Bitskout Review

In this article, we will be doing a , showing you more details about the Bitskout features and pricing.

You will also, learn about data entry automation and reasons why Bitskout is one of the best data entry automation software out there today that you should definitely try out for yourself.

Just so you know, Bitskout allows users to create A.I. plugins that can read emails, extract data from documents, understand images, etc. in minutes and add them to their tools like Asana or Jira, or Airtable.

By allowing users to do all these things, they can save more than 5 – 8 hours per week and automate low-level work that requires human attention via A.I. without bothering IT or technical teams.

An Overview of what we'll cover in this Bitskout review: 

1. What is Bitskout

2. What is so special about Bitskout AI Plugins?

3. Pros and Cons of Bitskout

4. Bitscout Pricing

5. What is Data entry automation all about?

6. use Bitskout AI Plugins to automate your tasks

7. Video Tutorials on How to Use Bitskout

Now, let us take a closer look and share more lights.

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What is Bitskout?

What is Bitskout? It's only fair to explain what Bitskout is all about, especially if you are new to the data entry automation software.

Bitskout is simply a software platform that makes your workflow very easy by allowing you to simple A.I. tools that will help you complete your tasks in a smarter way.

Bitskout helps you to increase productivity and efficiency by eliminating manual tasks through the implementation of ai plugins that automate your data entry tasks.

Some of these tasks include the following:

  • Reading and typing information from an invoice to your tool.
  • Reading curriculum vitae (CV) and filling out candidate profiles.
  • Reading and categorizing emails.
  • Extracting handwritten data from various documents, among others.
Bitskout Review
Bitskout templates library is a great place to get started really fast

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Why the use of A.I.?

Bitskout is not just a simple automation tool like Zapier, no, it's much more than that. It is actually more like a “brain” for Zapier or Asana or Hubspot.

Do you want to extract data? bring it on; Bitskout will handle it professionally.

Why is that? This is because it uses A.I. that can read and understand the content given to it; thus it allows you to automate tasks where you have to read something.

This is exactly why it is called “intelligence”.

Bitskout Pricing

Here's what the Bitskout pricing looks like:

Bitskout Review

What is Data Entry Automation?

In today's reality, data entry automation is simply related to any software that extracts information from PDFs, images, videos, and other forms of media.

But, note this;

Data entry automation has always been around for ages now, even before the invention of computers.

Earlier in those days, whenever anyone needed to automate data entry in ancient Rome, they could not use OCR or other systems; however, they needed to solve the scalability problem.

They eventually learned that building standards are the best way to do that.

A similar thing happened with money – Rome legionnaires had to pay for food in many territories; hence, they needed a standardized means of exchange.

As we grow and evolve, we humans keep realizing that standardization alone isn't enough; we needed an interface. That's how the standard form was invented.

So, when there was a need to collect or submit information, the first data entry automation was done by creating an interface to a standard form.

Now, Bitskout is here as one of the best data entry automation software on the internet today. Use the button/link below to see for yourself.

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What is so special about Bitskout AI Plugins?

The Bitskout AI plugins are very sensitive and intelligent enough to comprehend any submitted content after providing examples.

With the Bitskout A.I. plugin, you can:

  1. Extract Data: Get information from documents, messages, screenshots, and emails to your tools.
  2. Understand Data: Comprehend the meaning of the message or text, categorize emails, and ask questions about a text.
  3. Compare Data: Compare documents, and images vs each other, also compare documents vs selfies.
Bitskout Review

The main aim of Bitskout is to provide users with much-needed access to A.I. while
eliminating technicalities.


Just like every Intelligent machine out there, it only gets better by learning new things regularly. So, yes you'll help the A.I. to learn and become better for you.

Since the Bitskout platform does not readily comprehend your particular cases, it
must be taught.

The way it is done in the platform is by providing examples – the same way you would teach a new employee or an intern.

At this point, you are now able to define the purpose of an A.I. based on your expertise
using relevant examples, as you would dictate to a colleague.

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Bitskout Pros and Cons


There are so many pros of Bitskout, so I'm going to list but a few of them here.

  • Data Extraction: You may extract information from a source, you may then analyze some text, and finally, may compare.
  • Information Categorization: This works on any text and you can apply it to any field.

You can easily categorize customer requests, user stories in software development (complex/easy effort), support tickets, complaints, and contact form submissions, among others.

According to the Bitskout team, this feature is one of the most important features of Bitskout.

For this reason, you can convert your expertise into plugins thus making onboarding and all your processes much faster.

  • Easily Create Templates with Plugins: You can make templates for your projects and tasks with just a click of a button without stress.


  • It is important to note that, Bitskout works alongside other tools that mainly includes SaaS cloud tool.

Therefore, if you do not have access to Asana or Airtable or Jira, etc., it is unclear whether Bitskout is suitable.

  • There is no API access and the whole value prop is around enabling no-code / low-code community.

If you manage more than 100, 000 documents per month, it makes sense to explore other alternatives.

  • Bitskout A.I. does not do analytics with big data. However, it cannot be a replacement for serious analytics tools.

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Data Extraction with Bitskout

How do I extract information? There are two ways to extract data with the Bitskout software;

One is from the file and the other is from the text.

Watch the video below to learn how this is done.

You are no longer expected to explain certain information to new employees and make a certain decision; A.I. will do that for you. The team's job now is to provide input.

Bitskout Video Tutorials

For more insight on how to use the Bitskout automation software, feel free to watch these videos as they explain so many areas and functions of this great software.

#1. Tutorial on How to work with CVs on Bitskout

#2. Tutorial on how to work with Invoices on Bitskout

#3. How to work with Business Cards on Bitskout

#4. How to work with Emails on Bitskout

#5. How to Automate Data Entry with Bitskout

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Frequently Asked Questions


Data entry automation is very important in today's business era, and Bitskout is one vital key that every business/company needs to have.

Remember; automation is an ongoing tool, thus A.I. has the opportunity of coping with a copious volume of information 24/7 without weekends and sick leaves.

This has proven to be beneficial, as tasks and activities are now dedicated to your team and your business on full automation.

So, take action today by clicking on the link/button below to start a free trial…

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