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Are you looking for the best auto to train to become an automotive technician, and what are the application requirements? Here is a to help you navigate that choice and enroll in the best auto mechanic program.

As you may well know, auto mechanic schools educate individuals who enjoy soiling their hands while working on vehicles and machinery with the knowledge to work in specific auto mechanic fields.

An interesting fact about becoming an auto mechanic in Los Angeles, CA, is that you don't necessarily need an undergraduate degree. This field provides exciting career options for people who don't have an interest in pursuing a four-year degree program at a university.

But it's vital to know the requirements, certifications, and time you need to become an auto mechanic.

This article is a masterpiece and a detailed guide to understanding what it takes to become an auto mechanic in Los Angeles, California. Keep reading to learn more…

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Requirements For Applying To an Automotive Schools To Start A Career as an Auto Mechanic In Los Angeles

It is very easy to get a job as an auto mechanic is simple, but it can be difficult if you lack knowledge in training, education, and experience. Completing your high school education and acquiring your GED and diploma is the first to become an auto mechanic.

After which, you can enroll for further training in an auto mechanic trade school to help you advance your career path. It also increases your chances of getting good-paying mechanic fresh out of school.

Therefore, enrolling in the best auto mechanic schools is crucial because skilled mechanics are in high demand.

The following requirements outlined in this article can help you establish a career as an auto mechanic in Los Angeles, CA.

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#1. You Need To Have A GED Or High School Diploma

Many employers want applicants who have completed their high school education or GED and can display their reading, writing, and calculation knowledge.

Also, passing high school or acquiring a GED diploma proves that you have attained a certain proficiency in your ability to communicate, reason, and apply science to life situations.

In addition, it guarantees you the discipline and strength to finish a relatively tough task.

Because of such expectations, applying for a job in almost any auto mechanic career field can be difficult without a high school diploma or GED, because it requires proficiency in both soft and hard skills.

Recruiters receive a heap of application letters on their tables for any job opening in an auto mechanic shop. The easiest way for them to lessen the heap is to remove any applicant whose letter indicates they hadn't completed high school or don't have their GED.

Although a lot of individuals who didn't graduate high school can be good auto mechanics. Recruiters consider it as a basic level of education to be employable as an auto mechanic.

#2. You'll Have To Enroll Into A Trade School That Offers Auto Mechanic Program

Another requirement to become an auto mechanic is to enroll in a trade school that provides auto mechanic programs.

These programs will give you all the necessary knowledge to familiarize yourself with a vehicle and its various parts.

During your training, you will acquire hands-on experience performing common auto mechanic tasks, like tune-ups, grease changes, A/C repairs, diagnostics, brake pad replacement, and other repairs.

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#3. Apply For Entry Level Job To Acquire Hands-on Experience

To work as an auto mechanic, it's generally required to have some job-on-hours experience. This could include apprenticeship or internship programs, lessons and practicals in vocational academies, and hands-on auto mechanic classes in high school.

The required number of years of experience varies among companies and countries.

Most employers look for a minimum number of years of employee experience before hiring an individual for an auto mechanic service. To be sure, the individual knows the field he's about to work on.

Usually, someone with zero years of experience in any auto mechanic field will be required to work a certain number of years. He will be able to take on more technical jobs with higher pay for a lower fee.

However, someone who has graduated from a trade school auto mechanic program will have roughly 2 years of practical hands-on experience. That may benefit them in the workplace to scale through the lower-level pay.

Graduates from auto mechanic programs can be trusted with more duties, such as those of assistant lead technicians, which helps them gain more on-the-job hours and experience, making them qualified for further technical jobs.

Also, you can apply for entry-level jobs to get some years of experience before applying for high-demand technical jobs.

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#4. Obtain Industry Certifications

Obtaining auto mechanic certificates is crucial to proving individuals' expertise in the diverse mechanic fields.

Specific auto mechanic jobs and auto manufacturers may require you to attend automotive schools in Los Angeles that offer you specialty certification before you can work in the companies.

Companies like Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Toyota, Ford, GM, and more have specific certification programs.

Getting these auto mechanic certificates will educate you and equip you with the knowledge required to operate each vehicle. Which usually contains highly intelligent and complicated systems.

