WISE GUYS XR Accelerator Program
WISE GUYS XR Accelerator Program

Are you ready to get the for your startup? It is worth about one hundred thousand euros and you can be the winner.

The Wise Guys XR Accelerator is a 22-week hybrid accelerator program for startups that are building the meta world and aim at equipping them with everything they need to build for the long term and become successful, it is designed for metaverse startups around the world.

With that, being said, let's get started already.

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WISE GUYS XR Accelerator Program
WISE GUYS XR Accelerator Program

WISE GUYS XR Accelerator Program – Focus Areas


  • Refining your sales strategy
  • Finding the right target markets
  • Assessing your audience potential
  • Creating a futureproof strategy


  • Learning pitch to various investors—from business angels to VCs
  • Perfecting your pitch deck and pitch delivery
  • Learning how to develop a data-driven pitch and handle the Q&A


  • Building a strong dedicated team
  • Setting KPIs and goals: various frameworks, tracking, company-wide onboarding
  • Customer discovery: how to find the right target market & audience
  • Determining your startup's key strengths and unique value proposition


  • Defining a 12-month development roadmap across tech, sales, and overall business strategy
  • Ins and out of fundraising: strategy, determining your needs, networking, and investor management
  • Unique exposure to SWG's wide network of VCs, investors, commercial partners, and alumni

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Eligibility Criteria for the WISE GUYS XR Accelerator Program

Startups representing these sub-verticals:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Mixed Reality
  • 3D and graphics tools and marketplaces
  • Metaverse
  • Spatial Compute
  • Phygital
  • Visualisation and interfaces for
  • Machine vision and learning within the XR field of implementation

Startups meeting these selection criteria:

  • B2B focus;
  • A team of at least two founders;
  • A working MVP (minimum viable product);
  • Initial traction (can be shown through MRR, paid pilots, one-time payments for product test/usage, etc.);
  • Global ambition;
  • Free spoken English as the entire program will be run in English.

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Benefits of the WISE GUYS XR Accelerator Program

  1. Get up to €100,000 convertible investment (70K cash + 30K program) + €250,000 as a follow-on opportunity
  2. Learn about the latest business, marketing, sales, and investment trends within the industry and set your startup for long-term success
  3. Get access to the top industry experts and practitioners, as well as hands-on support to all things business development

How To Apply for the WISE GUYS XR Accelerator Program

The deadline for application is January 12, 2023.

Visit the official website for more details and application

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