Subway Student Discount

Getting a has undoubtedly crossed your mind at one time the more you eat there. That's an excellent question to ask. Does Subway offer a ?

It is observed that Subway offers no specific student discount program, yet students can still get discounts occasionally. Students who present a valid Id card can get up to 20% off their order in some stores.

However, this is not a hard and fast rule.

So we've compiled some of the best ways to save money while eating at any Subway.

This article examined the many discounts offered by Subway, different promotions, and the reward program.

Subway is a global sandwich franchise with over 33,000 locations in more than 90 countries. They distribute about 8 million sandwiches per day every day.

Consequently, to maintain high sales, the company offers several ways for customers to save money on Sandwich orders.

In this article, we've captured those ways and will set you off rightly to cut back on expenses.

Let's get started!

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What is the Subway Student Discount?

Subway Student Discount

Subway is a multinational fast-food restaurant chain based in the United States. They specialize in selling submarine sandwiches (subs), wraps, salads, and beverages.

As of date, Subway does not yet have a dedicated student discount program. However, if you walk into any store and show your student ID, you could get up to 20% off at participating stores.

Besides this, there are other perks, like getting a 15% off your order if you it online using a discount code on the Subway website.

Generally speaking, Subway tirelessly rolls out discounts and different promotional offers. It keeps finding new ways to meet the interests and desires of customers, like the MyWay rewards program. Where it offers special discounts, tokens, and even freebies (surprise rewards to members)

A Subway student discount isn't all you can enjoy with all these. There's more! And make sure you don't miss out.

Does Subway Offer a Student Discount?

Although Subway does not yet have a dedicated student discount, they make up for it. Instead, they offer student promos regularly.

Students can find the coupons on, and consumers with verified student identification will receive a 20% discount at participating stores.

However, you must be aware that not all Subways participate in this promotion. There is always a list of participating stores on the Subway webpage.

Ensure you check it out, so don't walk into the wrong store with an ID looking like a cop.

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Does Subway Offer Rewards To Customers?

Subway has a reward program in addition to the occasional student coupons. Customers at Subway are rewarded with a points-based system in the form of earning tokens.

Consequently, the more you eat there, the more points you earn. Then, once you've reached the set threshold, you can make purchases for anything on the Subway menu.

Also, Subway has set a low cash-out threshold of $2 so that customers can get rewarded more frequently.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that Subway's promotional deals, like the ones listed so far, may only be used if you order through or the Subway app.

For instance, you are getting a 15% off the rewards program.

Other Ways to Save Money Without a Subway Student Discount

Yes, there are other ways to save money without a Subway student discount; Yu can finally keep your money in your pockets for longer.

Not having a Subway student discount doesn't mean you spend on even the most minor things.

We didn't fail to point out some quick ways to save on Subway. Let's find out!!

#1 Fill out the survey.

Subway takes customer feedback and reviews seriously. Often, they channel their growth and development in line with the needs of their customers.

So filling out the surveys included on your receipts is significant that Subways pays you in return. It's more like get free food on Subway.

Completing the can get you a free cookie or drink, which is brilliant if you want add-ons with your sandwich.

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#2 Today's Sub

Ever thought of a Subway student discount near me? Well, this is one and it is cheap.

There's usually a special sandwich for the day, which changes every day of the week.

Ordering one of these will save you cash as it is priced lower than regular sandwiches.

Creating your sandwich or ordering one of the menu regulars is generally more expensive.

A Footlong can cost up to $8.00, but purchasing a featured sub can save you up to 25%.

#3 Sharing a Footlong 

If you've ever been to Subway, you know the foot-long Footlong. Usually, if you're eating at Subway with a buddy or partner, you might have the Footlong.

However, sharing a Footlong sub instead of buying multiple six-inch subs is a great way to save money.

A Footlong BLT, for example, costs around $5.50 or $2.75 per person.  On the other hand, a six-inch BLT would cost $3.75 for each sandwich.

