Headspace student Discount Code
Headspace student Discount

Find out just get a Headspace code and your journey in school more focused and healthy. The is a must-have for every student.

You'll get the full benefits from Headspace, yet at a lower price than others. It's such an opportunity you shouldn't miss. Many students often find classroom work uninteresting.

Often, they have disturbing and distracting learning environments in the form of friends. Or even teachers who won't just let you be.

With Headspace, you can truly reclaim your Headspace, set your attention right, and achieve more. It has features designed to bring you peace and better focus ability.

More so, it helps you think happier and lower mental stress levels.

Although Headspace is not only available to students, the Headspace student discount is exclusive to students and educators.

This article will settle all questions you may have regarding Headspace or the Headspace student discount.

Also, some key benefits you get while using Headspace are to improve your mental health. Then, we'll show you how to get Headspace student discounts for yourself. 

Finally, we'll give a brief insight into offers from Headspace and Spotify.

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What is Headspace?

Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, improve focus, and make individuals happier. Headspace is a app that makes it easy to meditate. 

Headspace began as a mindfulness-focused events firm in London and the surrounding areas. People who attended their mindfulness events requested a medium to get direct access to their practices as time went on.

Andy Puddicombe and Richard Pierson launched Headspace, an online mindfulness and meditation firm, in London in May 2010.

As a result, they created an initial version of the app, released in 2012.

The firm's headquarters are in Santa Monica, California, and offices in London and San Francisco. 

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Benefits of Using Headspace

The quality of being actively and fully present gives a more enriching experience in anything you do. Among its unique features, Headspace helps you relax more, concentrate more, and be happier.

You start to live in every moment, with less stress and anxiety. Custom exercises can help you prepare for examinations, presentations, and more.

Headspace stands to every student as a great personal guide to health and happiness.

Below are some more features you can enjoy using the Headspace app. All of which are still obtainable even on a Headspace student discount.

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About the Headspace Student Plan

Headspace student Discount Code
Headspace student Discount

The Headspace Student discount is a discount from Headspace for college students.

However, students must presently be enrolled in a degree-granting Title IV institution or university in the United States. 

More so, full-time and part-time students and graduate students can take advantage of this discount.

The Headspace student discount helps you Learn to tune out the distractions and stay focused on your education for just $9.99. annually.


  • Subscriptions for a year and family plans can save you a lot of money.
  • The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
  • A ‘Pals' option allows you to include people in your quest.
  • The website's educational materials are open to the public and free.
  • The stats tool will enable you to keep track of your progress.
  • The software can send you daily reminders or nudges to practice.
  • Workout classes instructed by Olympians


  • Higher monthly fee than other meditation applications.
  • Some users say the app can be tedious at times.
  • Entering a credit card and agreeing to an auto-renewal membership are required for the free trial.
  • Headspace focuses more on initial courses, which may disadvantage experienced meditators.

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How to Get Headspace Student Discount Code

To get the Headspace student discount, you'll first need to create an account with Headspace if you don't already have one.

You must be at least 18 years old to become a registered user.

Follow the steps below to get started with the Headspace student plan:

  • Visit the Headspace student discount webpage at Headspace Student Discount.
  • Log in with your current Headspace credentials, or establish an account if you don't already have one.
  • Then, continue to check out after promptly verifying your student status with a qualifying university in the United States.
  • Finally, you will be requested to upload a document for manual verification.

But only if you are unable to get instantaneously validated.

When signing up for the Headspace Student discount, you don't have to use a school-issued email address. You are free to use any email address that you choose.

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What Documents Do I Need to Upload?

If you could not verify immediately, you would have to upload a document as proof.

Typically, a document demonstrating that you are presently enrolled in a Title IV degree-granting college or university in the United States. 

Your first name, last name, university name, and an issue date from the current academic term.

It could also be within the last three months and must be included on all documents. You can only upload one document at a time. 

This document could be something like:

  • Your academic institution's letter of enrollment (acceptance letters will not be approved)
  • The current academic term's class schedule
  • Receipt for registration or tuition
  • A transcript of the current classes is available.
  • Other school-issued documentation containing your first/last name and a current term or recent three-month issuance date.
  • Please remember that all sensitive information on documentation should be covered up or redacted before uploading it to the SheerID system.

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Why Was My Submission Denied?

If you received an email stating that your documentation was denied, please review it.

Then select the “TRY AGAIN” option to resubmit.

Please double-check that the paper you receive meets all of the conditions.

Those mentioned above, and some that may be added on the Headspace Webpage.

However, if your document has been disallowed many times, please contact SheerID support via customerservice@sheerid.com or this LINK.

Ensure you include the document you used and the reasons for the rejection given in the denial email. Also, include the email address you used to verify.

How Do I Verify the Headspace Student Offer?

To begin, visit the Headspace homepage by clicking here.

Then, click ‘Get Started' and start filling out your details. 

