Top 100 tech companies UK

Technology is really growing every day and the is not left out in this daily growth in the Tech sector.

New tech companies emerge almost every day in the and all around the world. So in this article, we'll be looking at the ranking for the year 2024. This post will keep updating each year to keep up with the latest tech companies ranking in the UK.

These top 100 lists have been ranked with three primary criteria:

  1. The age of the company;
  2. How much finance has been raised;
  3. The Company's turnover or profits for the last year.

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Top 100 tech companies UK

This is the list of tech companies in the United Kingdom that are doing great at the time of this post. These companies have been publicly listed in the Technology sector by market capitalization.

The following rankings and Market Cap data are updated regularly to keep you up to date. (You can choose any of these in 2024)

Below are the top 100 tech companies and a brief summary of each (With the best UK cities for tech ):

Top 100 Technology Companies UK

RankingCompanyMarket CapCountrySectorIndustry
1Clarivate Plc$17.54 BUnited KingdomTechInformation Tech
2The Sage Group plc$9.83 BUnited KingdomTechSoftware
3AVEVA Group plc$9.60 BUnited KingdomTechSoftware
4Endava plc$8.10 BUnited KingdomTechSoftware
5Mimecast Limited$5.12 BUnited KingdomTechSoftware
6Atotech Ltd$4.48 BUnited KingdomTechElectronic Components
7Computacenter plc$4.44 BUnited KingdomTechInformation Tech
8Softcat plc$4.31 BUnited KingdomTechInformation Tech
9Darktrace plc$4.13 BUnited KingdomTechSoftware
10Spectris plc$3.91 BUnited KingdomTechScientific & Technical Instruments
11Renishaw plc$3.66 BUnited KingdomTechScientific & Technical Instruments
12ITM Power plc$2.64 BUnited KingdomTechElectronic Components
13Kainos Group plc$2.22 BUnited KingdomTechSoftware
14Spirent Communications plc$1.87 BUnited KingdomTechSoftware
15Micro Focus International plc$1.81 BUnited KingdomTechSoftware
16Alpha wave IP Group plc$1.71 BUnited KingdomTechSemiconductors
17Oxford Instruments plc$1.67 BUnited KingdomTechSemiconductor Equipment & Materials
18Auction Technology Group plc$1.64 BUnited KingdomTechSoftware
19Blue Prism Group plc$1.63 BUnited KingdomTechSoftware
20FDM Group (Holdings) plc$1.60 BUnited KingdomTechInformation Tech
21Bytes Technology Group plc$1.54 BUnited KingdomTechSoftware
22GB Group plc$1.35 BUnited KingdomTechSoftware
23Kape Technologies plc$1.14 BUnited KingdomTechSoftware
24iEnergizer Limited$957.5 MGuernseyTechInfo. Tech
25discoverIE Group plc$903.9 MUnited KingdomTechElectronic Components
26Equiniti Group plc$896.8 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
27The Vitec Group plc$803.4 MUnited KingdomTechConsumer Electronics
28Ideagen plc$728.4 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
29Midwich Group plc$723.9 MUnited KingdomTechElectronics & Computer
30Goco Group plc$721.0 MUnited KingdomTechInfo. Tech
31FD Technologies plc$690.5 MUnited KingdomTechInfo. Tech
32NCC Group plc$686.3 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
33IMImobile plc$683.0 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
34Alfa Financial Software Holdings plc$622.3 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
35Judges Scientific plc$545.0 MUnited KingdomTechScience & Tech
36PayPoint plc$542.9 MUnited KingdomTechInfo. Tech
37Strix Group plc$537.9 MIsle of ManTechElectronic Components
38Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche SpA$510.1 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
39TT Electronics plc$461.9 MUnited KingdomTechElectronic Components
40accesso Technology Group plc$450.9 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
41PensionBee Group plc$392.8 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
42Tracsis plc$373.8 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
43IDOX plc$368.2 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
44Telit Communications plc$351.3 MUnited KingdomTechCommunication
45IQE plc$346.8 MUnited KingdomTechSemiconductor Equipment
46dotdigital Group plc$336.9 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
47Gooch & Housego plc$336.4 MUnited KingdomTechElectronic Components
48Cerillion plc$290.0 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
49Xaar plc$271.7 MUnited KingdomTechElectronic Components
50WANdisco plc$245.5 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
Top 100 tech companies UK
RankingCompanyMarket CapCountrySectorIndustry
51Tribal Group plc$244.3 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
52TPXimpact Holdings PLC$240.2 MUnited KingdomTechInfo. Tech
53iomart Group plc$238.0 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
54Redcentric plc$235.1 MUnited KingdomTechInfo. Tech
55Quartix Holdings plc$232.6 MUnited KingdomTechScientific & Technical Instruments
56SDI Group plc$230.6 MUnited KingdomTechScientific & Technical Instruments
57Aptitude Software Group plc$228.8 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
58Blancco Technology Group plc$217.4 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
59Fonix Mobile plc$200.6 MUnited KingdomTechInfo. Tech
60Bango plc$186.4 MUnited KingdomTechInfo. Tech
61Access Intelligence plc$179.9 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
62Calnex Solutions plc$169.0 MUnited KingdomTechCommunication Equipment
63Gresham Technologies plc$165.4 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
64Amino Technologies plc$159.3 MUnited KingdomTechCommunication Equipment
65Oxford Metrics plc$158.5 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
66RM plc$156.6 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
67Eagle Eye Solutions Group plc$146.4 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
68Eckoh plc$144.6 MUnited KingdomTechInfo. Tech
69ZOO Digital Group plc$140.6 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
70D4t4 Solutions plc$135.1 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
71Solid State plc$131.7 MUnited KingdomTechElectronic Components
72Quixant plc$123.0 MUnited KingdomTechHardware
73Beeks Trading Corporation Ltd.$121.1 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
74Nanoco Group plc$109.6 MUnited KingdomTechSemiconductor Equipment
75Netcall plc$108.7 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
76Eleco plc$104.2 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
77IQGeo Group plc$101.4 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
78ActiveOps Plc$87.9 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
79K3 Business Technology Group plc$86.9 MUnited KingdomTechInfo. Tech
80Sopheon plc$86.4 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
81Concurrent Technologies plc$85.8 MUnited KingdomTechHardware
82ATTRAQT Group plc$79.3 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
83Blackbird plc$77.8 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
84Made Tech Group Plc$77.0 MUnited KingdomTechInfo. Tech
85CML Microsystems plc$74.0 MUnited KingdomTechSemiconductors
86Corero Network Security plc$73.0 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
87SRT Marine Systems plc$72.4 MUnited KingdomTechScience & Tech
88essensys plc$66.3 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
89Tern plc$63.3 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
90Tekcapital plc$61.2 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
91Maintel Holdings plc$60.6 MUnited KingdomTechCommunication Equipment
92Proactis Holdings plc$57.7 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
93Checkit plc$54.8 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
941Spatial plc$52.0 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
95Cloudcall Group plc$51.0 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
96PCI-PAL plc$51.0 MUnited KingdomTechInfo. Tech
97Remote Monitored Systems plc$48.2 MUnited KingdomTechScience & Tech
98CyanConnode Holdings plc$45.2 MUnited KingdomTechCommunication Equipment
99Intercede Group plc$45.0 MUnited KingdomTechSoftware
100GRC International Group plc$39.3 MUnited KingdomTechInfo. Tech

