Grants For Small Businesses in Texas
Grants For Small Businesses in Texas

You have to spend money in order to , according to an old adage, and this is true particularly when you are launching a new firm. It equally justifies the reason our eyes are on the top best in Texas.

Any kind of Texas business, even those operated from homes, has a startup cost and requires for small businesses in Texas. 

Any business will incur some initial costs, therefore you run the risk of going over your allocated budget. The much-needed aid might be obtained in this situation thanks to

With the help of this article, business owners will be able to learn more about the top grants for small businesses in Texas and other state-wide business incentive programs that are available.

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What is a Grant in Business?

A grant is a sum of money, often known as financial help, that is granted by a government, institution, or individual for a particular reason. 

You are not required to pay the money back, unlike with a . Some study grant recipients who drop their classes are required to repay the money. 

A student may receive financial aid to study, or a team of researchers may receive funding to conduct research. The government may also give incentives for business startups, neighborhood improvement initiatives, or house installation.

For instance, Texas small business awards offer beginning businesses financial assistance or capital. 

Similar to this, there are numerous incentive programs aimed at, among other things, encouraging improved productivity and boosting employee retention rates. 

As soon as you begin conducting business in Texas, you are eligible for these incentive programs.

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Why should you have your Small Business in Texas?

There are a number of advantages and variables that can support your company's success in Texas if you intend to conduct business there. A few of the factors are: 

  • A supportive corporate tax climate  

The state is excellent for beginning a new business because of its reasonable tax policies and simple laws. Texas is thought to have a really low tax burden compared to other states in the US because it does not have either personal or corporate income taxes.

One significant benefit of Texas for small businesses is the availability of tax-related incentives, such as the exemption from sales tax for manufacturing machinery and equipment and the franchise tax exemption for retailers, producers, and even installers of various solar energy products. 

  • Business Innovation Platform

As entrepreneurs operating in Texas take advantage of the atmosphere and platform for innovation and creation, the state is rapidly progressing toward a comprehensive industry change. 

It's no surprise that Texas has garnered more recognition for its pro-business environment and expansion of small businesses than all other 49 states put together. 

Some of the most significant innovations that have changed entire industries have their roots in the state.

  • Small Business Capital and Financing 

Small business owners and startups frequently require finance throughout the early stages of their operations. 

One such method is the Texas Small Business Grants Program, which offers funding options for companies based on their size, sector, and location. 

Among others, there are non-profit lenders, Texas angel investors, USDA financial support, incubator funds, Texas small company funding for women, and startup business loans.

A competent staff is one of the key prerequisites for any new business, and Texas has a lot of it. In reality, the state's employment is expanding, with a more than 3% growth in the number of civilian employees. 

Top universities in the state continue to expand the talent pool every year. The University of Texas at Austin, Rice University, Texas A&M University, and the University of Houston are a few of the well-known institutions. 

As a component of the Texas small business incentives program and Texas small company development programs, there are numerous training programs and skill development funding for entrepreneurs and business personnel.

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Top Grants for Small Businesses in Texas

Grants For Small Businesses in Texas
Grants For Small Businesses in Texas

1. Texas Enterprise Fund

The Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF) is a sort of business incentive fund that provides grants to Texas small businesses for new projects including the establishment of new facilities or business expansion.

Each applicant's cash grants are determined using a consistent analytical process. The analytical model considers a number of variables, including: 

  • The average pay for all new hires 
  • the anticipated time frame for hiring 
  • quantity of new created 
  • Investment in the capital by the company 
  • The industry in which the company operates 

The Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF) offers financial grants or assistance for small businesses in Texas that can range from $250,000 to $50,000,000 and even more.

Apply Now

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2. Events Trust Fund

A Texas small business incentive program called Event Trust Funds (ETF) consists of three distinct funds, namely: 

  • This Trust Fund for Events 
  • Program for Reimbursing Major Events 
  • Vehicle Racing Trust Fund 

The main goal of the ETF program is to draw different events to Texas. The Texas Administrative Code, Title 10, Part 5, and Chapters 184.1–184.51 control the program. 

According to the financing database, the amount of money for Texas small businesses through this program can range from as little as $9,891 to $30, 61,727.08, and even more.

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3. Texas Enterprise Zone Program

The Enterprise Zone Program is one of the best small business incentive programs in Texas (EZP). 

This program, which is a sort of sales and uses tax refund program, was created with the express purpose of promoting private investment and job development in some of the state's most economically challenged regions. 

Your business must be located within an Enterprise Zone to be eligible for the return, which is handled by the Texas Comptroller's Office. To find the distressed counties or zones, use the Enterprise Zone Map. 

The maximum permissible return varies depending on the program, which is crucial to know if you operate a business in the enterprise zone in Texas.

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4. Product Development and Small Business Incubator Fund

A sort of Texas small business grants program called the Product Development and Small Business Incubator Fund (PDSBI) aims to give asset-backed loans to state-based product development firms and small business incubators or accelerators. 

The program is made up of two distinct funding streams, namely: 

  • Product Creation 
  • incubator for small businesses 

This specific kind of Texas small company funding focuses on offering financial support for the creation and development of new and improved products. 

A business must have been in operation for at least three years in order to qualify for this program.

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5. Skills Development Fund

The Skills Development Fund is a cutting-edge Texas small business incentive program that was developed to help the public community and technical colleges in Texas finance customized job training programs for local firms. 

