Muhlenberg College Acceptance Rate
Muhlenberg College Acceptance Rate

Before we get into details, it's important to let you know now that the is highly competitive and selective.

Private liberal arts college Muhlenberg College is in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The name of Muhlenberg College, which was founded in 1848 and is associated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, honored Henry Muhlenberg, the German patriarch of Lutheranism in the United States.

Samuel K. Brobst, a Reformed Lutheran minister founded Muhlenberg College in 1848 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, as the Allentown Seminary. 

Furthermore, Christian Rudolph Kessler was the school's first teacher and administrator. Between 1848 and 1867, the College operated as the Allentown Seminary, the Allentown Collegiate and Military Institute, and the Allentown Collegiate Institute. 

The institution relocated to Trout Hall in 1867 and changed its name to Henry Muhlenberg, the head of the Lutheran church in America, after the former residence of William Allen's son, James Allen. 

Consequently, Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, a great-grandson of Muhlenberg, presided over the university from 1867 until 1876. The current campus was built on a 51-acre (21 ha) parcel of land in Allentown's West End that the institution acquired and moved to in 1905.

Also, liberal arts education and pre-professional studies are the academic focuses of the bachelor's degrees offered by Muhlenberg College. The majority of faculty members—around 85%—hold doctorates or other terminal degrees in their areas. 

In addition, the student-to-faculty ratio was 11:1 as of 2018. The College maintains chapters of over 15 national Greek Academic Honor Societies.

Bachelor's degree programs for returning adult students are offered through the School of Continuing Education. Graduate degrees have also been offered since the 2020–21 school year.

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Why Choose Muhlenberg College?

Finding the best fit for you is key to picking the appropriate College. All the criteria for what constitutes a top university are met by Muhlenberg. They include:

  • Outstanding academic programs
  • Dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment
  • Outstanding faculty who are outstanding scholars and mentors
  • Opportunities with real-world impact, like , research, and
  • Significant outcomes for graduates 
  • Vibrant with something for everyone
  • Meaningful community engagement.

Muhlenberg, though, is so much more. The student experience at Muhlenberg is extensive, in-depth, and engaging, from the campus's spirit of collaboration to its distinctive integrative learning requirement.

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What is the Muhlenberg College Acceptance Rate?

Muhlenberg College has a 62 percent acceptance rate. In Pennsylvania, it has the 22nd lowest acceptance rate. 

If you meet the prerequisites, you have a good chance of getting into Muhlenberg College, which has a moderately demanding admissions process. Out of 4,543 candidates, 2,825 were accepted the previous year.

Also, the institution has extremely strict SAT and ACT entrance standards, typically admitting students with scores in the top 24 percent (SAT 1170/1350, ACT 26/31). 

With an average GPA of roughly 3.41 and a “B+” average in high school, Muhlenberg College regularly accepts and draws these students.

The majority of first-year students graduate in the top 25% of their high school class. 18% of students who were accepted opted to enroll in the university.

However, $50 is required for application to Muhlenberg College. To apply to this school, Click Here.

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What is Muhlenberg College Tuition?

The cost of attending College is a challenge for almost everyone. Even yet, it is crucial and indisputable that a college like Muhlenberg has the potential to provide excellent academic and professional opportunities, as well as a fantastic education.

All in-state and out-of-state students at Muhlenberg are covered by a comprehensive fee of $57,270 for the 2022–2023 academic year, except for books and personal expenditures. 

This all-inclusive price is based on our Gold Plan, which is their most popular meal option, plus a regular double room.

However, to apply, visit the Application Portal: Morehouse Application or Common Application.

What is the Muhlenberg College Transfer Acceptance Rate?

One percent of the total student body at Muhlenberg College are transfer students.

Muhlenberg College welcomed 130 transfer students in 2023 and admitted 52 students into the school. 

As a result, Muhlenberg College's transfer admission rate is 40.0 percent. This demonstrates just how challenging it is to enroll in Muhlenberg College.

Additionally, 29 of the 52 transfer students who were approved enrolled, making the yield 55.77 percent.

Forty of one hundred transfer students applying to Muhlenberg College, 40 are accepted.

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What is the Muhlenberg College Acceptance Rate By Major?

Muhlenberg College Acceptance Rate
Muhlenberg College Acceptance Rate

The Muhlenberg College Acceptance rate by major include:

  • Business/Commerce, General- 24%
  • Visual and Performing Arts, General- 20%
  • Biology/Biological Sciences, General- 10%
  • Social Sciences, General- 9%
  • Psychology, General- 8%

Requirements For Muhlenberg College Admission

Muhlenberg College dedicates itself to the principle of high academic standards.

The College chooses students who demonstrate aptitude and academic success, sincerity of purpose, character, and the ability to contribute positively to the College community.

Freshman Applicants

  • Fill out the application completely. Each question requires a thorough response. Submit the form by February 15th.
  • A $45 non-refundable application fee must accompany the application.
  • You must send an authentic transcript of your high school grades, including your ninth-grade assignments. Along with your senior course schedule, class rank, and high school aptitude exam results, the transcript should include this information.
  • After your senior year's first semester (or comparable time), your high school must send your seventh semester (or comparable period) grade report.
  • Muhlenberg needs References from two (2) instructors with whom you have taken classes. (Save the given form.)
  • Muhlenberg does not require your SAT-I or ACT results.
  • Have a personal interview with a member of the admissions department.
  • You can schedule campus tours alone or with the interview.

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Transfer Requirements For Muhlenberg College

The following are Muhlenberg College transfer requirements:

  • Fill out the application completely. Each question requires a thorough response. Fill out the form and submit it by December 10 (Spring) or June 15 (Fall).
  • A $45 non-refundable application fee must accompany the application.
  • It is necessary to provide both an official transcript of your academic work and a letter of honorable dismissal from the dean of students (or another appropriate official) of the institution you are now attending.
  • References from two (2) professors are necessary. (Save the given form.)
  • Send a certified transcript of your high school grades, up to and including the ninth grade. The transcript should also include your high school aptitude test results and final class rank.
  • submit a copy of your score report if you've ever taken the SAT or ACT.
  • Transfer applicants must attend a personal interview with an admissions staff member.

What GPA Do You Need To Get into Muhlenberg College?

Applicants must have high school GPAs above the national average.

3.41 on a 4.0 scale is Muhlenberg College's freshmen GPA.

This shows that most B+ students get accepted and subsequently enroll. 

However, the school's highest average GPA is 62 in Pennsylvania.

Muhlenberg College will accept you if your high school GPA satisfies these standards because Muhlenberg College accepts 62 percent of applicants.

What is The Muhlenberg College Deadline?

The Regular Decision deadline for all applications to Muhlenberg College is February 1.

What Are The Muhlenberg College Decision Dates?

Regular Decisions applicants will receive their admissions decisions online by the middle of March.

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Does Muhlenberg give merit scholarships?

Each incoming class at Muhlenberg College has more than 125 Merit recipients.

Does Muhlenberg meet the full need?

The College may or may not choose to accommodate the student's needs fully.

Does Muhlenberg College have a nursing program?

Yes it does

Is Muhlenberg College a party school?

Undoubtedly, Muhlenberg is not a party school.


In conclusion, Muhlenberg College has a lot to offer to its students. As an aspirant to the school, be you a freshman or transfer aspirant, you should be above the average requirements of the school.

We hope this article answers your questions on the acceptance rates, average GPA, and admission requirements of Muhlenberg College.

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