Auto mechanics who intend to go further in their career or work in these specific auto manufacturers may have to be certified in one or more of these manufacturer-specific certifications.

There are numerous auto mechanic and repair certifications that an individual can acquire to aid progress in their field and help land more high-paying jobs.

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) offers widely accepted certifications.

Most mechanic businesses in Los Angeles, CA, accept ASE certificates. They consider it an essential requirement before they offer an applicant most of their high fee and important technical jobs.

Individuals with ASE certificates can confidently apply to specialized auto mechanic businesses.

ASE offers certifications in specific areas, such as:

  • Brakes and Engine Repair
  • Engine performance
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Manual drivetrain and axles
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Electrical systems
  • Light vehicle diesel engines
  • Automatic transmissions

In addition, some stores in California don't allow employees without EPA refrigerant handling certification to operate on their AC systems. Any auto mechanic who wants to niche to Air Conditioning repair must have this certificate.

This certification educates them with the right knowledge to diagnose, purchase, repair, and dispose of refrigerants used in automobile air conditioning systems.

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Best Mechanic Schools in Los Angeles, CA. 

As automobile drivers have increased on the road, ignorant motorists have owned their vehicles for more than six years. Situations like the two mentioned above have increased the demand for skilled auto mechanics to maintain and repair vehicles.

To be a skilled auto mechanic, it's necessary to attend the best automotive schools in Los Angeles. To gain maximum knowledge, hands-on training, and certificates in the field.

Here's a detailed list of the best auto mechanic schools in Los Angeles, California.

#1. Los Angeles Trade Technical College

  • Location: 400 West Washington Blvd, Los Angeles 90015

Los Angeles Trade Technical College is one of the automotive schools that train students in auto mechanics and related technology programs for four semesters.

Individuals who want to enroll in Los Angeles Trade Technical College to pursue their auto mechanic career must be 18 years or older. Also, should have their admission forms filled to LATTC and apply for school aid.

Learners learn to work on a beginner's auto mechanic duties. They learn sustain, analyze, and refurbish fuel injection and electronic systems. Most importantly, learners are well-trained to satisfy industry standards.

Before graduating from Los Angeles Trade Technical College, each student will be able to diagnose and fix vehicles. Also, fix machinery using professional work tools and diagnostic devices.

They can perform vehicle repair duties while using factory programs and adhering to safety precautions.

The tuition fee at Los Angeles Trade Technical College for the 1-year auto mechanic program is $1,830. Extra books and supplies cost $1,620. This is one of the best Mechanic programs in Los Angeles, .

School Website

#2. North Valley Occupational Center

  • Located at 11450 Sharp Avenue, Mission Hills, CA 91345

North Valley Occupational Center offers an auto-tech (engine performance) course for one year, 180 clock hours, and 15 credits.

The course is a fraction of a sequence of courses organized to satisfy the Automotive Service Excellence Program Certification Standards. This is one of the best Mechanic programs in Los Angeles, USA.

The National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation initiated the certification standards. Applicants aspiring to study at the North Valley Occupational Center must be successful at a math and reading test before admission.

At North Valley, Occupational Center auto mechanic learners are trained with hands-on practicals to gain experience in an automobile area. Learners are allowed to work with sustainable vehicle technologies and materials.

The Focus study includes utilizing duty manuals, computer-based information systems, methods of supervision, and workplace policies. Also, a storehouse of engine repair tools and hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles.

School Website 

#3. East Los Angeles College

  • Located at 1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez, Monterey Park, CA 91754

East Los Angeles College offers an automotive technology program that prepares learners for entry-level transport and vehicle repair jobs. This is one of the best Mechanic programs in Los Angeles, USA.

The program lasts for 1 year with 180 clock hours and 49 units, and applicants under 18 may enroll if they have a GED or have graduated from high school.

Previous knowledge of auto mechanics is not required for entry since the curriculum is prepared to assist learners in mastering the repair and diagnosis of complicated and high-technology automobiles.

Individually licensed professionals who are experienced mechanics are positioned to cover the systems of a vehicle. To prepare learners for practice on training in a computerized automobiles period.

East Los Angeles College provides a modern installation with advanced machines and equipment for students, hence why it is one of the best auto mechanic schools in Los Angeles.

