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Welcome to Detailed Guide. My name is David and I created this DIY blog to share my years of experience with my readers online. As an experienced writer and business person, I have learned a lot of things over the years and together with my team of creators, we love to share that information to the best of our knowledge.

We do not give legal counsel or advice, so do well to consult a legal counsel if you want to make any decision that involves it. As a matter of fact, we strongly recommend it.

This page is a brief overview of what this blog is all about. Continue reading to learn more about us.

About Detailed Guide

Detailed Guide is an Educational/DIY blog with extensive information on how to do anything online and offline from anywhere in the world. We are trying our best to cover every aspect we can to best serve you and have you satisfied.

Learn From World Best Teachers in Different Fields and Expertise

Get a Comprehensive Detailed Guide on How To Do Anything Online and Offline, no matter your country location, or language. There’s no barrier with us, as we strive to reach all races, cultures, and languages worldwide.

We Regularly publish detailed educational guides in several fields or categories, including:

  • Scholarship Tips and Opportunities
  • Business Tips and Opportunities
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Jobs and Career Opportunities
  • Insurance Tips and Guide
  • Make Money Tips and Opportunities
  • Grant and Funding Tips/Opportunities

Find the Latest Scholarships and Grant Opportunities Here

As a student, you will find useful information and tips to help you win a scholarship in your country or even opportunities to study abroad. The Detailed Guide Scholarship department is working round the clock to make sure you have the latest and best tips to help you in your academic pursuit.

Scholarship Categories covered By Detailed Guide:

You can feel free to browse our database for available and ongoing programs in various destinations, including the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, Africa, and European countries. We collected and published all the essential information needed to get through the application process with flying colors. 

If you are looking for international education without leaving your country, We also have a list of online courses you can signup for; We have examined each online course for integrity and you can trust our recommendations. We know that learning online can be challenging at times. That’s why we have also created detailed guidlines to help your every step of the way and to prepare you for distance learning.

Jobs and Career Opportunities

Here at Detailed Guide, we have so many special categories dedicated to specific categories like business tips, grant opportunities, scholarships, jobs, business, making money online, etc. 

We do take our time to source all these job tips and information in other to give you both a timely update and also in-depth knowledge on how to go about each update. Our team is always on standby to make sure all your questions are answered.

Business Tips and Opportunities

We write and educate on so many business tips and opportunities for both startups and established businesses. All our contents and for educational and entertainment purposes as stated in our Privacy Policy. If you require legal or financial advice, we suggest you contact a legal advisor to help you out.

Categories covered in our Business Section include the following:

Marketing Tips

With over 11 years of experience in the online space, marketing, and helping many other people to market their products online; you are in the right place to learn how to take your marketing skills to the next level.

We do make a lot of marketing materials which are both free and paid, depending on when the advanced level of the subject; but most of our materials are free, especially the contents and videos on our youtube channel.

Should you have some questions or suggestions, contact us via the online form available on the website.




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