9 Best Esthetician Schools In NJ

Hey, do you know that attending one of the best Esthetician schools in NJ can be a smart choice to start your career?

Not only is the job of skincare professionals rapidly increasing, but Garden City also has one of the capital’s largest concentrations of these professionals in the country.

So, in this article, we’ll be discussing the best esthetician schools in NJ. Keep reading…

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How Much Is Cosmetology School In NJ?

The average cost of attending a cosmetology school in New Jersey is between $3,000 and $10,000.

This typically varies depending on the duration of the program, the location, and the hours of study required in your state, although this is only to give you an idea of ​​what to expect.

How To Become An Esthetician in NJ

To become a licensed skin care professional, New Jersey requires the completion of a licensed aesthetics program that consists of 600 hours of training. You also need successful passing of written and practical exams to obtain a cosmetologist’s license.

If you are a novice esthetician in New Jersey looking to start a career in the aesthetics industry, finding one of the Esthetician schools in NJ with a dynamic aesthetics program is a great first step!

In this directory of schools, you will find a complete list of schools of aesthetics in New Jersey.  Certain Esthetician schools in New Jersey are members of ASCP Premier School.

They not only offer an excellent aesthetic program but also receive benefits for students provided by Associated Skin Care Professionals!

Requirements For Esthetician Licensing In NJ (New Jersey)

Once you’ve completed 600 hours of formal training to become a cosmetologist, it’s time to apply for a licensing exam.  In the application, you must provide proof of age and indicate where you studied and graduated.

The application must include a non-refundable $50 and a $90 license fee during the first year of the licensing period ($ 45 for the second year).

Once you have scheduled your exam, you will be issued a temporary permit so that you can start working as a cosmetologist until you complete the exam; the temporary permit is valid for 120 days and expires as soon as you receive an official license.

The exam consists of written and practical components.  It is conducted in English, although candidates may take the exam in Spanish or with an interpreter.

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What Can I Do With An Esthetician License In NJ?

According to the New Jersey Committee on Cosmetology and Hairdressing, a special skin care license allows you to cleanse, massage, stimulate, remove hair, or apply cosmetics to the face and neck, as well as other areas such as the upper chest.

The license allows you to perform these tasks manually or by mechanical or electrical devices, but not by electrolysis.  In addition, skin care professionals cannot cut hair, massage, or offer nail treatments.

The 9 Best Esthetician Schools In NJ

Esthetician Schools In NJ
9 Best Esthetician Schools In NJ 1

#1 Artistic Academy of Hair Design – Morris Plains

The cost of studying at the Artistic Academy of Hair Design is lower than the average for the schools included in our list.

The school also tops the list of jobs: 96 percent of students find work in salons immediately after graduation.

The Academy offers grants and scholarships to qualified students and accepts G.I.  Bill benefits from military veterans.  Graduates leave school with a relatively small debt burden to be serviced by student loans.

The school focuses on donating to the community by organizing events such as clothing and food promotions, as well as sponsoring a Beauty-a-Thon fundraiser for various local non-profit organizations working for good causes.


#2 Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics & Cosmetology – Pine Brook

Christine Walmy is a branch of a New York elementary school that upholds the same standards and ethics as the original.

The school teaches a combination of European and Oriental aesthetic techniques along with the latest New York trends, giving students an experience of every aspect of cosmetology know-how ancient and modern.

The school represents a good cost, the cost of education is lower than the state average.  Accrued credit indebtedness among graduates is low.  The employment program helps them find a job after completing the program.  VA benefits are accepted.


#3 Parisian Beauty Academy – Hackensack

Parisian Beauty Academy is actually a partner school of Paul Mitchell, which gives them access to the exclusive Paul Mitchell haircut system.

Students also have access to other benefits available at all Paul Mitchell schools, including VA benefits and a variety of scholarships.

The colorful, clean, tasteful student lounge is a study space that offers a pleasant environment for learning every day.  But the Academy is not just fun, but also effective.

