Colleges With The Most Players in the NFL
Colleges With The Most Players in the NFL

Like many other professional endeavors, the road to athletic success starts in college. Although players from all sizes of universities up NFL rosters, several NCAA institutions are outstanding at consistently turning out elite athletes who play in the NFL.

Certain institutions are renowned for turning out billionaires or CEOs. Hence, the top 20 colleges with the most NFL players are listed and briefly described in this article. Continue to read to find out more about them.

The National Football League, the biggest and most established professional football league in the United States, goes by the initials NFL.

With 32 clubs representing American towns and regions, it is the biggest and most prominent professional American football league.

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Colleges With The Most Players in the NFL

The American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference are the two conferences in which the 32 clubs that make up the NFL compete (NFC). After each season, the AFC champion plays the NFC champion team in the Super Bowl.

The National Football League (NFL) was founded in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association and changed its name to that in 1922.

With an average of over 67,000 spectators each game, the NFL has the largest per-game turnout of any domestic professional league in the world, making it one of the most well-liked sports leagues in the United States.

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How Do NFL Teams Make Money?

The teams bring in money from the community through concession sales, corporate sponsorships, and ticket sales.

More significant profits are necessary to pay for the high running costs of keeping a professional football team. For instance, the Packers spent $410 million in total during the fiscal year 2021.

How Long Does an NFL Game Last?

American Football takes hours to play, unlike certain sports. The games sometimes last three hours or longer despite being played over a planned 60 minutes because of multiple interruptions in play.

An NFL game, however, is planned to last longer than 60 minutes. The following four 15-minute quarters make up the remaining 60 minutes.

The game goes into overtime to decide the victor if both teams are tied after 60 minutes, though.

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Best Colleges with the Most NLF Players

Here are our top picks on the best colleges with the most NFL players:

  • The University of Alabama
  • The University of Florida
  • Clemson University (Sc)
  • The University of Notre Dame (IN)
  • Louisiana State University—Baton Rouge
  • Pennsylvania State University—University Park
  • The University of Georgia
  • University of Wisconsin
  • University of North Carolina
  • Virginia Tech
  • Florida State University
  • University of Maryland
  • Michigan State University
  • Auburn
  • University of Oklahoma
  • Ohio State University
  • University of Iowa
  • Texas State University
  • Tennessee State University
  • University of Miami

#1. University of Alabama

The University of Alabam is one of the best colleges with the most players in the NFL.

Since 1902, the Alabama Crimson Tide football program has dominated the college game. The program boasts over 949 victories, 28 conference titles, 73 bowl games, and several national titles.

Despite some controversy, the University is still ranked first and has produced 58 NFL players, 18 national championships, and six victories since 2009.

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#2. University of Florida

Since the program's inception in 1911, the Gators have sucked down on over 32 NFL players and over 700 wins.

Along with those victories, the team also has 46 bowl game appearances, nine conference titles, and three national championships, the most recent of which was in 2008.  

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#3. Clemson University (Sc)

The Clemson Tigers have fought to almost 750 total victories since 1902, 22 conference titles, and 47 bowl berths.

33 NFL players have come from Clemson, and the school has won three national championships— the first in 1981 and the most recent in 2016 and 2018. This makes it one of the best colleges with the most players in the NFL.

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#4. The University of Notre Dame (IN)

The Fighting Irish have established themselves as one of college football's most illustrious programs since first taking the field in 1899. This is also one of the best colleges with the most players in the NFL.

According to the NCAA, the program has produced 37 NFL players and compiled over 865 victories, 39 bowl game appearances, and 13 national titles, the most recent of which was in 1988.

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#5. Louisiana State University—Baton Rouge

LSU football dates back to 1902 in its history. The team has over 790 victories, 12 conference titles, 52 bowl appearances, and 52 wins.

The most recent of the Tigers' four national titles came in 2019. 52 LSU players are playing in the NFL, from nine rookies to the Eagles' punter Donnie Jones, who has 14 years of experience.

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#6. Pennsylvania State University—University Park 

The Penn State Nittany Lions are one of the most famous teams in NCAA history. They first competed in 1889. Penn State has produced 31 NFL players, amassed over 880 victories, won four conference titles, and taken part in 50 bowl games.

Additionally, PSU won the NCAA title twice in the 1980s and has long been a dominant power in college football.

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#7. University of Georgia

The fourth year of head coach Paul Johnson's tenure with the Yellow Jackets occurs while the team is still on NCAA probation. Johnson was named ACC Coach of the Year in 2008 and 2009.

This one ranks well in terms of the number of NFL players from its premier institutions.

Johnson took over a program that was on probation and had fewer . He did well in putting his processes in place and producing players who could compete at the next level. Producing over 32 NFL players, including well-known athletes like Keith Brooking and Calvin Johnson.

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#8. University of Wisconsin

Barry Alvarez revived a floundering program, and the changeover to the current head coach Bret Bielema in 2006 was smooth.

Thanks to the winning ways, the talent pipeline has continued to flow through Madison and into the NFL. 32 NFL players with well-known names like Michael Bennett and Owen Daniels were born in Wisconsin. 

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#9. University of North Carolina

Following many player suspensions from the previous season and Butch Davis' premature firing only two weeks before the start of camp this summer, the UNC football team is stumbling into what appears to be a dark room.

