Welding Schools in South Carolina

You are looking for the best , ; As the news about the great opportunities in the welding career would have crossed your ears.

You are in the right place as we are about to feed you with all the necessary information you'll ever need to pursue your welding career in South Carolina, USA.

Welding is a great career involving creativity and craft work, mainly using metals. It is an excellent career for anyone who desires to new things with his hands. You get the point with tools and not your bare hands.

Furthermore, South Carolina is a beautiful place to polish your skills or start your welding career, even as a newbie. In South Carolina, many teach basic and advanced welding courses straightforwardly, and welding companies are urgently looking for well-trained and experienced welders.

You can quickly get a welding job in South Carolina once you complete a welding training program in any of the state's welding schools and get your certification.

Want to know more about the ? This article has got you covered. Here, you'll be reading about the best welding schools in South Carolina and other necessary information.

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Welding Schools In South Carolina

There are currently over 20 welding schools in South Carolina state.

Apart from providing excellent welding classes with real-life lessons, welding schools in South Carolina have conducive learning environments and expert tutors who teach welding in simple and comprehensive terms.

Getting into Welding School In South Carolina

A primary requirement for enrolling is a high-school diploma, although some schools accept students in 10th grade.

Aside from this, the enrollment process largely depends on the preferred welding school. The application method for a welding program in South Carolina may differ from school to school.

You can also visit their website or check their profile in online local directories. Register, get familiar with their policy for application, and carry out all the necessary steps.

How Many Welding Schools Are In South Carolina?

The American Welding Society accredits over 20 welding schools in South Carolina.

They are all confirmed to have quality training programs for welding and other conditions, such as an improved learning environment and the availability of expert tutors.

While training procedures are likely to differ, welding schools in South Carolina offer nothing less than quality.

Academic Duration of Welding Schools In South Carolina

This depends on the welding school in view. Since their curricula vary, their total course duration will also vary.

For instance, the South Carolina School of Welding offers a vocational training program in welding that lasts for just about six weeks, while Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College's welding program takes over one year to be completed.

While some may be just 4-6 months, others could be between 1-2 years, depending on the school's curriculum. Nevertheless, the average time it takes to learn welding in South Carolina is about one year.

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Best Welding Schools In South Carolina

Welding Schools in South Carolina

There are many welding schools in South Carolina, most of which are accredited by the American Welding Society (AWS). So, if you want to enroll in a welding program in South Carolina, you've got many great options to choose from.

Here is a detailed list of the 15 best welding schools in South Carolina:

#1. Arclabs Welding School

Arclabs Welding School is located in Piedmont, SC, where students are offered detailed welding training. The school aims to develop students' professionalism and prepare them for employment immediately after graduation.

Through the services of experienced instructors, it ensures that the training modules are made to fit the needs of individual students.

After graduation, students are fit to take up welding roles as welders, welding fabricators, and inspectors. Also, they'll be able to handle technical tasks like layouts, blueprint reading, and technical mathematics.

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#2. Norris Mechanical, LLC

At Norris Mechanical, classes are primarily physical, and students are exposed to various aspects of welding. The school has state-of-the- facilities to facilitate students' learning. Also, the instructors are experienced, certified, and ready to put every student through.

Courses offered at the school include aluminum welding, stainless steel pipe welding, and so on. Norris Mechanical is located in Anderson, SC.

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#3. Carolina Welding Training School

Carolina Welding Training School is for you if you're looking for a South Carolina-based welding school with responsible tutors. Since its establishment, the school has kept a good record regarding comprehensive lessons, comfortable classes, and reasonable pricing.

From work ethics, blueprint reading, and safety precautions to work hazards, welding symbols, and calculations, the school exposes students to various coursework.

Additionally, it has a spacious environment that is conducive to learning. It is located in Andrews, SC.

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#4. South Carolina School of Welding

South Carolina School of Welding is one of the best welding schools in South Carolina. It is located in Beech Island, SC. At the school, Grade A instructors teach courses that combine their experience, skill, and knowledge to bring the best out of students.

This makes the welding classes as engaging as possible.

Aside from the great welding lessons, the school has functional, modern-day equipment with which students can gain practical welding experience. You can consider the South Carolina School of Welding if you need a welding school with detailed theories and practicals.

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#5. Horry Georgetown Technical College

Located in Conway, SC, Horry Georgetown Technical College is famous for its excellent training environment. Through a well-designed curriculum, instructors take students through various aspects of welding, like work hazards, safety precautions, basic mathematics, welding gases, and welding symbols.

While this school is known for its exceptional welding tutors, students learn soft skills like decision-making and critical thinking. These will help them become more competent welders in their welding careers.

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#6. Donaldson Career Center

Donaldson Career Center is one of the best welding schools in South Carolina due to its exceptional records. Its welding program features top-notch welding instructors who're great at communication, quality, and value. Similarly, the curriculum is well-structured.

As a result, students are unlikely to lack adequate welding knowledge.

Furthermore, it's got modern welding equipment to aid learning. It is located in Greenville, SC. And for its quality programs, it has gained quite a lot of positive feedback from its alums.

