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  1. Small Business Insurance USA
  2. What is CoverWallet?
  3. Types of CoverWallet Insurance Coverage
  4. Protecting Your Business With An Insurance Policy
    1. 1. The General Liability Insurance
    2. 2. Workers Compensation Insurance Policy
    3. 3. Business Owners Policy
    4. 4. Commercial Property Insurance
    5. 5. Professional Liability Insurance
    6. 6. Commercial Auto Insurance
    7. 7. Umbrella Insurance Insurance
    8. 8. Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance
    9. 9. Directors & Officers (D&O) Insurance
    10. 10. Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
    11. 11. Fiduciary Liability Insurance
    12. 12. Cyber Liability Insurance
    13. 13. Inland Marine Insurance
    14. 14. Product Liability
    15. 15. Special Events Insurance
    16. 16. Liquor Liability Insurance
    17. 17. Medical Malpractice Insurance
    18. 18. Ocean Marine Insurance
    19. 19. Health Insurance
    20. 20. Hired & Non-Owned Auto Insurance
    21. 21. Business Interruption Insurance
    22. 22. Equipment Breakdown Insurance
    23. 23. Garage Liability Insurance
    24. 24. Disability Insurance Insurance
    25. 25. Pollution Liability Insurance
    26. 26. Crime Insurance
    27. 27. Employee Benefits Liability Insurance
    28. 28. Fidelity Bond Insurance
    29. 29. Commercial Package Insurance
    30. 30. Management Liability Insurance
    31. 31. Fiduciary Bond Insurance
  5. Find the Right Insurance Policy
  6. Insurance Eligibility & Application Requirements
    1. How to Get a Quote from CoverWallet
  7. Best Insurance for Startups
  8. How much does CoverWallet insurance cost?
  9. Pros and Cons of CoverWallet
    1. Pros
    2. Cons
  10. Latest CoverWallet Customer Reviews
  11. CoverWallet FAQs
    1. Is CoverWallet insurance legit?
    2. Who is CoverWallet?
    3. Do I need business insurance for an LLC?
    4. What types of businesses does CoverWallet work with?
    5. How do I file a claim with CoverWallet?
    6. What types of coverage can I get through CoverWallet?
  12. Final Thoughts on CoverWallet

Small Business Insurance USA

As a Business Owner or Startup in the USA or any other country location, it is very wise to get Business Insurance for your business and stay covered in case of anything.

There are lots of unexpected costs of running a business and you will one way or the other, need an insurance policy to help keep you and your business from incidents such as accidents, natural disasters, and lawsuits, which could run you out of business if you’re not protected with the right Insurance.

In this article, I’ll be writing about the Coverwallet company, their work, and how they can help you and your business with your insurance registrations and processing issues.

To get started with this in-depth review, let us first understand what this very company is all about.

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What is CoverWallet?

photo credit: CoverWallet

The Company prides itself on offering advice first, then insurance solutions; from the several pieces of information we have gathered so far, It is safe to say that CoverWallet is a business insurance company that has partnerships with several other insurance agencies.

When you have finished communicating and have filled out an application with CoverWallet, they will take your application and present it to their partnering agencies as your representative; The goal here is to find the best offer for you.

Once this is done, CoverWallet will contact you with options of the best coverage and rates, so you can decide who to do business with.

CoverWallet offers the following Services:

  • Free instant insurance quotes 24/7 so you can find out how much your coverage will cost.

  • The option to talk to a licensed insurance agent if you have questions.
  • The ability to buy and manage policies online—you can even manage claims and check billing information for each policy through CoverWallet’s digital wallet.
  • Instant proof of insurance is emailed to you after you get covered.

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Types of CoverWallet Insurance Coverage

The CoverWallet Company offers a lot of policies that many companies in the USA need, and here are some of the insurance types listed below:

  • General liability insurance.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Business property insurance.
  • Auto insurance.
  • Professional liability insurance.
  • Errors and omissions insurance.
  • Cyber liability insurance.
  • Directors and officers’ insurance.
  • Employment practices liability insurance.
  • Inland marine insurance.
  • Product liability insurance.
  • Liquor liability insurance.
  • Medical malpractice insurance.

Protecting Your Business With An Insurance Policy

1. The General Liability Insurance

This general liability insurance package is meant to protect your business against accidents that occur on your property and at any other covered locations.

2. Workers Compensation Insurance Policy

You need to have this policy in place if you have workers in businesses like factories, for example, just in case a worker gets injured while working, they will require treatment and you’ll be happy to have a Workers’ Compensation Insurance plan in place for this.

With this plan, you will also cover lost wages and services that help an employee recover and get back to work.

