Acceptable Ads

If you are an Publisher, then you can gain more revenue while participating in a sustainable value exchange by presenting users with consented advertising formats compliant with .

In this article, I'll be sharing with you some vital revenue optimization tips for your AdSense and increase your AdSense Revenue with Acceptable Ads.

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What is Acceptable Ads All About?

The eyeo Publisher Solutions, in partnership with AdSense, do allow publishers to monetize ad-filtering users (ad-blocking users who see some light forms of advertising) with high-quality, nonintrusive ads while promoting a superior user experience compliant with Acceptable Ads.

That is to say that you'll get to money from both users who have ad-blocker on their devices and also from those who don't have one. This way, your Adsense revenue will increase and you will make more money from .

How To Become an Acceptable Ads Partner

Visit: and follow the instructions on the screen.

Login to your Ads Manager or AdSense dashboard, and activate Acceptable Ads.

Which Acceptable Ads option optimizes my revenue?

If you are an Acceptable Ads partner, you can easily prevent ad-blocking recovery messages from showing to users who are comfortable with seeing Acceptable Ads approved ad formats on your site.

NOTE: This configuration is available on the Ad Manager's ‘Privacy & messaging' tab to all publishers who use ad-blocking recovery messages.

Acceptable Ads

Acceptable Ads – Option 1: The ‘Hide my ad blocking recovery message' option will enable you to continue monetizing content through Acceptable Ads.

Acceptable AdsOption 2: The ‘Show my ad blocking recovery message' option, ads will no longer be filtered through to users, preventing any monetization opportunities.

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Acceptable Ads FAQs [AdSense Optimization]

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Conclusion (AdSense Revenue Optimization)

This is something every AdSense Publisher needs to do right now. If you have not set up yours, go ahead now and optimize your AdSense revenue using the Acceptable Ads option in your Google AdSense dashboard or Ads Manager dashboard.

If you have more questions about AdSense revenue optimization, feel free to comment below or buy my eBook on Google AdSense Optimization. Click here to get the eBook or Click on the Button below.

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