Pastor Jerry Eze alleges
Pastor Jerry Eze alleges
  • cited instances where he invested everything he had into people who later shut him off.
  • He also addressed the common accusation that pastors are only after the gain that comes from their ministry.

 recently revealed some of the difficulties he faces as a pastor.

In a recent statement, he expressed his thoughts on the often-overlooked challenges that most pastors face, particularly in and around the world.

Pastor Eze described his pastorial journey as “weird,” citing instances in which he invested his heart and soul into people who later pretended he didn't exist.

He spoke of the hours he spends in counselling and deliverance sessions only to have those he has assisted disregard or even delete him from their lives.

The pastor also remarked on the irony of being publicly slandered by some of the people he had honoured.

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Pastor Jerry Eze also explained how different people perceive the same sermon – what may be life-changing for one person may be boring or even anger-inducing for another.

He addressed the common accusation by the public that pastors are primarily motivated by financial gain as a significant point of contention.

He also emphasised the expectations placed on religious leaders in terms of their lifestyle, such as being labelled materialistic and greedy if they own nice things, but unsuccessful or not blessed if they live modestly.

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Statement by Pastor Jerry Eze

“Pastoring is weird. I've poured my heart and soul into people who now act like I don't exsist. I've done hours of counseling and deliverance with people who later deleted me. I've publicly honored people who chose to slander me and act like I was a villain. And then there's people I rarely have conversations with that honor and respect me to the highest degree. Some leaders have washed my feet while others have thrown dirt on my name.

Jerry Eze
Jerry Eze
“Being a pastor is weird, you're being monitored for faults and failures”- Pastor Jerry Eze alleges

Pastor Jerry Eze discussed also, the personal sacrifices that pastors , such as the constant demand for their time, money, and resources.

He made mention the criticism they receive when they set boundaries to maintain their mental health and family life, which is often perceived as selfish.

Despite these difficulties, Pastor Eze revealed that the role of a pastor is ultimately fulfilling and life-changing, particularly when viewed as a service to God.

Pastoring is weird. I'm too much for some, yet too little for others. The same preaching that convicts one person angers another. The same sermon that was boring to one was massively impactful to another. Praised for being so loving and graceful, yet slandered for being too loving and graceful in certain situations.”

Pastor Jerry Eze

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