Regis University Acceptance Rate
Regis University Acceptance Rate

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Regis University has been named one of the country's Colleges of Distinction, Catholic Colleges of Distinction, and Colleges of Distinction in Education, Business, Nursing, Equity and Inclusion, Colorado, and Military Support for the academic year 2023-2024.

Among the top-performing “career-ready” colleges and universities, Regis University was named a Top 10 Institution for Critical Thinking and a Top 10 Institution for First-Generation Students.

Regis University is a private Jesuit university with a 60% acceptance rate. Regis University was founded in 1877 in Denver, Colorado. The school's motto, “Men and Women in Service to Others,” reflects the school's emphasis on community service. 

Also, undergraduates can select from 20 degree programs offered by five colleges and schools. Business and healthcare are the most popular professional fields among undergraduates.

The student-to-faculty ratio at the university is 13 to 1. The Regis Rangers are members of the NCAA Division II Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC).

Are you thinking about applying to Regis University? Here are some important admissions statistics, such as the school's average GPA and admission requirements.

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Why Choose Regis University?

As a Regis student, you'll enjoy the advantages of a small college setting combined with academic programs that rank among the best in the country.

Students receive career-specific training and hands-on learning through our values-based education and nationally recognized programs.

As Colorado's only Jesuit Catholic university, students of all backgrounds and faiths find a home here, united by the common goal of making the world a better place. 

Every aspect of the Regis experience emphasizes the importance of critical thinking, gaining a global perspective, and advocating for those who lack a voice.

We aim to develop each student as a whole person, not just academically but also socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

At the same time, the Regis community knows have a good time.

Regis offers students the best of Colorado living, whether it's bustling city life, arts, and culture, or easy access to some of the best hiking, skiing, camping, and wilderness adventures right in our backyard.

Thanks to its location between the thriving Denver metropolis and the magnificent Rocky Mountains.

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What is the Dixie State University Acceptance Rate?

Regis University Acceptance Rate
Regis University Acceptance Rate

The first thing to consider is the acceptance rate if you want to get in. This indicates how competitive the school is and how seriously they take their requirements.

Regis University has a 60.4 percent acceptance rate. There are 60 admissions for every 100 applicants.

This indicates that the school is moderately selective. The school expects you to meet their GPA and SAT/ACT requirements, but they are more flexible than other schools.

You have a good chance of getting in if you exceed their requirements. If you don't, you might be among the unlucky few who receive a rejection letter.

The school has stringent SAT and ACT admission requirements, generally admitting students who score in the top 52% (SAT 1000/1220 ACT 21/28). Regis University typically accepts and attracts “B+” average high school students with a 3.57 GPA. 

Additionally, the majority of incoming freshmen graduate in the top 10% of their high school class. 10% of those admitted chose to attend the school.

To apply to the school, click on Common Application

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What is the Regis University Transfer Acceptance Rate?

Transfer students up 35.0 percent of the Regis student body.

Regis received 918 transfer applicants in 2019.

499 students were admitted to the school. As a result, Regis' transfer acceptance rate is 54.36 percent.

This demonstrates how difficult it is to transfer into Regis.

Furthermore, 274 students enrolled out of the 499 accepted transfer students, for a yield of 54.91 percent.

Out of every 100 transfer applicants, Regis accepts 55.

What is the Regis University Acceptance Rate By Major?

Regis University has a student-faculty ratio of 11:1, and 58.5 percent of its classes have fewer than 20 students.

Health Professions and Related Programs; Business, Management, , and Related Support Services; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; and Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services are the most popular majors at Regis University.

The acceptance rate by measure includes:

  • Health Professions and Related Programs- 31%
  • Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services- 21%
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences- 6%
  • Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services- 6%

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Necessary Requirements For Dixie State University

Regis University has a competitive admissions pool with above-average GPAs and SAT/ACT scores, accepting more than half of the applicants.

However, Regis has a comprehensive admissions process the considers factors other than grades and test scores.

  • Online Application: Regis accepts both the Common Application and the Regis Application and gives equal consideration to both.
  • Transcripts: Request official high school transcripts be forwarded to Regis University's Office of Admissions. Transcripts must be official and may not be stamped Student Copy.
  • Personal Statement: Your application should include a personal statement or essay. This will allow the admission committee to get to know you better.
  • Letter of Recommendation: One letter of recommendation from either a high school counselor or teacher is required.

SAT Scores You Need

What are the SAT requirements for students to be admitted to Regis University?

Regis University prefers applicants who rank in the top 60% of SAT test takers. The school consistently accepts SAT composite scores as low as 1000 on a 1600 scale, with admission considered a stretch. 