As a result, splitting a Footlong will save you and your eating companion an additional $1.00 on your order.

#4 Try Avoiding Add-ons

Finally, another approach to saving money at Subway is to avoid add-ons. Add-ons have a way of being what typically pushes up the bill.

They could include drinks, cookies, and chips. Instead of add-ons, getting a cup of water or buying your add-ons at another store or supermarket would be cheaper.

Who Qualifies for the Subway Student Discount?

To be eligible for Subway student discounts, you must be a full-time college student. Usually, you will also be required to show proof of enrollment, most likely your school's ID card.

You are entitled to a 10% discount on all Subway purchases if you present acceptable identification.

However, the Subway student discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

Also, not all Subway stores are partaking in offering discounts. So don't be surprised if it doesn't work out in some stores.

Over the years, there have been incredible deals and promotional offers on restaurant menu items and Subway products in supermarkets.

Some previously offered Subway promotions are listed below, and more are sure to come:

  • Save the Student has previously covered Subway promotions.
  • £2.49 Sub of the day
  • Free sandwich when you buy a drink
  • Free breakfast Subs
  • 99p sides & snacks
  • and many more!

Subway Rewards

If you enjoy Subway, make sure you've registered for Subway Rewards. It's the most convenient way to receive discounts and freebies.

Subway rewards, also known as Subway MyWay, was launched to replace the former loyalty program. And meet customers' requests as to what they wanted from a loyalty program.

Once you've registered and are set up, you can start earning a token you later redeem for Subway foods or drinks.

Download the Subway app, and you'll be able to earn points every time you place an order.

You can exchange them for delicious Subway goodies when you've accumulated enough points!

You can make online orders for any Subway food or drink you want with your tokens. You earn one point for every dollar you spend in this points-based system.

Also, you get 50 points for free when you sign up for the program.

The following is an example of their reward system:

  • 75 points- One free Footlong sandwich
  • 50 points- One free Six-Inch sandwich
  • 20 points- One complimentary beverage

Subway will occasionally give double points on customer orders.

Doing this allows you to get your rewards much faster without spending additional money.

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Policies Governing the Subway Student Discount

So we've seen how we can get terrific offers from Subway discounts and get some free food at times. Yet there are some important disclaimers from Subway, though, to point out.

First, the offers are not redeemable for cash, are not for sale, and are only valid at participating Subway locations.

Also, details on the deal, particular terms and conditions, and a list of participating stores may be accessed on their site for clarity.

Certain offers cannot be used with other discounts, coupons, or meal packages. Moreover, photocopies are not permitted and should not be sold to other persons.

Subway Student Discounts | Frequently Asked Questions

Does Subway offer student discounts?

There is no Subway student discount yet, but many other promotional and discount offers are available.

However, you can get up to 20% off your order at a Subway if you show a valid student ID card.

Even without a dedicated student discount, Subway has many ways to enjoy deals and promos.

How do I get Subway discounts?

You should be a student and have a valid ID card to get the Subway student discount.

Tender your ID at the Subway store and get about 20% off your order. Visit Subway Website

However, you should know that not all Subway stores participate in giving discounts.

What is the 15% off code for Subway?

The 15% off code for Subway is a Subway promotion where you get 15% off your order for buying a footlong using the Subway app or online.

You can make an order and then type in code 15 off while checking out.

Your order will be delivered, and your discount will be applied.

Will student discounts be available in the future at Subway?

Yes, it is feasible! Subway values customer feedback for decision-making, so a Subway student discount can be en route if that becomes the request.

Check back here often, and we'll inform you once it's out.

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While Subway does not have a dedicated student discount program, they make provisions for many ways customers can gain.

Occasionally, they offer different promotions with varying sizes in compensation. In some stores, students can present a valid student ID card at purchase and get up to 20% off.

Subway runs special promotions and incentive programs from time to time. So even with a Subway student discount, students don't lose.

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