In addition, students are provided with visuals of modern vehicles' mechanical systems and use computer-assisted repair and testing equipment.

That will equip them to transition into the industry swiftly. The program costs $46 per unit, and day and evening classes are provided. Students are to pay for extra costs for enrollment, books, and supplies.

School Website 

#4. Los Angeles Pierce College

  • Located at 6201 Winnetka Ave. Woodland Hills, California 91371

Los Angeles Pierce College is one of the schools that offers an associate's degree in science in auto mechanic service technology. They have a compulsory course with a learning duration of 1 year and ( 6 )months and 46-47 course units.

This program gives students hands-on experience in the auto mechanic service and repair industry.

High school learners may only enroll with clearance from a high school adviser; also, students are to submit an official high school transcript and any previous colleges.

College curriculum is always on frequent revision by auto mechanic professionals to meet progressing industry technology.

Los Angeles Pierce College will tutor learners in Brake Power Systems and Suspension Systems, Automotive Transmission, and Engines.

Also, on Engine Diagnosis and Air Conditioning, Advanced Engine Diagnosis and Performance, Clutches, Drive Lines and Differentials, and Store Operations and  Management.

Course tuition is $4,517 for students who finish the program in the normal time. Extra costs apply to books and supplies. This is one of the best Mechanic programs in Los Angeles, USA.

School Website 

#5. Santa Ana College

  • Located at: 1530 W. 17th Street Santa Ana, CA

Santa Ana College offers a degree in automotive technology over four semesters with 28–29 units of compulsory courses. Intending students must submit proof of finishing high school and must be at least 18 years old.

Compulsory units include Auto Essentials, Electronic Fundamentals, Electrical Systems, Engine Performance, and Automatic Transmission Service. Advanced Drivetrain Systems, Steering, Suspension Service, Automotive Air Conditioning, Heating, and Ventilation.

Also, Engine Repair, Advanced Clean Air Car Course, Diagnostic Tests, Hybrid Vehicles, Diesel Engines, and much more. Students are acquainted with hands-on work for advancing repairs and service so they can be hired in the industry after graduation.

It requires students to complete additional requirements for general courses. This is one of the best Mechanic programs in Los Angeles, USA.

School Website

#6. Abram Friedman Occupational Center

  • Located at 1646 S. Olive St., Los Angeles, CA 90015

Abram Friedman Occupational Center covers auto mechanic courses for 4 semesters with 180 clock hours. Handling machines and equipment, information and computer-based systems, and service manuals.

Abram Friedman Occupational Center aims to teach learners mathematical trade skills, storage and housing of materials and equipment, wheel and tire removal and replacement, employable skills, and resource management.

The course begins with Technology I, and II, Auto Tech Diesel, Engine Repair and Emission Control, Electrical and Electronics, Brakes, Suspension, and Steering.

The courses are offered in sequential order and therefore demand separate registrations. Registration is online, and day and night sessions are available.

Abram Friedman Occupational Center schooling costs $120 for learners who complete payments at registration and additional costs for books and supplies. This is one of the best Mechanic programs in Los Angeles, USA.

School Website

#7. Santa Monica College

  • Located at 1900 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Santa Monica College offers a short-term auto mechanic program for 1-year or fewer with 12 units and one of the best automotive schools in Los Angeles.

Applicants must have completed the high school diploma exam and provide a valid ID copy. The auto mechanic program educates learners on handling equipment and using safe techniques.

Areas of specialty include auto brake systems, auto maintenance and repair operations, Suspension and Steering, and Electrical Systems.

Students are educated under the direction of master mechanics during the program to fix electronic and automobile difficulties. And they are trained with employable skills for industry jobs.

Schooling costs $46 per unit for residents and students, and books and supplies are additional costs. This is one of the best Mechanic programs in Los Angeles, USA.

School Website

FAQs About Auto Mechanic And Automotive Schools In Los Angeles

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There you have it, the complete list of the best mechanic schools in Los Angeles, USA. You can use this information to make the best choice as a student.

Remember; newly graduated Auto mechanic students are employable at dealerships, start-up mechanic shops, and car manufacturing companies.

You can start your own career today as an auto mechanic by enrolling in a high school vocational program (an auto mechanic program) or obtaining a certificate at a technical school.

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