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#7. Aiken Technical College

The welding program at Aiken Technical College is commendably unique. It's designed to provide adequate welding information to students to make them skillful welders by the end of the program. Also, the instructors are competent and caring.

The good nature of its instructors has earned the school some positive reviews. For example, a student commented, “I love this school! The teachers are wonderful and care.” It is located in Graniteville, SC.

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#8. Dorchester County Career & Technology Center

With a massive focus on quality training, DCCTC strives to produce industry-standard welders who can handle various tasks without slacking.

To achieve this, instructors take students through measurement, layout procedures, Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), blueprint reading, and on-site training.

This way, students are fit for employment opportunities after graduation. DCCTC is located in Dorchester, SC.

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#9. Central Carolina Technical College Welding

Situated in Sumter, SC, the school offers a unique welding program to prepare students for the best welding careers possible. At the school, instructors give students sufficient time to explain welding processes and techniques.

Aspects like pipe welding are treated to boost students' professionalism and improve their skill set. This way, they can work in various industries and within multiple roles.

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#10. Palmetto Training, Inc.

This training institute focuses more on building a comprehensive welding program for students. It is located in Walterboro, SC, where they can gain adequate welding knowledge.

Courses available at the school include Welding Safety, Oxyfuel Cutting, Plasma Arc Cutting, Air Carbon Cutting, Flux-Cored Arc Welding, and drawings.

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#11. Midlands Technical College

Midlands Technical College is arguably the best welding school in the Columbia side of South Carolina. The school's welding program is well-structured and geared towards preparing students for huge tasks.

With experienced tutors, they're sure to get comprehensive training, especially with the necessary equipment. Also, students at the school enjoy unflinching support from instructors and colleagues.

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#12. Applied Technology Education Campus (ATEC)

ATEC is located in Camden, SC, offering a comprehensive welding program through experienced teachers and functional equipment.

By signing up for the program, students undergo various welding processes, which they require to pass their examinations and become certified in the long run.

Getting into ATEC isn't as hard as the name is; you need to prove that you're ready.

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#13. Trident Technical College Palmer Campus

Enrolling in the welding program at Trident Technical College – located in Charleston, SC – exposes students to various aspects of welding. Areas like manufacturing, transportation, fabrication, construction, inspection, and sales are treated in the school.

This way, students aren't only taught welding as a course and trade. Additionally, the school's tutors take students through blueprint reading, safety measures, and quality testing.

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#14. Greenville Technical College

Greenville Technical College is a public school in South Carolina that offers welding programs for interested students. It is located in Greenville, SC.

It has a very conducive learning environment and experienced tutors who handle the welding lessons effectively. Upon completing the program, students are fit for various opportunities in the welding industry.

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#15. Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College

If you're a fan of intensive training sessions, then Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College is a great option. The school's welding program is high-quality and handled by qualified tutors.

With quality tools, students are taught several tricks to weld, including welding safety, symbols, measurements, layout procedures, and gas utilization. It's located in Orangeburg, SC.

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How Much Does A Welder Make In South Carolina?

The salary earned by a welder in South Carolina depends on certain conditions, the major ones being their years of experience and education level. Below is a run-down of the details:

  • Less than one year – $21.41 per hour
  • 1 to 2 years – $18.42 per hour
  • Over ten years – $23.07 per hour

But on average, a welder working in South Carolina earns a sum of $3,044 per month.

Welder Certification In South Carolina

One top-rated certification platform that is well-recognized in South Carolina is one offered by the American Welding Society (AWS). Note that certification is not a necessity for becoming a welder in South Carolina, but it is essential if you want to work there.

Fortunately, most welding schools mentioned earlier have AWS certification issued to graduating welders.

Advantages of Welding Schools

Welding schools offer a ton of involved guidance, have few class measures, and can give thorough preparation to qualify an understudy for a section-level welding position upon graduation.

Additionally, welding school courses find the opportunity to finish more than most school courses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Skills Should A Welder Have?
Here are the abilities any decent welder should possess:

– Numerical Abilities.
– Scrupulousness.
– Consistent Hands and Great Dexterity.
– Actual Strength and Perseverance.
– The Capacity to Continuously Learn New Things.
– Great Correspondence and Collaboration Capacities.

Fabricate these abilities – and come out better as a welder!
What Is the Importance of Welding?
Welding is a fundamental part of numerous businesses like the car business, the development business, and the aeronautics business.

Without this type of metalwork, countless things, including multiple structures, doors and walls, little kitchen machines, vehicles – and even space travel – wouldn't exist.
Is Being A Welder Worth It?
Welding is no easy money scam. However, provided you stick at it for even a short time frame, you can procure some significant income.

Section-level welders procure $40,000 yearly, and the increment goes on routinely, up to between $50,000 to $500,000 with experience in a decent field.

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There you have it, the 15 Best Welding Schools in South Carolina, USA. The truth is welding is a great career prospect. However, to become an expert-level welder, you must attend exceptional welding schools.

With our list of the best South Carolina welding schools, we hope you find a great choice that matches your preferences.

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