Upon validation of your points by Headspace, you'll create a student account.  Doing this should get you verified.

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How to Change Headspace Subscription to Student Discount

To change Headspace subscription to a student discount:

You must first turn off the auto-renew function on your current subscription.

Once it expires, you will be able to choose a new plan.

You can then change to a Headspace student discount plan.

Please keep in mind that our Family Plan is the only exception. 

If you currently have a Headspace subscription and want to upgrade to the Family Plan, visit the site HERE.

Then finish through by following the prompts that show up.

What is Spotify Headspace

Spotify and Headspace have teamed up to promote mindfulness and meditation.

Subsequently, they announced the launch of a new partnership to offer unique guided meditation and mindfulness training.

Spotify is a popular app and software that allows people to meditate.

Headspace is a digital mental health and meditation platform as well.

Together, they provide you with an all-in-one experience for your regular playlist, meditation audios, and all features of both sides.

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How to Use Spotify Headspace

Compared to other apps, the Spotify Headspace app is quite simple to use. 

First, pick a topic that interests you (depending on the issue you want to solve, .g., anxiety, depression, relationship, etc.).

The app's courses are usually only a couple of minutes long, and you can listen to them from wherever you are. 

Also, there is voice-guided meditation with a soothing soundtrack to help you focus on the content being delivered.

These classes will teach you how to program your mind to be positive in the face of any problem. When you complete the task, you will realize that you are happier, healthier, and more confident.

Spotify Premium Student Headspace

Your music selection has a significant impact on your mental state. 

With Spotify Premium, you can teach your mind to feel positive by playing the appropriate music.

Furthermore, Spotify Premium allows you to listen to any theme and meditation of your choice.

More so, advertisements and pop-ups would no longer interrupt you.

And you can also listen to them offline.

However, there is a charge for this edition of Spotify. 

Other than paying a meditation teacher for books and training, which costs more than Spotify Premium.

You will pay £4.99 per month to obtain access to music and meditation of your choice.

With the Spotify Premium and Headspace app, you have an all-in-one package for your mind.

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How Much Does Headspace Cost?

Downloading the Headspace app is free. However, the free version only has a few free guided sessions available.

The free trial gives you access to Headspace's content library, including more than 500 meditations. The membership plan you select primarily determines the price you pay.

Headspace membership levels include Headspace Plus, student, family, and free memberships.

Consequently, the Headspace Plus membership costs $12.99 a month and includes a 7-day free trial. But the early subscription, on the other hand, is $69.99 and includes a 14-day free trial.

The annual Headspace student discount is as low as $9.99. It would help if you took this opportunity on time.

Furthermore, the annual rate for the family plan is $99.99. 

Not only is there a Headspace student discount. But, every school director, aide, or K–12 teacher in the following countries has a free Headspace membership:

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Does the Student Plan Automatically Renew?

Yes! The Headspace Student plan is set to renew automatically after the first year.

Like all other subscriptions offered by Headspace, the student plan does too.

However, they'll re-verify your student status with SheerID when your subscription is scheduled to renew.

Then if any problems are encountered validating your student status, they'll contact you to verify it manually. You can also turn off the auto-renew feature.

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When does the Headspace student discount end?

There has yet to be any fixed date to end the Headspace student discount. So making the most of it while it's available is the surest bet. 

Do students get Headspace free?

On the Headspace website, students can download the free app. However, the classes offered on the free version are so limited that you'd eventually have to get subscribed to enjoy more.

Can I get Headspace for free?

Educators, Teachers, and support workers in K-12 (primary-secondary) schools.
Such schools in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia can use Headspace for free.

Can you still get Headspace with Spotify?

Yes. If you have a verified student status, you can get free access to Headspace with a Spotify premium account.

According to Spotify, you only need one login to access both Premium Services to make things even easier. 

And if you are already a Spotify user, you can upgrade at www.spotify.com/headspace.

Can UK students get Headspace?

All teachers, school administrators, and support workers in the United Kingdom get free access to Headspace. 

students with verified NHS or UniDays accounts can also benefit from the Headspace student discounts.

Does Headspace have a free version?

Everyone can use Headspace for free, but the offering is far less. You'll have to pay $12.99 per month or $69.99 per year for a paid subscription to get more out of it.

However, a Headspace student discount is available to students and educators at $9.99 annually.

Does Headspace have a student discount?

Yes, of course. And a very generous one. Compared to the general annual subscription at $69.99, the Headspace student discount is only $9.99.


There you have it, everything you need to know about the Headspace student Discount. Getting a Headspace student discount is as easy as it can get.

Provided you are legitimately enrolled in a university; you can place your application and get a ridiculously high price slash.

It's a good thing to consider your mental health; it's even better when it comes at a low price.

I believe this article was helpful to you and that you enjoyed every bit of it. Please feel free to leave us a comment below if you have any. 

Also, help us share this article on social media to help us reach more people who needs this information. 

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