How To Convert Your Blog Post to Video and Make Money on YouTube

Are you looking for a way to convert blog post to video? This is the right place to be at this point in time because I’m about to show you the best way to turn blog post into videos and make money with them on YouTube.

In this article, I will be showing you a simple tool that will literally make you a lot of money from your blog by turning all your blog posts into video which you can publish on Youtube and make money for yourself.

This is perfect for bloggers who don’t have time to make videos or maybe don’t want to show their faces on camera. You can now make money from your content with both your blog and also on youtube.

How To Convert Blog Post To Video

This automatic Youtube Video creator is super classic and works like charm! The best part is that your videos will look very professional and organized with lots of SEO features to make you rank high on search engines and also bring you lots and lots of traffic to your blog and products.

Now let’s go through the product real quick and learn how to get started with this youtube video creator.

How To Use The Youtube Video Generator

Step 1. Register and Login to Your Dashboard

Once you have logged in, choose how you want to make your video.

You can either make a video by allowing the AI to generate a content script online for you using your preferred keywords, or you can simply enter the link of your already written blog post and the AI will convert your blog post to video in no time.

Step 2. Customize Your Video

You can make changes to the texts, images, gifs, and also voice-overs to suit your style.

As you can see in the video above, everything is been explained for you to understand how it works. There will also be an assistant on your dashboard to guide you every single step of the way. It’s super easy to use.

Step 3. Publish Your Video and Make Money

Once you are done with your video, you can either download it on your computer or publisher it directly to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc., and start making money with your video.

convert blog post to video
How To Convert Your Blog Post to Video and Make Money on YouTube 1

For more detail on how to make money on YouTube, stay subscribed to this blog as I’ll soon drop a detailed guide on how to make money on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Videos Improve My Blog Ranking?

Having a video published on YouTube for each and every post you write on your blog is a great and undeniable way to boost your blog and video traffic, which will make you a lot of money.

Use the Article Video Creator to automatically convert your blog post to video.


Now that you have seen the best tool available, that can help you make extra money with your content, you have no excuse for not making enough money online. I recommend this tool for both bloggers and non-bloggers.

Even if you don’t have a blog, you can still make lots of money from other people’s blogs using this simple tool. Just imagine you take the article link for Forbes for example; then convert it to a video using the Article Video Creator. That’s a secrete which most people are using to make money today online without much work.

So, over to you! Is this something you wish to try out today? let me know in the comment section and also share your experience if you have used this tool.

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