Is Star clicks Real or Fake? [In-depth Review]

In this Star Clicks Review, I’ll be sharing my experience and some other people’s review about star clicks. This review will help you to know if it is worth your time or not.

To get started, I’ll like to first explain what star clicks are all about just in case you are new to the platform. Also, we’ll be answering a few questions relating to the platform.

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What is Star Clicks?

Star clicks is simply a CPA website where you get paid to click on ads.

Before you rush in at it, you need to understand that the pay is very small. As a normal user, each ad you click on, you’ll get $0.01 and you are limited to 3 ads per day.

The number of ads and amount you are paid is increased if you are a premium member.

How much can you make with star clicks?

To be honest, you won’t make much from the site.

Just as I explained earlier, you are paid $0.01 per ad and you are limited to 3 ads per day as an ordinary member.

There are three membership options and the earnings are different. They include:

  • An ordinary member is estimated to earn at least $0.03 per day.

  • Gold member is estimated to earn at least $3.20 per day.
  • Platinum member is estimated to earn at least US$4.80 per day.

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Is Star clicks worth it? [is star clicks real or fake?]

Is start clicks real or fake? Well, my answer is based on my personal experience with them and also from other users.

Star Clicks is not worth it from my own perspective. The pay is very small and you will have to reach a minimum of $50 before you can withdraw your earnings.

As an ordinary member, that threshold will be very difficult to attain except you upgrade to the gold or platinum plan.

Instead of wasting your time on sites like this, why not learn how to blog, start an FBA business, Dropshipping business or even Affiliate marketing. You can make more money online with these types of businesses.

Star Clicks Review

Here’s a screenshot of the review score from trusted review sites:

According to trustpilot ratings, star clicks has a 4.8/5.0 rating.

On the other hand, they have a 3.2/5.0 rating from See images below:

Star Clicks Review
Is Star clicks Real or Fake? [In-depth Review] 1
Star Clicks Review
Is Star clicks Real or Fake? [In-depth Review] 2

Star Clicks FAQs

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There you have it; all the necessary info you need before you sign up with star clicks.

I believe this star clicks review have done some justice to most of the questions you may have concerning the platform. Enjoy your day!!!

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