Top 10 Best Fashion Schools In Washington 2023

Discussion on the best Fashion Schools In Washington: It is my belief that you will be very interested to know the top best Fashion Schools In Washington, considering the fact that there are so many fashion design schools, colleges, and universities available in Washington DC, Seattle, and Washington state.

Do you ever wonder how many they are? Yeah, for sure, there are many of them in Washington.

Washington DC is known for its political activities and has an exciting and passionate love for fashion.

Fashion is an everyday trend. Also, it has this intrinsic value it adds to people. The way you are dressed is the way you be addressed.

In addition, fashion is not only about clothes but your overall physical appearance, including your makeup, jewelry, accessories, footwear, etc. Fashion, in a real sense, makes the world beautiful. Its impact on society can not be overlooked.

Fashion design schools in Washington state, Seattle, and Washington DC offer programs that cover all you need to know about fashion.

Without much ado, let’s get started.

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About Fashion Schools in Washington

When it comes to the fashion school program, it is typically 2-4 years, including internships. One, you can obtain a diploma in fashion by studying in fashion colleges and schools for two years during a doctorate in style at a university for four years.

There are at least 12 fashion schools in Washington DC, and the average classroom number is 17 because it is more of a practice-oriented program.

Also, loans and scholarships are available for students who wish to apply to these Washington fashion schools.

Fashion Students are trained both theoretically and practically.

Their fashion programs cover fashion design, fashion marketing, and fashion merchandising.

Fashion Students are also taught in English, so it is open to Everyone.

In addition, tuition fees for fashion colleges in Washington are affordable. The exciting fashion sense of Washington makes it readily easy for students to explore and create more new ideas concerning fashion.

Amazingly, they are fast rising to the global world of fashion sense. The acceptance rate into fashion universities in Washington is 73% which is highly commendable.

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Requirements for a Fashion School in Washington

When it comes to requirements for a Fashion Schools In Washington, No formal education is needed, but at least an aspiring student should be able to read and write. Unfortunately, in recent times, most schools demand a least high school diploma.

Fashion design is more of a technical, skilled, and practical course than a theory. Nevertheless, an aspiring student should have a passion for fashion. The passion gets you going and keeps your focus. Moreover, it helps in the creation of new designs and technical know-how.

However, most fashion universities in Washington have their basic requirements, which are required by every student irrespective of the program.

Students are encouraged to be creative and hard-working as those attributes will enable them in the long run.

Top 10 Best Fashion Schools in Washington

Here’s a list of the best Fashion Schools In Washington. Now, it’s important to note that Institutions listed here would include colleges, schools, and universities that offer fashion design programs in Washington DC, Seattle, and Washington state.

They include:

#1. Bates Technical College 

School Location: Tacoma Washington 

This is one of the best Washington fashion schools. It is the state’s most extensive integrated primary education and skill training (I-BEST) program.

This prestigious college trains and engages students to become the best in their vocational skills.

This school program majors solely in fashion design, and they are the leading fashion design school in Washington. So, it’s safe to say that this is one of the best Fashion Schools in Washington DC, USA.

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#2. Central Washington University 

School Location: Ellensburg Washington 

Being one of the fashion universities in Washington, the major is solely in fashion marketing. The program gives students a thorough background in the business aspect of fashion.

More so, They also educate tomorrow’s fashion leads and develop industry-ready professionals towards aiming at new inventions and ideas on fashion trends. So, it’s safe to say that this is one of the best Fashion Schools in Washington DC, USA.

#3. Edmonds Community College 

School Location: Lynnwood Washington 

This is a fashion design school in Seattle. In addition, this school, now known as Edmonds college, offers a fashion/retail program otherwise known as fashion merchandise.

They train students seeking short-term training to enable them to get entry-level jobs in fashion. Its duration does not take more than two years. So, it’s safe to say that this is one of the best Fashion Schools in Washington DC, USA.

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#4. International Academy of Design and Technology Seattle

School Location: Tukwila Washington 

This is a privately owned fashion school in Washington. They offer degrees in AAS, BFA fashion design, and merchandise.

Their fashion vision includes positioning students toward fashion marketing, retail, and merchandise. So, it’s safe to say that this is one of the best Fashion Schools in Washington DC, USA.

However, students learn clothing construction, draping, apparel design, pattern drafting, and fashion trend research. They major in fashion design and fashion merchandise.

#5. Shoreline Community College 

School Location: Shoreline Washington 

This public-owned fashion college in Washington. This fashion school runs two- and four-year degrees in the fashion program, taking fashion merchandise as a major.

Students are trained based on fast-changing fashion trends. In addition, they are thoroughly grounded on trends analysis, market fashion research, fashion retailing, merchandise, etc.

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#6. Pierce College at Fort Steilacoom 

School Location: Lakewood Washington 

This is a fashion design school in Washington state. The school major solely in fashion merchandise. They run a two-year program in fashion program.

Pierce College at Fort Steilacoom is accredited and also known for providing adequate knowledge of vocational skills also.

#7. Washington State University 

School Location: Pullman Washington 

The department of Apparel, merchandising design and Textiles is the fashion major at Washington state university. This Washington fashion school is under the umbrella of Arts and crafts at the above university.

Students are provided with a comprehensive understanding of the fashion industry from concept to consumer.

In addition, They ensure that students have grounded knowledge of most basic concepts of fashion merchandise like textiles design, supply chain management, consumer behavior to fashion trends, etc.

It would also interest you to know that fashion design schools in Washington also have scholarships and loans available for their students.

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#8. Seattle Pacific University 

School Location: Seattle, Washington. 

This is a privately-owned Christian liberal arts university. The school is among the few fashion universities in Washington, and it covers fashion programs in fashion design and merchandise. Even though privately owned, they are top-ranked among the fashion schools in Washington.

Mainly, they are central in fashion merchandise as many students venture into that. This particular school has the highest scholarship and financial aid awards, but its tuition fee is more expensive than others.

Students from this school can enroll in the one-year program with the Fashion Institute of technology without much stress. So, it’s safe to say that this is one of the best Fashion Schools in Washington DC, USA.

#9. Western Washington University 

School Location: Bellingham Washington 

This is another fashion university in Washington that is publicly owned. Its fashion program covers mainly fashion design. So, it’s safe to say that this is one of the best Fashion Schools in Washington DC, USA.

Their design curriculum enables students to work with design companies while learning. Essentially, they encourage students to engage in more internships as it is more of a practical-oriented program.

This fashion design school in Washington state aims to bring and initiate creativity in students. Students are encouraged to be creative and explore their ideas. Design is the beauty of fashion.

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#10. Seattle Community College-Central Campus

School Location: Seattle Washington 

This is a leading state-owned college. Its branch of fashion college in Washington is known to be doing a great job. Its programs cover majorly on fashion design. Also, the duration is just two years.

Being a fashion design school in Seattle with affordable tuition fees, it is chosen by many students. So, it’s safe to say that this is one of the best Fashion Schools in Washington DC, USA.

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FAQs About Fashion Design Schools in Washington


There you have it, the top 10 best Fashion Schools In Washington. It is essential to know that formal education in fashion design is lovely, but people get employed in the fashion industry because of their experience.

Therefore, when you step out as a new fashion professional, your salary might be lower than Average because the fashion industry values experience more.

This above-mentioned Washington fashion school encourages internships to enable students to practice and initiate what they are taught. They are reputable and bring out the best personnel in the fashion industry.

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