YouTube Channels To Learn Adobe Illustrator
YouTube Channels To Learn Adobe Illustrator

What are the best ? As you already know, graphic design is one of the most in-demand skills online.

To be effective, you must be familiar with Adobe Illustrator. Businesses require qualified designers for a variety of tasks, including corporate branding and print manufacturing.

To produce great images, you'll need a program. Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular. Adobe Inc. produced and distributes a vector graphics design and editing software tool.

Are you seeking the top channels for Adobe Illustrator? There are numerous YouTube channels available to aid you.

Subscribe to a variety of YouTube channels to boost your Adobe Illustrator skills. However, you deserve the finest. So we compiled this list.

Keep reading to learn more about the 10 best YouTube channels for Adobe Illustrator.

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10 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Adobe Illustrator

YouTube Channels To Learn Adobe Illustrator
YouTube Channels To Learn Adobe Illustrator

The first time you open your Adobe Illustrator, you may be shocked at how much you need to learn. You may even want to give up. However, remember there are different ways to learn to use Adobe Illustrator.

YouTube channels are the first source that should come to mind. These YouTube channels for Adobe Illustrator would break down all its intricacies.

The 10 best YouTube channels for Adobe Illustrator are:

#1. How to Graphic Design

Subscribers- 139k

Views- 120,364,721

This channel exists to assist people in learning Adobe Illustrator. Saifullah, the creator of this channel, is a freelance graphic designer who imparts his expertise through several tutorials.

It is the best YouTube channel for Adobe Illustrator. Graphic Design has about 139k subscribers. Over time, they proved themselves the go-to channel when you need lessons on Adobe Illustrator. 

The tutorials teach Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for graphic design, logo design, 3D design, and other skills.

On this channel, you can begin your adventure of learning Adobe Illustrator from scratch by choosing from its playlists. This channel carefully breaks down all you need to know about Adobe Illustrator.

How to Graphic Design

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#2. Envato Tuts+

Subscribers- 868K


The Envato family includes Envato Tuts+. They assist people in acquiring skills through their YouTube channel. This includes , graphic design, and website design and development.

One of their videos covers all the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator. It is currently one of the best YouTube channels for Adobe Illustrator.

Once you have mastered the fundamentals, you can produce effects, patterns, and more. They train you on the tools step-by-step in a single video that contains the entire course.

You can begin learning even if you are a total newbie. With Envato Tuts+, you don't need prior knowledge of the tool to start.

With more than 800k subscribers, subscribe to this YouTube channel to get all the Adobe Illustrator extra tips. 

Envato Tuts+

#3. GFXMentor

Subscribers- 1.83M


This is an additional fantastic YouTube channel where you can study Adobe Illustrator from scratch. Imran Ali Dina, who has more than 17 years of expertise teaching graphic design, is the channel's creator.

Every week, this channel adds new videos to their popular YouTube channel- GFXMentor. It is one of the best YouTube channels for Adobe Illustrator.

Check out the channel and all their playlists if you're just starting. GFXMentor has you covered everything from the fundamentals to creating sophisticated designs using various tools.

The channel provides a comprehensive playlist for individuals who wish to learn Adobe Illustrator in Hindi. These and many more reasons this YouTube channel stand out.


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#4. Adobe Photoshop

Subscribers- 612K

Views- 220,354,973

The design industry is essentially centered around Adobe Photoshop. They have a huge selection of tutorials and advice on their YouTube channel. 

This basically meets the needs of both beginning and experienced designers. It is one of the best YouTube channels for Adobe Illustrator. 

Now, this YouTube channel goes beyond Adobe Illustrator and also brings in the Photoshop aspect. Imagine being able to learn all of these, in the easiest and most fun ways. 

With Adobe Photoshop, in less than 2-3 months, you would have the right touch for all the Adobe Illustrators. This channel posts informative content on how to use Adobe Illustrator

They carefully list the tools and show you how best to use them. It's not just all talk because you can see the tools working for themselves. If you have been confused about Adobe Illustrator, this is the channel to subscribe to.

Adobe Photoshop

#5. PHLearn

Subscribers- 2.07M


One of the most expert-looking YouTube channels we have ever seen is Phlearn. A group of eminent designers who provide in-depth instructions on various subjects manages this channel.

With over a million followers, the channel has over 500 tutorials. It is still one of the best YouTube channels for Adobe Illustrator.

Their most-watched video shows how to use the illustrator to remove anything from a photo. The channel's Premium Tutorials, which are not only more complicated but also presented in greater quality, are also helpful to designers.

PHLearn breaks down all you should know about Adobe Illustrator. It also gives you extra tips to ensure your design journey is smooth. 


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#6. Will Paterson

Subscribers- 632K


Will Paterson is a well-known graphic designer with expertise in logo design, Adobe Illustrator, and brand identity. Will's attempt to bring humor to practically every video is what I find to be so endearing.