However, we estimate that some students with SAT scores as low as 890 may be accepted. The average SAT composite for admitted freshmen is 1110 out of 1600. Regis has the highest average SAT composite score in Colorado, ranking sixth. A competitive SAT score is essential, as 71% of applicants submit their SAT scores to the school.

ACT Scores needed to get accepted

What are the ACT requirements for prospective students to get into Regis?

According to admission data, Regis regularly accepts students with ACT scores of 21 and above. Successful applicants typically submit ACT scores in the top 43% of all applicants nationwide.

In some cases, we estimate that the minimum ACT composite score accepted by the school will be around 18. 

Also, prospective students with an ACT composite of 24 or higher should be in the top half of applicants, while students with a 28 or higher have excellent chances.

The school has the highest average ACT composite score in Colorado, ranking seventh. Regis University receives ACT scores from 46 percent of applicants.

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What Are The Transfer Requirements For Regis University?

Listed below are the transfer requirements for Regis University.

All transfer students must provide all the required documents before they can be considered for admission by the school:

  • Minimum GPA: Not published.
  • Official Transcripts: Transfer applicants should request official transcripts from each college attended to be sent directly to the Regis College Office of Admissions. Your official high school transcript is required if you have not completed 30 semester hours.
  • SAT Scores: You must submit official standardized test scores if you have not completed 30 semester hours.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Nursing transfer applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendation.
  • Essay: Transfer applicants should include a personal statement or essay with their application.
  • Application Fee: There is a $40 nonrefundable application fee (waived with the online application).
  • Interview: Applicants are encouraged to schedule a campus visit, attend an information interview with an admissions counselor, and go on a campus tour.
  • Other Requirements: Once accepted into Regis College, the admissions office asks you to confirm your plans for enrollment with a nonrefundable tuition deposit of $150 and a room reservation deposit of $150. If you plan to live off campus, the deposit is $150.

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What is The GPA Needed To Get into Regis University?

Many schools specify a minimum GPA requirement, but this is frequently just the bare minimum to apply without being rejected immediately.

The GPA requirement that truly matters is the GPA required for a genuine chance of admission. For this, we look at the average GPA of current students.

Regis University's average GPA is 3.57.

However, most schools use a weighted GPA of 4.0, but some report an unweighted GPA.

Regis University expects you to be above average in your high school class with a GPA of 3.57. You'll need a combination of A's and B's, with very few C's.

If your GPA is lower, you can compensate by taking more difficult courses, such as AP or IB. This will increase your weighted GPA and demonstrate your ability to take college courses.

If you are a junior or senior, changing your GPA in time for college applications is difficult. If your GPA is at or below the school average of 3.57, you'll need to improve your SAT or ACT score.

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What is Regis University Tuition?

Regis University's (Regis) 2023 tuition and fees are $39,610 for undergraduate students and $15,079 for graduate students.

The average grant amount is $18,660, and 63 percent of enrolled undergraduate students have received or aid. After aid, the net price is $38,520, which includes tuition, fees, books and supplies, and living expenses. 

Also, its undergraduate tuition and fees are slightly higher than the national average for similar schools ($33,786 – private) (not-for-profit) universities and Master's Colleges (larger programs).

What is The Regis University Deadline?

Although Regis University accepts applications on a rolling basis, we encourage you to apply as soon as you know you want to be a Regis Ranger. The priority application deadline for first-year students is April 15, and the deposit deadline to hold your spot is May 1.

The application deadline for our Nursing program is December 1.

The crucial deadline for a maximum consideration of institutional funds is April 15, but keep in mind that the FAFSA opens in October, and federal financial aid is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

We strongly advise you to submit your FAFSA as soon as possible.

What Are The Regis University Decision Dates?

All other Regis applications are reviewed on a rolling admissions basis, but all application materials should be submitted as soon as possible. 

After submitting their complete application, students will receive a decision within four weeks.

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The Dixie State University is a well-known institution and I'm sure you'll love the school.

Now that you've learned everything you need to know about the Regis University Acceptance Rate, it's now up to you to make the decision to apply if you are satisfied.

This article should have allayed your fears about admission requirements, average GPAs, and acceptance rates. If they were, please leave a comment below.


Is it hard to get into Regis University?

Regis University is an easy school to get into, with a very good chance of acceptance if you meet the admission requirements.

Is Regis University Liberal or Conservative?

Regis University is a great school for conservative students.

Is Regis University religious?

Regis is proud to be a Jesuit Catholic University

Does Regis University have dorms?

Regis offers three different residence halls

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