Netflix Student Discount

Do you want to learn get ? Especially for students who use to escape study stress, here is a tip on getting a .

Does Netflix offer discounts?

The answer is Yes, many know Netflix as one of the best movie streaming platforms, but they have yet to get the idea that they can watch movies almost for free on Netflix.


Through a Netflix discount for eligible customers, students included! If you're a student who enjoys streaming movies on Netflix, this article is specially written for you.

Every college student needs extra cash, no matter how little. That's why Netflix and other platforms offer students discounts to have a good time away from their studies.

In this article, we have shown you ways to watch movies on Netflix at low prices.

Also, we have included all you need to know about Netflix, how to get free student discounts and free subscriptions, and how you can redeem your free student discount voucher.

Welcome aboard, Champ!!!

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What is Netflix?

Netflix is a movie streaming platform. It is the best when it comes to on-demand video streaming services all over the world.

On Netflix, you have a library of movies and TV shows. Via this platform, you can stream your favorite movies anytime on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, TV, computer, Playstation, Xbox, or any other gaming console.

Currently, Netflix has over 148 million paid subscriptions all around the globe.

Cost of a Netflix Subscription for a Month?

Unlimited access to Netflix costs $7.99/month. Most students may need help to afford such a subscription plan.

Not to worry, there are fantastic alternatives to having Netflix at a student discount.

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Does Netflix Offer Student Discounts?

Netflix does not offer a student discount for college students. However, Netflix increased its discount vouchers to help students stream and enjoy movies at a discount.

How Do I Get Netflix Student Discount & Free Subscription?

Netflix Student Discount

There are many ways you can watch Netflix for almost free, even without a paid subscription. Here are the alternatives to watch Netflix almost for free;

Option 1. Netflix 30-day Unlimited Free Trial.

If you love free stuff, the first option for a free Netflix subscription is to use the 30-day unlimited free trial.

With this, you get to watch movies for free on Netflix. This trick might take some time, but it works 100%. And the truth is that the free Netflix for 30 days is easy to get.

To get a free trial on Netflix, here is what you need;

  • The Netflix app.
  •  An email address that still needs to be registered on Netflix.

Here's how you can get your first Netflix free trial:

  • Go to
  •  Create an account using your email address and set your password.
  •  Click on TRY 30 DAYS FREE to start your Free Month Trial.
  •  Select SEE THE PLANS and choose the plan you prefer. You can select Premium, then click CONTINUE.
  •  Select a different payment method if you have registered before.
  •  Enter your name and billing information, then choose START MEMBERSHIP.

You're good to go!!!

Note: Cancel the free trial subscription plan before the ongoing 30-day trial expires.

Option 2. Share with Your Family And Friends.

What better way can a college student get a Netflix discount other than by sticking to their parents' Netflix plan? This is the best way to enjoy Netflix for free.

Yes, you can share a Netflix plan with five individual profiles, regardless of your plan.

However, just because you can share your Netflix subscription with your family doesn't mean you can all stream Netflix simultaneously on five devices.

Each plan has some simultaneous watches at a time. Find out more below!

Option 3. Netflix Special Promotion

Are you kidding me? Special promotions?

Yes, Netflix offers special promotions. And special promotions are a cool way to get closer to a Netflix student discount.

How do special promotions work on Netflix?

Special promotions happen when some companies offer Netflix plans as gift vouchers.

Some of the companies that offer special promotions on Netflix include;

  • The wireless company T-Mobile: T-Mobile has a program called Netflix on Us. They use this platform to pay for your Netflix bills if you have two or more lines. Usually, they will cover your Netflix Basic or Standard plan, depending on your purchase plan.
  •  The Network provider Verizon: Verizon worked with Netflix to offer a one-year plan that saves you $190 for Gigabit Connection Internet packages.
  •  Netflix Gift Card: Another easy way to save money is by getting a discount Netflix gift card. You can get gift cards from Raise, Gift Card Granny, Cardpool, CardCash, Gift Card Spread, etc. However, each has different discounts on the same product.