As a result, designers can better relate to some concerns he raises. They also easily engage with the information he provides. Will Paterson is one of the best YouTube channels for Adobe Illustrator.

His YouTube channel has more than 600K subscribers. Its most liked handwriting instruction is- “How To Use A Brush Pen”.

This is an excellent channel for those who are about to enter the design industry and you should check it out. He has a couple of other amazing content on his YouTube channel.

For instance, you can find a video of him critiquing other people's designs. This is great because he also gives tips on doing things more easily. He teaches with a lace of humor. You will enjoy this channel if you are looking for YouTube channels to learn Adobe Illustrator. 

Will Paterson

#7. Dom Designs

Subscribers- 173K


According to the proprietor, Dom Designs is the best resource for flat design speed arts and lessons in Adobe Illustrator.

The channel targets viewers who have beginner, moderate, and advanced levels of graphic design expertise. It is one of the best YouTube channels for Adobe Illustrator.

Dom Designs began as an Instagram page where they posted design videos. Following its success, the establishment of the YouTube channel came.

The channel offers many flat design tutorials for graphic designers. The playlists break up into various sections, including the ones for Adobe Illustrator.

Dom Designs

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#8. Creatnprocess

Subscribers- 400K


For those working in the design industry, this is one of the best YouTube channels for Adobe Illustrator. It is a fantastic source for excellent training videos on various software programs.

This includes Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, and more. They include training videos for animation, motion graphics, print production, graphic design, etc. 

The channel has separated the videos into various categories for the benefit of learners. This includes tutorials, tips & techniques, mockup making, print design, and more.

One of their playlists contains more than 100 videos that provide instructions on using Adobe Illustrator to create various designs.


#9. Satori Graphics

Subscribers- 942K


This is another treasure on the list that has been useful to students for over 7 years. 

Satori Graphics hosts a ton of YouTube graphics design videos. The entire Adobe Creative Suite is available on the channel, not just one particular application. It is currently one of the best YouTube channels for Adobe Illustrator.

People who desire to master a variety of graphic design tools and techniques would benefit from this. The learners can learn a lot from the videos that center on graphic design theory.

It also includes poster designing, logo designing, and brand identity. Additionally, it is one of the most active channels on the list, with a new video almost every day.

Satori Graphics

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#10. Design Made Simple

Subscribers- 127K


Learn about graphic design programs including Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, and Photoshop on the Design Made Simple channel. 

You may learn anything from logo design to desktop publishing to user interface design to branding design from this channel.

It is one of the best YouTube channels for Adobe Illustrator. From the very first videos to the last, you would stay hooked. 

Each video focuses on a significant subject and contains voice narrations and step-by-step directions. Nick Saporito, a graphic designer and instructor with more than ten years of experience working with thousands of clients as a freelance designer, launched Design Made Simple.

This YouTube channel breaks down all that may confuse you about Adobe Illustrator. You would be 10x better than you were after watching this YouTube channel. 

Design Made Simple

In Summary

While some designers and illustrators post their work on Instagram, others use their own YouTube channels. On the channels, they explain their processes or share behind-the-scenes photos.

This is the simplest approach for motivation, especially for people keen to learn from experts!

Each of the channels has a unique thing about them. It could be in the animations they use, the method of teaching, or the fun way they take the classes. However, you can be sure to get value from each of them. 

Use the best YouTube channels for Adobe Illustrator listed above to take your designing game to another level. You can find the links to every YouTube channel on our list under it.

Ensure you subscribe to any of the channels that catch your eye. Learning Adobe Illustrator has never been easier with YouTube channels. 

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Is it possible to learn Adobe Illustrator online?

Yes. You may learn more about Adobe Illustrator on a variety of YouTube channels.

You can learn how to use a tool's interface from certain channels. You can also gain graphic design techniques from others.

How can I use Adobe Illustrator more effectively?

Use the shortcuts wisely by learning them. Use the useful Bezier Tool. Prepare your work area.

Use Adobe's resources to your advantage. Create a PDF or PNG file to export your work. Learn how to use Adobe's, Align Tool.

Is Illustrator difficult to learn?

Yes. However, the time to learn Adobe Illustrator might vary based on your background.

It also depends on the fundamental skills you need to master, your knowledge of related programs, and how much time you want to dedicate to preparation.

Can I learn Adobe Illustrator on my own?

Yes. Start with the basics by watching the best YouTube channels for Adobe Illustrator listed above. You'll see that the lessons introduce you to the workspace and the fundamental methods gradually.

How quickly do you pick up Illustrator?

If you constantly practice, it will take you about six to seven months to master Adobe Illustrator. It takes two to three weeks to understand the fundamentals.

You may experiment with Illustrator's capabilities and put the techniques learned into practice.
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