The Texas Workforce Commission oversees the administration of this business incentive program, which awards grants to new businesses and established businesses. 

With a maximum fund of $10 million available, this Texas small company funding will enable companies to meet the training needs of both their current and future workforces.

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6. Young Farmer Grant Program

Grant amount: up to $20,000. 

Spring and Fall deadlines 

The Young Farmer Grant's goal is to develop and sustain Texas agriculture. 

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 45 is welcome. The farmer is required to match the award amount in this scheme at a ratio of 1:1. 

For instance, if the project's entire cost is $20,000, the farmer will need to generate $10,000 of his own money.

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7. Skills for Small Businesses

Grant amount: Up to $1,800 for every new hire 

Deadline: Ongoing 

The Texas Workforce Commission's Skills for Small Business program assists small business owners with employee training. 

It pays up to $1,800 for each new hire and $900 for current workers each year for businesses with less than 100 employees. 

The Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service or a public community or technical college must be used for training. For credit, continuing education, and online courses are all acceptable forms of training.

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8. Fiserv + Clover Back2Business Grant Program

Grant Amount: $10,000 

Deadline: 31st of December 

Apply for the Fiserv + Clover Back2Business Grant Program if your company is minority-owned, has fewer than 11 workers, less than $1 million in annual revenue, and is situated in Oklahoma, Texas, the greater Detroit area, or the Washington, D.C./Maryland/Virginia metropolitan area. 

You must have started your company before January 1, 2020, and it must be affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

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9. Small Business Emergency Grant Program

Grant amount: up to $25,000. 

Deadline: Ongoing

The Fort Bend County Commissioners Court offers up to $25,000 in small business emergency grants to qualified companies. 

By December 30, 2019, these companies must have been fully operating. 

For 2019–2020, you must demonstrate a revenue reduction of at least 25% and present two years' worth of finished tax returns.

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10. Southern Smoke Emergency Relief Program

Grant Amount: Variable 

Deadline: Ongoing

The Southern Smoke Emergency Relief Program is designed exclusively for people who run their own pubs or restaurants, work in one, or are suppliers and encounter unanticipated costs that are not covered by

“Taking care of our own” is its ethos. As a result, this grant can be used to pay for medical expenses, repairs, and FEMA catastrophes. 

The award committee decides the grant amount after it has reviewed all submissions.

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11. State of Texas Trade Expansion Program

Grants of up to $10,000 are available through the State of Texas Trade Expansion Program (STEP) to assist small companies that export to foreign markets. 

Funds may be used to pay for translation services, compliance testing, or attendance at international trade exhibitions. 

Businesses are required to match at least 25% of the award funding for these projects. STEP has already distributed all of its funding for 2022. 

However, this funding program remains ongoing. In summer 2023, the following application round is anticipated to begin.

Apply Now

12. Fort Bend County Small Business Emergency Grant Program

Fort Bend County runs a grant program for emergencies to help small businesses affected by the epidemic. Companies may apply for up to $25,000 in funding. 

You must have been in operation since December 30, 2019, and you must demonstrate a revenue reduction of at least 25% from 2019 to 2020 in order to be eligible. 

Amounts are chosen in accordance with revenue and demand. Applications can be submitted using the open online application site up until all available funds have been used.

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13. TX Restaurant Relief Fund

The Texas Restaurant Foundation manages the TX Restaurant Relief Fund to aid restaurants that the pandemic has damaged. 

The initiative provides grants of up to $5,000 to support restaurant operations and personnel retention. 

The program's goal is to collect $10 million in donations to provide to independent eateries all around the state. 

The program has been put on hold while the organization processes existing applications. 

However, it is important to often return to submit an application.

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14. Texas Workforce Training Grants

The Texas Workforce Commission oversees the workforce training grants (TWC). 

This Texas small company awards program focuses on giving grants to startup companies. 

This kind of Texas small business funding or grants main goal is to sure that their employees can enroll in various on-the-job training programs for skill development. 

Technical or community colleges, as well as the Texas Engineering Extension Service, offer training courses (TEEX).

Apply Now 

15. Texas Angel Investors

A seed investor, private investor, or even an angel funder are some of the other names for an angel investor. 

Although they don't focus on Texas small business grants, they do help startups and small enterprises find finance and cash. 

High-net-worth individuals that specialize in supporting entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses with money are known as angel investors. 

In exchange for equity ownership in a business, they offer Texas small business finance that may be a one-time investment or a recurring infusion of cash.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my small business grant require me to pay taxes?

Grant money does qualify as business income even though you are not required to pay it back. Therefore, you must pay taxes on whatever money you get. 

Where can I find information on fresh grant opportunities?

Check out the U.S. Small Business Administration's Small Business Development Center in your area.

They are able to not only inform you of funding options but also assist with organizing, training, and putting you in touch with neighborhood resources.

Is it possible to apply for many government awards at once?

You are allowed to apply for as many government grants as you are eligible for. However, keep in mind that you must disclose any prior awards you may have received when submitting a grant application.


Every firm requires a little amount of financial support when it comes to starting its operations, and Texas small business incentives and grants are essential in supplying the funds required.

The first step in starting a business in Texas is to register it because you can only apply for these grants and incentives once your company has been formed or incorporated.

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