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What is the biggest tech company in UK?

The United Kingdom is known as one of the biggest tech hubs in the world, especially in London. For instance, East London Tech City was named the Silicon Round-about, with respect to the famous Silicon Valley in San Francisco, United States of America.

This particular tech area in the UK has one of the largest tech startup clusters around the globe. Of course, Such development will also come along with numerous tech companies come many other economic implications.

It is also noticeable that there has been a general upward trend when it comes to the number of tech businesses in the UK. The number of data processing and hosting businesses has also been on the increase over the past few years.

The same trend can also be seen when looking at wireless and wired telecommunications activities.

As you can see in the top 100 tech companies UK list above, you will find the answer to the question “What is the biggest tech company in UK?”. Now, let's look at some of the best cities for tech jobs in the UK.

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Where are most tech companies in the UK?

Now that you have seen the top 100 tech companies UK list, it's time to see if we can find some of the best UK cities for tech jobs to work in today.

According to Tech Nation, there are over 200,000 tech jobs in London alone, and then, over 7,500 start-ups.

Best UK cities for tech jobs

If you're really looking for a job in the UK tech sector, where will focus your search on?

According to the report released by Tech Nation in 2018, the digital tech sector's rate of employment has increased by 13.2% since 2014.

Take a look at some of the best UK cities for tech jobs:

1. London

With a tech salary of about £61,800 and above, London is home to over thirteen billion-dollar tech companies, including companies like Benevolent AI, Blippar, Deliveroo, TransferWise, and Funding Circle.

Fintech and eCommerce jobs in this area are usually the most frequently advertised roles in the city.

Search IT jobs in London.

2. Manchester

Manchester is one of the largest tech hubs in the United Kingdom and is also, home to Media City, with companies like the BBC, ITV, and Ericsson, the city has shown a solid balance in establishing tech firm start-ups. Its digital sector is worth over £2.9 billion.

The average tech salary here is about £47,349 and above. Manchester usually advertises more jobs in media, eCommerce, and biotech industries.

Search IT jobs in Manchester.

3. Edinburgh

This city was voted the entrepreneurial city of the year in 2016, with over 25,000 digital jobs available and more than 400 start-ups.

This city has an average tech salary of about £52,639 and above, and the city has a lot of job offers in the tech sector.

Search Edinburgh IT jobs.

4. Reading

With an average tech salary of about £53,255 and above in the UK, they are the second-largest salary pay city with respect to the tech sector. Reading City has a digital tech turnover of about £12.5 billion and has job offers of over 45,000 in the tech sector.

Reading is home to so many multinational tech companies such as Cisco Systems, Microsoft, and Oracle. The city also supports tech entrepreneurs regularly with its largest co-working space.

Search IT jobs in Reading.

5. Bristol and Bath

This city is mainly known for its engineering and innovation spirit, with over 60,000 people working in the tech sector.

Bristol and Bath usually advertise more on data management, software, EdTech, and analytics jobs; with an average tech salary of about £47,063 and above.

Search IT jobs in Bristol.

6. Birmingham

Birmingham is home to fintech companies like Deutsche Bank and Oxygen Finance. They have over 38,000 people working in the tech industry; With an average tech salary of about £43,718 and above.

Search IT jobs in Birmingham.

7. Brighton

Brighton is known for its thriving arts; as an up-and-coming tech city in the United Kingdom with over 12,500 digital jobs and over 200 tech start-ups. They do advertise more in the creative tech sectors like gaming, media, and .

With an average tech salary of about £44,608 and above, they do support talents across the digital and tech sectors with initiatives like Wired Sussex.

Search IT Jobs in Brighton.

Thank you for reading till this point, Feel free to tell me if I miss anything; let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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