Geekbot Review: pros, cons, & features

As the world gets more digital every minute, companies are digitalizing every respect of their business to aid efficiency and that is one of the reasons why we are doing this Geekbot Review.

In this Geekbot Review, I’ll be discussing the features of Geekbot, and its pros, and cons. When I’m done you should be able to understand if you need a business utility such as Geekbot or not.

With that being said, let’s get started!!

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What is Geekbot?

Geekbot is a Task Management Software that is designed to serve businesses such as Startups and Agencies. It provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows.

This Particular online Task Management system offers Customizable Templates, Employee Management, Create Subtasks, Collaboration Tools, and Task Management in one place.

Why Geekbot?

If you are really interested in saving time by turning routine updates into automated reports, then Geekbot might be the answer for you and your team.

You can literarily set the time and frequency of standups, the questions to ask, and who should receive a prompt.

Once you are done, Geekbot will post responses in Slack or MS Teams. Also, it only takes a minute to setup.

Geekbot Features

Geekbot has some key features that make them unique from others, and they are listed below:

Project ManagementTask ManagementEmployee Management
Collaboration ToolsMilestone TrackingCustomizable Templates
Agile MethodologiesCreate SubtasksRun standups, surveys, and reports
Geekbot features

    There are so many features and all of them can’t be listed here, but you can take look at all the features by visiting

    Geekbot Pricing

    Geekbot has three (3) pricing plans and they are as follows:

    1. The Start-up Plan: This plan is limited to only 10 participants and it’s free.

    2. The Scale-up Plan: This plan is the standard plan for most businesses and it’s just $2.5/month.
    3. The Entreprise Plan: This is for big businesses, there’s no specific price tag. You will have to contact geekbot support for a custom pricing package.

    Geekbot pros and cons

    “Geekbot makes it very easy to prompt our engineers via Slack, offering a couple of very easy straightforward questions: What did you learn today; How will you use that in production.”“Being the admin, I have many standups that are conflicting.”
    “Integration with Slack is incredibly useful and simple. Keeps myself as well as my team up to date with progress.”“Suffered from extensive delays a few times (20-30 minutes between questions). Unable to manage other standups (I purchased for several teams but I’m unable to see/configure their settings).”
    “Easy to set up, easy to use. Nice addition to your daily video conferencing.”“Difficult to track who all have completed their Daily Updates without leaving Slack.”

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    Geekbot Reviews

    Geekbot has been reviewed on so many review sites and I’ll share images of the aggregate reviews made by users who have used this software. If you want to see the full list of user reviews and information, then you can do so here.

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    Geekbot Alternatives

    Geekbot Alternatives includes the following:

    • Planview LeanKit
    • Kanbanize
    • Kanban Tool
    • Targetprocess
    • Parabol
    • Bunnyshell
    • SwiftKanban

    Frequently Asked Questions


    At this point, I know you have understood to a reasonable extent what Geekbot is all about and if your business needs it. Do you need this software?

    It’s up to you right now to take advantage of this business utility to help you and your business. When you are ready to get started with Geekbot, click on the link/button below.

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