• A recently published report by the European Commission shows that is currently battling severe labour shortages and Croatia Invites Nigerians to work
  • The labour shortages include such areas as construction, automotive, and food production, among others
  • The country has also set the criteria for obtaining a Croatian in line with the European Commission's laid down standards.

Just recently, the Croatian government extended an invitation to Nigerian professionals such as chefs, bakers, and truck drivers to apply for work visas in a bid to address its severe labour shortages.

The European Commission also published reports highlighting Croatia's struggle with labour deficits in various sectors, notably construction, automotive, food production and others. 

The country has aligned its criteria for obtaining a Croatian work permit with the standards set by the European Commission, ensuring that the process adheres to established European norms.

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Labour shortages in Croatia have surpassed pre-pandemic levers

Data from the Croatian Employment Service shows the current count of unemployed persons in the country stands at 112,251, while published job openings in the country are 16,832.

Per a report by the Croatian labour market policies and European Commission, the country's labour force needs to be more effective in addressing these shortages.

The report stated that labour shortages in the last quarter of 2022 had surpassed pre-pandemic levels across all sectors, exceeding the averages seen in Europe.

The labour market in the country faces persistent shortages, and there needs to be more alignment between the active labour market policies and the observed challenges.

The European Commission's EURES listed sectors such as construction and building trades needing more labour market skills.

Sectors with a labour shortage as Croatia Invites Nigerians

Croatia Invites Nigerian
Croatia Invites Nigerians to work

Yes, not all sectors were invited, but the following sector professionals were invited by the government to work in Croatia;

  • Construction and building trades
  • Automotive and transportation services
  • Culinary arts and food production
  • Information technology and software development.

The in-demand skills show that persons in these professions, especially foreigners, have increased chances of obtaining a Croatian visa due to the increased sector demands.

Individuals wishing to obtain a Croatian Work Visa need a from a Croatian employer responsible for securing a work permit.

Reports say employers must assess the possibility of hiring from the Croatian labour market before applying for a residence and work permit.

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What is the Salary Range for Each Individual Work Sector?

Salaries range from €740 (minimum) to €1,738 (highest average) for construction and . Transport, haulage, and logistics salaries vary from €653 to €1,347.

In agriculture and the food industry, salaries start from €632 and go up to €1,277.

Technology and software development offer more competitive salaries, ranging from 843 euros to 3,018 euros.

Croatia's estimated minimum monthly net wage is about 560 euros, with the median monthly net salary estimated at 1,150 euros.

In Summary

You must be very excited to receive this news that Chefs, Bakers, Truck Drivers, and Others to Help Ease Labour Shortages.

Before you proceed with your application to work overseas, it's necessary that you read and understand the work permit application procedure for Nigerians looking to work in Croatia.

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