Affiliate Marketing 103 | How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Like I always say; “Anyone can make money online if they have the knowledge to do so”. And in this article, I’ll be showing you how to make money from affiliate marketing without a website.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online and earn extra income (passive income) by promoting products that you believe in.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling books, clothing, or electronics; there are many different types of products you can promote.

The goal is to be able to sell a product or service to someone online. Keep reading to learn how to achieve this.

This article will show you how to start affiliate marketing and make passive income without any experience or website.

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Can You start affiliate marketing without a website?

The simple answer is Yes!

You can start affiliate marketing and make money online without a website, but you must do some things first.

So, keep reading to find out those things you need to do before you can start making money online from affiliate marketing without a website.

There are two main ways to make money online through affiliate marketing.

One is by promoting other companies products and services, and the other is by selling your own products and services.

When you choose to sell other companies products and services, that is known as affiliate marketing. And if you do it right, you can make money online consistently; also known as passive income.

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Detailed Guide on How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing without a Website

Even if you have never made any money online before, you can easily make money online by just following our step by guide here and also from our articles on this blog.

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If you’ve been thinking about starting an affiliate marketing business, here are a few steps you need to take:

Step 1. Find Products That Sell Well Online

If you’re looking to sell your own products, then you’ll need to find out what sells well online. This means finding out what products people are buying, how much they’re spending, and where they’re buying them.

There are so many products and services out there, so you need to make sure that the product and service of choice are worth your time and can also pay you well in commission.

Some of these products and services do pay you a recurring commission, also known as a passive income over time.

Read this recommended article to learn more about other products you can promote as an affiliate marketer to make money online easily.

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Step 2. Create a Landing Page For Each Product

Once you’ve found out what’s selling, you’ll need to set up a landing page for each product. This will help you promote your products more effectively.

It also helps you track sales and conversions so you can improve your campaigns.

With a landing page, you can capture leads such as emails and phone numbers which you can use later on to the market and make money online from other related products and services.

Do you want to make money online? Click on the button below to create a professional landing page right now.

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Step 3. Write An Article About The Product And Include Links To The Landing Pages

Write a good article about the product and add links to the landing page on the articles. This is simply how bloggers and other online marketers make money online.

So, congratulations, you are about to start making passive income just like others…

If you’re not sure how to write articles, you can use any of the listed software below to write a quality article for the product you want to promote.

Use any of these:

Check out any of these listed article writers and get your articles ready. Most of these software gives you a trial use.

Step 4. Publish Your Article Online

There are so many platforms you can publish your articles and get organic traffic to your affiliate products. So, before you start running ads for your affiliate products, try and publish these articles first.

Platforms you can use include; Linkedin,, Facebook, etc.

Doing this will continue to bring passive income to you and even when your ads stop running, the articles will still be making you money with organic traffic.

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Step 5. Promote Your Landing Page with Ads

The fastest way to get traffic to your landing page and grow your email list which will in turn convert to buyers is through paid traffic. You will make money online faster with paid ads compared to organic traffic.

To be honest, there are so many ways to run ads, but it can get complicated sometimes.

So, to make sure you have everything you need, I’ve listed some important articles and software that will help you run a successful ad campaign that will convert and make money online fast for you.



There you have it; a detailed guide on how to make money from affiliate marketing without a website. This is a very effective way to make money online with affiliate marketing.

If you have questions about how to make money as an affiliate without website, make sure to use the comments box below. Good luck earning more passive income.

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