marketing comes in.

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So, quickly I'll share with you an email marketing template guide that you can follow right now to make the most out of your traffic.

Step 1. Create an Optin page for your Traffic:

Do not send your advertisement traffic direct to the affiliate link, this is the primary mistake that new affiliates do make when they are starting out. READ THIS ARTICLE: Introduction To Facebook Marketing – Everything You Need To Know From A-Z, it will help.

Instead, what you need to do is to send them to an opt-in page, where they will have to submit their email address to proceed to the next step. This next step might be the affiliate link or a free product which they will appreciate.

There are so many email marketing platforms that you can use to do this easily; here are but a few:

Step 2. Schedule Your Emails for More Sales:

This step is very crucial to the success of your money-making as a marketer. You want to online right? then this particular step needs to be done professionally and luckily for you, I have just the right solution for you.

You need professional email swipes that can sell your products faster and even make your audience love you more. With the link below, you can have access to over 1 million email swipes and templates that can sell any kind of product you may have.

Click here to Get Professional Email Swipes

When you have gotten these email swipes, you can then proceed to the next step.

Step 3. Offer More Value Regularly

One good way to keep your subscribers happy and active with your regular emails and sales pitches is by giving them value and valuable items regularly.

For instance, you can buy any of my books and use them as a free gift to your audience and they will love it. Check out my store here…

Affiliate Marketing Guide – Summary

It is my belief that this particular part two of the affiliate marketing guide was very healful and valuable to you. I really hope you make more sales and make more money online as an affiliate marketer.

Are you looking for ? You are in the right place because this post was intended to be suitable for both beginners and experienced marketers; hence its simplicity.

Let me know in the comments below if you have questions. Also, remember to share this post on social media to help someone today make more money online. Thanks for reading – DETAILED GUIDE

I believe this article was helpful to you and that you enjoyed every bit of it. Please feel free to leave us a comment below if you have any. 

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  1. This article is so great 👍..I have subscribed to many platform all to understand how affiliate marketing works but trust me this article is the best. I think I can begin from what I have learnt here so far. Thanks for the good work.

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