3. Business Owners Policy

It’s best for a medium-sized business to have a good insurance plan; With the business owner policy package, you have nothing to worry about as a business owner.

4. Commercial Property Insurance

This type of insurance coverage will protect all your business’s physical assets, such as workspace and computers. It doesn’t really matter if you work from home or lease your workspace, you still need this coverage.

5. Professional Liability Insurance

As a professional in your field, this particular insurance service is highly recommended for you. It specifically covers you as a business, from being liable should an error or omission occur, that leads to a financial loss for the customer.

6. Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance coverage will ensure all your business vehicles are covered in case of any accidents, or other unknown uncertainty that can’t be controlled.

7. Umbrella Insurance Insurance

Umbrella Insurance Liability Coverage is for businesses that need more liability coverage.

8. Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance

This type of insurance coverage is designed to protect businesses from mistakes that may occur while delivering a professional service.

9. Directors & Officers (D&O) Insurance

This Insurance policy coverage will protect directors and officers of a privately-held company from lawsuits that can be filed by a variety of different people, such as customers, competitors, suppliers, and government agencies.

10. Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

This particular insurance type tends to cover you from wrongful acts, such as wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation.

It may also protect your business from claims, such as deprivation of a career opportunity, defamation, invasion of privacy, failure to promote, and negligent evaluation.

11. Fiduciary Liability Insurance

Fiduciary Liability insurance coverage will protect you from mistakes such as retirement benefits or pension plans, health insurance, and stock options.

12. Cyber Liability Insurance

The cyber liability Insurance policy will protect you and your company from any cyber attack consequences, such as notification costs, credit monitoring, fines and penalties, defense costs, and loss resulting from identity theft.

13. Inland Marine Insurance

This insurance type protects all your goods in transit on land, as well as the property of others that is on your premises or being transported from your premises.

14. Product Liability

Product Liability Insurance will protect and cover your business from the cost of getting a defective product back under the control of the manufacturer or merchandiser that would be held responsible for bodily injury or property damage due to the existence of the product.

15. Special Events Insurance

Special Events Insurance will help you to cover any claims of bodily injury, and property damage and provides coverage for any contractors you hire.

16. Liquor Liability Insurance

If your business is focused on selling or serving alcoholic beverages, then you will need this insurance coverage as your business can be held liable for damages or injuries caused by an overserved patron.

17. Medical Malpractice Insurance

Medical Malpractice insurance protects all medical professionals from liability associated with wrongful practices resulting in medical expenses and property damage, bodily injury, as well as legal costs related to patient claims.

18. Ocean Marine Insurance

The Ocean Marine Insurance policy will protect all your cargo, vessels, and other items that are being transported overwater.

19. Health Insurance

Everyone actually needs this insurance coverage to ensure proper health checkups and treatment when needed.

20. Hired & Non-Owned Auto Insurance

If at any point in your business, your company hires a vehicle or allows its employees to borrow the company’s vehicles for business purposes, you will need this insurance policy to stay protected.

21. Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance covers you for any lost income if, for any reason, your company has to vacate its location due to damage caused by a disaster, such as a fire.

22. Equipment Breakdown Insurance

This insurance type will protect a lot of equipment in your factory or business place against breakdowns caused by motor burnout, power surges, boiler malfunction, and operator error.

23. Garage Liability Insurance

So many small businesses in the auto trade industry need Business Garage Insurance to protect them from risks, such as injuries, mistakes, or property damage.

24. Disability Insurance Insurance

This insurance type helps to protect employees who are unable to work for a period of time due to a disability.

25. Pollution Liability Insurance

This insurance policy will cover you and your business from any liability associated with pollution.

26. Crime Insurance

Crime Insurance will cover you from losses resulting from criminal acts such as robbery, burglary, and other forms of theft.

27. Employee Benefits Liability Insurance

The Employee Benefits Liability Insurance will protect you from any errors or omissions claim from an employee around a benefits plan.

28. Fidelity Bond Insurance

Fidelity bond insurance will protect you and your business from any financial losses as a result of fraudulent or dishonest acts committed by their employees.

29. Commercial Package Insurance

A Commercial Package Policy provides you with essential coverages you need to protect your business, saving money by combining policies and skipping the costly extras.

30. Management Liability Insurance

Management Liability is a customized bundle that can save your business the expense of costly litigation and claim settlements, as well as help, protect your company’s reputation.

31. Fiduciary Bond Insurance

A fiduciary Bond Insurance policy will protect your business’s retirement plan or pension fund.

photo credit: CoverWallet

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Find the Right Insurance Policy

Already know what you need? Get started on your application and get a quote in minutes.