Most students leave in arrears on their student loans, and 75 percent complete the program on time.  And 85 percent have jobs waiting for them when they graduate, which is a clear sign of the demand for Paul Mitchell-educated beauticians.


#4. PB Cosmetology Education Centre – Gloucester

PB Cosmetology is a family school that now operates in the third generation.  Since 1960, the school has quietly improved its teaching methods and artistic philosophy, and today, without batting an eyelid, it competes with much larger national networks.

The large, clean, light floor of the salon makes the school not look like a family business, but more like a salon with the highest rating in New York!

Most students complete the program on time, and 80 percent immediately find a job in the industry. They leave with very little debt, in part because the school accepts VA benefits and scholarships that the school provides.

With such deep roots in the local community, it is also not surprising that the school supports charitable organizations such as the Gift of Life transplant program and donors.


#5 Rizzieri Aveda School – Voorhees Township

Rizzieri School was the first beauty school in New Jersey, and remains in the hands of the same family as in 1928, when it was opened.

But history is not the only point of sale for a school; now part of the Aveda Institute’s extensive network, it also has advanced facilities, excellent employment services, and the usual care for the local community and the global social benefits that this membership brings.

Acceptance of the benefits of the VA program and a very low debt ratio for graduates complete an already excellent school.


#6 Robert Fiance Beauty School – West New York

A large portrait of Marilyn Monroe looks at the students who come to Robert Fiennes’ salon every morning.

The portrait, surrounded by neon and brightly lit mirrors, gives students a strong impression of the school’s vast history.

Founder Robert Fians worked closely with Vidal Sassoon, and the legacy of this partnership and the culture it has created make this school special.

With below-average tuition, the school offers great value to prospective students, as well as providing opportunities for VA scholarships and benefits.

The combination of these support systems means that students graduate with very little credit arrears!


#7 Roman Academy of Beauty Culture – Hawthorne

The Roman Academy offers an education in hairdressing that is as classical as it sounds, rooted in a history dating back to 1962.

At the same time, the Academy is proud to stay up to date and teach the latest professional techniques in an environment conducive to creativity.

They are probably doing something right: 80% of graduates find a job in the industry immediately after graduation and 65% graduate on time.

VA benefits are accepted, and most students accumulate very little debt on the loan during their stay at the Academy.


#8 The Salon Professional Academy – Newark

Thanks to a training program developed in collaboration with the elite Redken 5th Avenue NYC, stylists trained at TSPA receive an exciting education on the latest trends and techniques right from where they are developed.

But with a spacious, clean, modern salon floor, extensive business skills courses, 7 different scholarship opportunities, and VA benefits, the school is already easily qualified for a place on our list.

The high level of timely completion of education, low debt on loans, and significant charitable activities – all this is more than enough to set this school above the competition.


#9 Shore Beauty School – Atlantic City

When people think of New Jersey, they think of the Jersey coast, and there is no denying that the coast has its own sense of style.

Shore Beauty School does not shy away from this aesthetic but instead accepts it.  But the partnership with the famous Redken’s 5th Avenue salon means that students are introduced to all the latest styles, not just the popular ones on the waterfront.

The school sponsors the annual Locks of Love charity hair show to bring it back to the community.  And students receive additional business instructions in school courses on the basics of Shear Success business.

The employment program helps them find a job after graduation.  Scholarships are available through the school, and VA benefits are accepted.


Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Esthetician Schools In NJ

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There you have it, the best Esthetician schools in NJ; we made this information available to help you learn about some of the educational opportunities available to you.

Our analysis surveyed schools in New Jersey to see which programs offer the best experience for cosmetology students in order to identify those quality schools that are more affordable than some of their peers.

This rating is not just a list of low-cost schools.  We also take into account the quality of each school, as we believe that a low-quality school cannot be “profitable” at any cost. 

Specifically, we are lowering our Quality Score for published tuition and school fees. This gives the unit cost of quality for each college. 

Value is determined by how much quality your dollar buys.

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