YouTube Student Discount
YouTube Student Discount

If you want to learn more about the , understand how college students use YouTube TV, remember how much YouTube TV costs for students, and learn the cheapest ways to sign up for YouTube TV and YouTube Live TV, then, this very article is exactly what you have been looking for to break down get the .

YouTube TV is a great platform to watch TV and the is a great way to save money. However, there is one thing that many of us don't know how to get the YouTube TV student discount this year.

YouTube has become the most used search engine after today. YouTube TV is your friend, whether you want to look up a video on how to tie a shoelace stylishly or how to dissect a bug.

Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that the easiest way to learn a new subject is to see how it's done visually. 

Cost efficiency cannot be overemphasized, mainly if you are on a tight budget—this is why most students would avoid the YouTube TV subscription and use the good ol' Google.

However, students are the future and should be afforded the same opportunities as their contemporaries. But the real question is how one can afford YouTube TV. The magic word you are looking for is “discounts!”

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YouTube Student Discount
YouTube Student Discount

What Is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is an online subscription streaming service allowing subscribers to watch over 80 live TV channels, on-demand shows, and . Simply put, YouTube TV combines the best of what TV and streaming offer.

YouTube allows you to access millions of live shows immediately after the release. The opportunities with YouTube TV are limitless; with YouTube TV, you can stream and enjoy all manner of TV series, live shows, documentaries, twenty-four hours of live breaking news, national , etc., at your fingertips.

Some YouTube TV channels include MC, Bravo, FX, , BBC World News, CNBC, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, TNT, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, truTV, Turner Classic Movies, etc. 

YouTube TV also includes limitless cloud DVR storage, allowing customers to save and access their favorite episodes whenever and wherever they want.

It aims to replace existing cable and satellite companies by competing with streaming services like Netflix, Prime, and others.

YouTube TV's list of channels continues to grow over time due to bias. The TV is available nationwide; all you need to do is enter your 5-digit ZIP code in the space provided on the website to see the complete list of your area's channels.

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How Much Does YouTube TV Cost?

Membership on YouTube TV costs $64.99 a month with no hidden fees and penalties.

Membership can be shared with up to six accounts of your friends and well-wishers. Don't worry; YouTube TV is compatible with most devices (iOS and Android), so sharing won't be a problem.

Free unlimited cloud DVR storage space, FOX streams, regional sports networks, local CBS, and more are all included in a membership! So stay tuned to see how much YouTube TV costs for discounted students!

Does YouTube TV Have a Student Discount?

Yes! Absolutely! There's a YouTube student discount for every college listed and authorized by SheerID.

In addition, YouTube just made its streaming services more affordable for college students with the new student plan. $6.99 per month for a student under the YouTube TV discount for a student.

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Steps on How to Get a YouTube TV Student Discount

To take advantage of YouTube student discounts, you must join as a student for a YouTube Premium or YouTube Premium membership.

If you complete all of the membership requirements, you will be eligible for the YouTube TV student discount for up to four years of student membership.

Another criterion is that to sign up for a YouTube membership, you must be a student in an eligible higher institution where SheerID has authorized YouTube student memberships.

To avoid wasting time and frustrating yourself, verify if your college or university has student plans. To verify if your college or university has student plans available, follow the following steps:

  • Visit the YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium student subscription homepage.
  • click on – try for free.
  •  Fill out the SheerID form with your institution's information.
  • If your college or university appears, congratulations; student plans are available.
  • The website will redirect you to YouTube TV to continue the sign-up process.
  • If your eligibility is not validated immediately, you will be needed to upload more documents for verification.
  • The documents will be personally evaluated, and depending on your region, you may receive an email advising you of your qualifying status within twenty minutes or a day.
  • You'll need to log back into your account if your eligibility is validated through the additional verification step.
  • By clicking on your profile photo, you'll be able to access your profile.
  • When you choose Paid memberships, a message will appear asking you to complete the sign-up process.
  • Choose a payment method or create a new payment method.
  • To complete the transaction, click Buy

Once you have completed the steps above, you will find out that you have gotten the YouTube TV student discount.

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Frequently Asked Questions About YouTube TV Student Discount

What are the Cheapest Ways To Sign Up For YouTube TV?

In any case, where do you not find your school name on the SheerID list? Do not be dismal.

You can also get the YouTube TV student discount when referring the streaming app to your friends and family.

Is YouTube TV Family Sharing Included In Price?

Yes. If you've paid for a YouTube TV subscription, you may establish a family group to share it with up to five people at no extra charge.

You become the family manager when you create a family group.

In addition, you can invite family members (aged 13 and up) to join your family group as the family manager.

Can you watch live TV on YouTube for a TV free trial?

Yes, you can; the trial period lasts for seven days only.

What is the cost of a YouTube student membership?

Unlimited streaming is $6.99 per month for students. In addition, students will be able to enjoy YouTube and YouTube Music ad-free offline and in the background after this is completed.

How can I create the YouTube Premium Student Discount?

YouTube uses a service called SheerID to verify eligibility.

Go to the student membership main page for YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium to see if your school is included.

When Does YouTube TV Student Discount End?

There is no guarantee about when the student discount ends.
So you should check the YouTube TV website regularly.

YouTube Student Discount – Summary

There you have it; all the info you need to know about the YouTube Student Discount, Youtube TV, and so on. Now you should be able to know how to receive the YouTube TV student discount without much stress.

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