birthday freebies

Is there a birthday coming up soon? Nothing beats having fun on your day with . Receiving cards and flowers from family and friends is so cliche. So what about receiving freebies from strangers?

Imagine receiving pans of cake, cups of ice cream, packets of sweets, and a bouquet of flowers from random strangers on your special day.

This article is a compilation of 21 ideas to get freebies on your birthday without signing up on any website.

Because it's your birthday, all you should have to do is relax and be taken care of. Having a fun birthday this year should include getting some free food without signing up.

Generally, most of the places you may earn birthday freebies require you to sign up at least seven days before your birthday.

However, here are the top 21 places you can earn freebies without signing up.

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Where Can I Get Birthday Freebies?

birthday freebies

Are you ready to get birthday freebies for your birthday? You can give yourself a challenge and score as many birthday deals as possible from some of the top places listed in this article.

Take your time and go through the list below.

Top 21 Ideas to Get Birthday Freebies Without Signing Up

Having to eat all you can without cooking or spending a dime, is an interesting way to spend your birthday.

For most of these places, all you have to do is inform them the day before time. The restaurants will serve you delicacies on your birthday.

It is important to notify them if you will bring your friends along.

#1. Mulligan Family Fun Center

Situated in California, you should just show up at the family fun center on your birthday if you can.

You will enjoy a free game of mini- all through the day. Simply come with an I.D to confirm your date of birth.

#2.  The Cheesecake Factory

Cheesecake Factory will serve you a complimentary sundae topped with ice cream, whip cream, sprinkles, and even candles. Yummy, Right?

Interestingly, all you have to do is visit the cheesecake factory, no need to sign up. If you desire free food on your birthday without signing up, visit The Cheese Factory.

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#3. Bob Evans

Bob Evans will serve your kids' free food on their birthday. All you have to do is dine at Bob Evans on your kid's birthday and inform them.

Now your kids can enjoy a free food freebie on their birthday without signing up.

#4. TGI's Friday

If your birthday falls on a Friday, then simply visit TGI. Just tell your server, it's your birthday.

With a birthday song, you will receive a cup of yummy whipped ice cream. You need not sign up to get this free food freebie on your birthday.

#5. California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen gives you a free dessert on your birthday. To get the free food freebie without signing up, take along your I.D.

Simply, present your ID to confirm your birthday. Voila!! You can now enjoy your free food on your birthday without signing up.

#6. Jack in The Box

Though you don't have to sign up, you must bring a birthday coupon from their website.

So, with your coupon, you can get free food freebies ranging from New York cheesecake, chocolate cake, or a 5-piece mini churros snack depending on where you live.

#7. Denny's

No better way to mark your birthday than having an Original Grand Slam as breakfast, courtesy of Denny.

Your grand breakfast will consist of two bacon strips, two eggs, two sausage links, and a short stack of pancakes.

To enjoy this offer show up with a valid I.D. and redeem your free food freebie without signing up.

#8. Chompies

Chompies will serve you an “eggciting breakfast” if you present a valid I.D. on your birthday.

The free stuff you get on your birthday without signing up will consist of two eggs, home fries, and a choice of bagel, toast, or an English muffin.

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#9. The Capital Grille

Though you don't need to sign up to get this free food freebie, you must order a meal from the Capital Grille.

To enjoy this offer, visit the capital Grille on your birthday with a valid I.D. Once you get a meal, voila, you get a free chocolate espresso cake.

#10. Iguana Mia

At any location of Iguana Mia, you can get free food on your birthday if you show up with a valid ID.

Well, you will get a fried ice cream worth $18. That's so much freebie on a birthday, go it, girl.

#11. Chili's

Chili will serve you a free molten lava cake if you show up with a valid I.D. Simple right?

Go grab free stuff on your birthday. You deserve to relax and be taken care of.

#12. Ulta Beauty

While Ulta Beauty states that you must sign up to earn birthday freebies, many of their consumers posit that they claimed their free gift with an I.D.

Ulta Beauty will give you a free pretty present on your birthday and allow you to earn 2X bonus points for every purchase made in your birthday month.

#13. bareMinerals

At bareMinerals, you can receive a series of freebies that comprises a fresh stash of makeup.

To claim your free Matte Liquid Lipcolour, visit a bare mineral store near you or redeem it online.

#14.  AMC Movies

At AMC , you get free stuff on your birthday without signing up. Simply approach the front desk official, with a valid I.D.

Once you purchase a movie, you win a freebie which is free large popcorn.

#15. AMF Bowling

Visit AMF Bowling on your big day with a valid I.D.. Even without the - signup, you may earn a discount to enjoy free bowling. So, play the game as much as you can.

#16. AZ On The Rocks

You should call a day before your birthday, to get a reservation at AZ on the Rocks. On your birthday, you have a free day of rock climbing and yoga. Enjoy your birthday freebie!

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#18.  DSW

Well, if you are sort of broke in your birth month, simply visit the DSW with an I.D. You will get $5 off.

It could be a discount or a product worth $5. You can still take the cash home. It's all yours, enjoy it.

#19. Benefit Cosmetics

Show up at Benefit cosmetics with an I.D. on your birthday to claim your free gift without signing up.

Benefit Cosmetics will give you a free Brow Arch for your birthday. Score a free birthday gift with any purchase.

#20. Smashbox

Simply visit Smashbox's local store beforehand and any purchase. On your big day, you get a free gift for any purchase. Bring an I.D. for proper identification.

#21.  Estee Lauder

Similar to Smashbox, you will earn a free gift once you make any purchase on your birthday.

It is a surprise pack and you never can tell what is in store for you on your big day.

Other Places to Get Birthday Freebies

Winky Lux

At Winky Lux, you will earn a birthday cake lip gloss for any purchase made within your birth months.

Simply, visit with an I.D. for proper identification. You can get birthday freebies without signing up.

Driscoll's Berries

Within your birth month, you could qualify through a draw at Driscoll Berries. You don't need to sign up to earn these freebies.

If you get picked, you will receive free berries for one month. Do you want some birthday freebies without signing up?


To get a free mini duo at NARS, simply make any purchase during your birth month. The rules are strict but simple. It must be in your birth month and you must make a purchase.

Voila! You got yourself a free mini duo on your birthday. NARS offers you birthday freebies without signing up.

The Dead Poet 

If you are in New York, simply visit the dead Poet bar on your birthday. Once you have the same birthday as any of the dead poets listed here, you earn a free beer.

So, to claim your free stuff on your birthday without signing up, share your date of birth with one of the dead poets. It's simple right?

– Changing Hands Bookstore

You need just an I.D., to redeem this free gift from this bookstore. The free birthday gift from Changing Hands Bookstore will be $10 or $25% off your purchase.

Whatever you purchase within your birth month, you will receive the discount above.

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FAQs on Birthday Freebies

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To be honest, birthdays should be reserved for reflection and relaxation. Most times as much as we want to catch a cruise, finance may not be readily available.

However, there are beautiful stores and restaurants willing to aid you to have the best experience on your birthday. For most of these places, you can get free stuff on your birthday without signing up.

For proper identification and clarification, you would need to go there with an I.D. So, read through this content to have a fun-filled birthday celebration even when broke.

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