Alternatives to Netflix Student Discounts

Sadly, Netflix has no direct alternatives because it produces much original content. You won't even find Netflix originals anywhere else.

Also, Netflix has the sole right to stream many popular TV shows and movies they didn't themselves.

But there are bare alternatives for Netflix apps where you can get a discount just in case a Netflix student discount doesn't work.

Remember that these video streaming platforms have exclusive shows and movies, just like Netflix, but they are not.

So here are the best alternatives to that offer student discounts.

#1. Amazon Prime Student

Prime Video has lots of TV series and movies on its platform. Depending on your home setup preference, you can watch in 4K or HD resolution.

Amazon Prime Student Discount allows you to enjoy

  • Six months free trial.
  •  You can cancel at any time.
  •  Also, you can enjoy prime original videos and get several other offers online, not on Netflix.
  •  Free shipping on items bought from Amazon.
  •  Unlimited photo storage facilities and discounts on pre-orders of new video games and stuff for students.
  •  Rent and buy textbooks at lower price value, including access to exclusive deals and coupons.

Amazon Prime Website

#2. Hulu

Hulu is another alternative you can consider against Netflix Student Discount.

It is also a streaming service that provides access to many TV shows on the same day or within the week they first air.

Hulu also has original TV shows that you can't get anywhere else.

Hulu Student Discount allows you to enjoy the following;

  • Premium services at 4.99 USD per month.
  •  Access to original video streaming online services.

#3. Youtube Premium

Premium is another alternative to Netflix student discounts.

This is a service that removes advertisements from regular YouTube videos. It gives you access to original shows, content, and movies, including the YouTube service.

All you have to do to get access to this student discount is to

  • Sign up on the YouTube premium site.
  •  Choose between a family plan discount and a student discount. (This saves you 60% off the regular price.)

However, keep in mind that the YouTube premium membership requires verification annually.

Therefore, if you graduate or leave school, you must cancel or switch to a regular subscription.


HBO offers one of the most outstanding student discounts. Its membership price is about 14.99 USD a month, but students get to pay 5 USD a month.

HBO Now Student Discount allows you to enjoy the following;

  • A pay-on-the-go offer ad that lets you cancel at any time.
  •  5 USD membership subscription.
  •  Also, before spending a dime on HBO Now, you can test it out for 30 days as long as you are a new user.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Netflix Student Discount

Does Netflix have a student discount?

No, Netflix doesn't have student discounts.
However, you can use the free trial period of Netflix services or any alternatives.

Does Netflix Still Give Free Trials?

Yes, Netflix still gives free trials only to eligible customers.

Is Netflix Better Than Amazon Prime?

This is a matter of self-preference.
However, we know that Netflix is good for TV series. But Amazon Prime Video has more decent Hollywood movies and some excellent films in regional cinema.

What is Netflix Gift Cards Used For?

Netflix gift cards can be used for the following reasons!
– Pay for Netflix.
– Netflix gift cards can be given as a present.

Do Netflix Gift Cards Expire?

The back of each card states that gift cards do not expire.

Are Netflix Gift Cards Transferable?

Gift cards are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Once you've added a gift card to your Netflix account, you'll have to stream it until the balance on the card runs out.

How Do I Get A Netflix Gift Card?

To purchase a Netflix gift card, visit for a list of retailers that sell Netflix gift cards.

Also, Netflix gift cards are available at a variety of retail locations as well as online.

Can I Do Multiple Free Trials on Netflix?

Netflix doesn't allow multiple free trials.
However, you can sign up again using a different email and billing method, like a prepaid credit card.

What Are the Available Netflix Plan Options?

-The basic plan costs $8.99 and allows just 1 screen view at a time.
-The standard plan costs $12.99 and allows 2 screen views simultaneously.
– The premium plan costs $15.99 and allows 4 screen views simultaneously.
Yes, it is.
Netflix password sharing is very common.

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So what now?

As you have learned from our researched info; the Netflix student discount is not available; however, using the alternatives we have shared above will give you access to stream movies almost for free.

See Out Other Student Discounts

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