Davis is a superb recruiter who uses his vast NFL and high-profile college coaching expertise. Over 33 NFL players, including well-known players like Hakeem Nicks and Julius Peppers, have come out of UNC, making it one of the best colleges with the most players in the NFL.

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#10. Virginia Tech

With over 33 NFL players, including well-known figures like DeAngelo Hall and Michael Vick, coaching is a game of musical chairs. This university is another one of the best colleges with the most players in the NFL.

Frank Beamer, a Virginia Tech graduate, has served as a prime example of stability and continuity in Blacksburg. Beamer consistently fields competitive teams, and his talent contribution to the next level is no different.

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#11. Florida State University

Jimbo Fisher, the head coach of Florida State, is reputed to be the top college football recruiter. Fisher had the chance to strengthen his already strong recruiting links in the Southeast as he prepared to take over from the legend by joining Bobby Bowden's staff as “head coach-in-waiting.”

Fisher has a reputation for producing quarterbacks in a state brimming with talent. With well-known names like Anquan Boldin and Antonio Cromartie, the NFL has made over 37 players, making it one of the best colleges with the most players in the NFL.

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#12. University of Maryland

The Terps have had no trouble producing NFL talent. Although Ralph Friedgen was in charge of routinely producing NFL players during his 10 years at College Park, Randy Edsall, the new head coach, has some NFL coaching experience.

The Terps produce more NFL players than any other team overall, with over 37 tallies.

Among them are well-known figures like Vernon Davis. 

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#13. Michigan State University

Michigan has always been discussed regarding NFL potential, despite being during a transformation. The Rich Rodriguez era in Ann Arbor has given way to the Brady Hoke era.

Still, the quality and quantity of top players signing with the blue appear to have stayed the same despite the change in offensive strategy.

Michigan is one university that has produced the most NFL players, with 37 including well-known figures like Mario Manningham and Tom Brady, making it one of the best colleges with the most players in the NFL.

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#14. Auburn

As evidence of the talent being produced in that nation region, the last two Heisman Trophies and the last two crystal footballs are kept in Alabama.

Last year, Auburn became the first team to win a BCS Championship last year, but previous Auburn players have long been making waves in the NFL.

There have been 41 NFL players, including well-known players like Cam Newton and Cadillac Williams.

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#15. University of Oklahoma

Oklahoma's inaugural football season took place in 1903. Since then, the Sooners have competed in 54 bowl games, amassed a record-breaking 870 victories overall, and won 49 conference titles.

Oklahoma has produced 22 NFL players, seven national titles, and two consecutive Heisman Trophy winners in 2017 and 2018. A trophy is given to the best collegiate football player after each season.

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#16. Ohio State University

Talent cultivated in the Horseshoe has long been gifted to the NFL. Whatever your opinion of his most recent compliance violations, Jim Tressel developed a ton of mastery over his 10 years in Columbus.

His results included 51 well-known NFL players, including Ted Ginn and Antoine Winfield. Luke Fickell has been chosen to carry the torch for the illustrious program and is expected to recruit and advance big-name players to the NFL.

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#17. University of Iowa

Following two straight NFL position coaching gigs (OL), Kirk Ferentz moved to Iowa City in 1998. Because of his accomplishments, Ferentz is frequently touted for almost every professional and prominent collegiate coaching position.

About 43 NFL players are raising the worth of Texas. NFL general managers will continue to view Ferentz as a fantastic talent evaluator and development, making the university one of the best colleges with the most players in the NFL. 

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#18. Texas State University

Mack Brown owns a Texas-sized, productive recruiting ground. Brown gets what he wants, fills his classes early, and transports youngsters from signing day to draft day and anybody in the industry, with a few rare exceptions (typically at the hands of Bob Stoops).

About 45 NFL players, including well-known players like Colt McCoy and Cedric Benson, are classified under Texas, making the university one of the best colleges with the most players in the NFL.

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#19. Tennessee State University

On Rocky Top, there always seems to be an abundant harvest. During Phil Fulmer's thirty years in Knoxville, the program developed 44 NFL players, with talent coming through year after year.

The program looks for positive momentum in the SEC East after the Lane Kiffin tour stop flared into the Derek Dooley era.

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#20. University of Miami

Miami has always been a talent factory. I know folks who build their fantasy football teams on American athletes as a tactic.

Unfortunately for the Canes, the investigative file at the NCAA office shows a sharp decline and maybe removal from this list. Currently, Miami shares the top slot with 59 NFL players, including well-known stars like Frank Gore.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Top 20 Colleges With The Most Players in the NFL Today

How long is an NFL game?

American Football takes hours to play, unlike certain sports. Games sometimes last three hours or longer despite being played over a planned 60 minutes due to multiple interruptions in play.

DAZN lays down each crucial stretch before an NFL game.

Is the NFL a sports industry?

The NFL is the top professional level of American football worldwide and one of the most important professional sports leagues in the US and Canada.

Is the NFL a rugby or football?

The pitches are the same in high school, NCAA, or NFL football. Rugby fields can vary from location to location, whereas playing fields are uniform and have the same size everywhere.

53 1/3 yards broad and 100 yards long make up an average American pitch.

What is the difference between football and NFL?

There are 130 teams in the extensive college football league, represented by colleges, institutions, and academics.

There are ten distinct conferences made up of these teams. Also, there are 32 clubs in the NFL, evenly distributed across eight divisions.


There you have it, the . While some schools are popular for producing millionaires and CEOs, these colleges on our list have the most players in NFL.

We hope you found this list helpful.

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