Insurance Eligibility & Application Requirements

CoverWallet helps small businesses like yours find out what kinds of insurance they need. It doesn’t matter if you are a sole proprietorship, an LLC, a partnership, or a corporation, CoverWallet can help you obtain the right type of business insurance.

They can also help you as a business across all industries to find essential coverage suitable for your business. This includes varied industries such as shipping companies, businesses that sell liquor, and companies that primarily do business on the internet.

As you may know, one of the major benefits of using CoverWallet is the fact that they are very resourceful and can help you find the right kind of coverage you need as a business.

How to Get a Quote from CoverWallet

To apply for business insurance through CoverWallet, simply visit and select “Get free quotes” or click the button below to get direct access to them right now.

You will need to submit the following important information when submitting your application:

  • Your email address
  • The type of policies you’re looking for 
  • The address of your business
  • Your company name
  • The year your company started
  • Your years of experience
  • Your company’s projected annual revenue
  • Your business locations
  • How your business is structured (Individual, corporation, LLC, LLP, nonprofit, partnership, or trust)
  • Your business industry
  • Primary contact information

Once you submit your Insurance quote, it will take just a few minutes for CoverWallet to process your quote and present you with a suitable option for you to make your final decision.

Best Insurance for Startups

Simple. Instant. Online.

How much does CoverWallet insurance cost?

It all depends on the type of Insurance policy you are applying for. For instance, the General liability insurance application starts at $39 per month, while that of the business owner policy application starts at $49 per month.

Other types of insurance coverage will have different application prices depending on the business size, location, industry, and other factors. To find out the cost of your own insurance policy, all you need to do is click on the button on this post to Get a free quote.

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Pros and Cons of CoverWallet


  • An easy to use platform
  • Great support team and documents
  • Free no-obligation quotes
  • Get so many insurers at once
  • Responsive Customer Service
  • All Policy information stays organized and saved


  • Quotes can be delayed sometimes

Recommended: Get a free quote from Coverwallet and talk with one of their consultants to see what insurance is best for you.

Latest CoverWallet Customer Reviews

It’s so obvious that CoverWallet has a lot of positive reviews from customers. Here are some verified CoverWallet reviews on eKomi and the web made by people who sought insurance through them to help their businesses:

CoverWallet Insurance Brokerage | Small Business Insurance USA Solution 1

They have a 4.9/5 rating out of 745 reviews from verified customers who are very happy with their services; that is super awesome if I must say. Here is some more reviews proof:

CoverWallet Insurance Brokerage | Small Business Insurance USA Solution 2

CoverWallet FAQs

Is CoverWallet insurance legit?

Yes! CoverWallet is very much a legitimate solution for small businesses needing insurance coverage.

Who is CoverWallet?

CoverWallet is an online business insurance service company that is dedicated to helping small and medium-scale businesses get the best insurance coverage and protection that they need.

Do I need business insurance for an LLC?

If you do own a limited liability company (LLC) anywhere in the world, especially in the United States of America, then it is wise for you to have business insurance to help protect your business against any form of liability and negligence as well as damage and accidents.

If you don’t have an LLC yet, then read this free tutorial on How To Form an LLC in the USA

What types of businesses does CoverWallet work with?

CoverWallet works with all sorts of small and medium-sized businesses, including the following business types:

– Startups
– Restaurants
– Truckers
– Janitors
– Contractors
– Retail Stores
– Non Profits
– Accountants
– Beauty Salons
– Consultants
– Health Care
And many more…

How do I file a claim with CoverWallet?

If you want to file a claim with CoverWallet, all you need to do is visit and sign in to your account, and file a claim through the dashboard.
Once this is done, an advisor will contact you with further instructions.

What types of coverage can I get through CoverWallet?

As We have mentioned earlier, You can apply for these insurance types and even more through the CoverWallet website here (
Here are some of the insurance coverage types available:

– General liability insurance
– Workers’ compensation
– Business Owners Policy
– Commercial property
– Professional liability
– Commercial auto
– Umbrella insurance
– Errors & Omissions coverage
– Directors & Officers’ insurance
– Employment Practices Liability Insurance
– Inland Marine
– Product Liability
– Special Events
– Cyber Liability
– Liquor Liability

Final Thoughts on CoverWallet

CoverWallet helps you as both an individual and also a business to find the best insurance rate and coverage that will benefit and serve your business; they also provide you with excellent customer service and insurance advice to ensure your business stays protected.

We do recommend CoverWallet because they will definitely help you get the right insurance solution for your business, especially if you are pressed for time and want someone else to handle the stress of finding the best insurance for your small business; Click the button below to get started right away!

Over to you now; let’s hear your questions or contributions in the comment section of this post.

Also, Try and Share this post today to help someone stay protected!!

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