Owodaily Review 2022: A Detailed Guide on How To Make Money on Owodaily

Welcome back to our amazing website where we give you a detailed guide on how to do anything online and offline. As you have read in the title of this article, we’ll be doing honest owodaily reviews on how it works, and how to make money with the owodaily platform today, i.e. the owodaily earnings.

In this article, we will be talking about OwoDaily. This owodaily review will answer all your questions about owodaily. Questions like owodaily login, is owodaily legit? is owodaily real or a scam? how to get the owodaily app, how about owodaily earnings? how to go about owodaily signup? related sites like owodaily, and our honest owodaily reviews, etc.

What is Owodaily?

OwoDaily is what I call, a micro-tasking platform that helps people make money online and also boost their online business. It is also a Digital & Affiliate Network that offers a world-class marketing and work-from-home infrastructure.

This platform brings so many people together to complete digital jobs, push campaigns, earn cash rewards, engage in the village, and shop on market.

According to them, their goal is to make sure that every day, their users will have the option to work from anywhere and earn a legitimate income on the internet by doing performance and digital jobs or promoting offers as all OwoDaily+ affiliates earn commissions and get cashback+ for successful sales on OwoDaily Marketplace. (REF: Chrunchbase.com)

These micro jobs include things like, subscribing to youtube channels, social media followers, likes and comments, installing an app, writing reviews, etc.

Owodaily Review 2022: A Detailed Guide on How To Make Money on Owodaily 1

Owodaily was founded on July 24, 2020, with the goal that every Nigerian should be able to make money online with digital jobs.

Who is Eligible?

If your country is listed here, then you are eligible to apply and sign up for an account with owodaily. Eligible countries include:

  • United States

  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • South Africa
  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Zambia
  • Uganda
  • Rwanda
  • Cameroon
  • Mauritius
  • Ivory Coast

How To Register On Owodaily

To register on owodaily, watch this video and follow the steps below:

How to Make Money With Owodaily
  • Click HERE to register
  • Fill in your details in the form
  • Select the means of payment you want (cryptocurrency, owodaily gift card, flutterwave)
  • Make payment(N3,000) and click on I’ve made payment (you will be redirected to your dashboard)
Owodaily Review 2022: A Detailed Guide on How To Make Money on Owodaily 2

On the registration page, as you can see above, you’ll need to enter your full details including your bank account. After that, click the terms and conditions to proceed.

An email notification will be sent to your email address after your sign-up. The next thing to do now is to activate your membership account by paying the activation fee of N3,000 or its equivalent in your local currency.

Owodaily Review 2022: A Detailed Guide on How To Make Money on Owodaily 3

To activate your account, you can do this in two ways:

#1: Pay With GiftCard

This will require you to buy a gift card from an OwoDaily partner that will generate a 16-digit code for you upon successful payment. Once you have the code, you can then use it to activate your account and it will be active immediately.

#2: Pay Online

This is the most recommended method as it’s safe and faster, all you have to do is pay with your ATM card online and your account will be activated immediately. Either way, both methods work perfectly fine.

Now, that your account is active you’ll have access to the digital jobs on the platform that you can do and get paid when completed and approved by the platform.

Top 10 Ways To Make Money With Owodaily

  1. Performing tasks: To earn on owodaily, you have to perform small tasks like Twitter-like and retweet, social media followers, install an app, write reviews, answer survey questions, etc.
  2. Direct referral registration commission: Another way to earn is through the registration commission(N1,600) gotten from people you refer to owodaily.
  3. Indirect referral registration commission: You will also earn money(N200) from every person your referrals refer to the platform.
  4. Deposit commission from referrals: If the person you refer works as an advertiser or employer, you earn 3% of his first deposit to owodaily.
  5. Task commission from referrals: You will earn 3% of all the jobs done by your referrals for life.
  6. Viral topic: If your village post goes viral, you will be rewarded with cash prizes as determined by owodaily. Just tweet the post to owodaily on tweeter and you’ll receive your reward.
  7. New post/comment: When your post or comment reaches a total of 350 posts or comments, you graduate from a villager to an Elder. The same happens for graduation from Elder to Chief and from Chief to King. Remember that all these ranks come with cash rewards.
  8. Post share: If you share a post on one social media platform, you earn 5 points. You need to share it on 3 different social medial platforms to get 15 points maximum per post.
  9. Partnership: Partner with owodaily to get an exclusive right to become an owodaily gift card distributor in your area. As a partner, you will be given a discount on the gift card which will make you lots of money.
  10. Brand deals: This is also available for partners only. You will get an exclusive right to all of their brand deals which come with lots of cash as well.

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Types of Services and Jobs on OwoDaily

For those looking to make money directly from Owodaily or those looking to promote their business or buy services.

Below are the lists of jobs and services available on the platform:

New website or App creators can post the job of Web or App reviews on the Google play store on OwoDaily. This means if you have a new App and you want positive reviews and comments for the app on the Google play store for better rankings you can post the job on OwoDaily.

For those that want to make money directly from the platform, for every review and comment, you provide for the app on the Google play store, you’ll get paid accordingly.

Content creators or blog owners who want articles written can also post the job on OwoDaily and have users interested write it for them. Users with a keen interest in article writing can write such an article and get paid for it based on the stipulated price.

  • Facebook Promotion

As a business owner on OwoDaily, you can promote Facebook pages, posts, groups, or any such using the platform. However, you do need to specify the kind of action you want the workers to carry out. This could simply be a; Like, Follow, Share, Comments, Join Groups, etc.

Once this is specified users as “Workers’ ‘ on Owodaily will be the ones to carry out the task and they will be paid according to their actions.

  • Instagram Promotion

Same as Facebook promotion, any small business owner or those looking to grow their business on Instagram could sign up for Owodaily and have them promote their Instagram pages. Simply specify the action you want the workers to carry out be it comments, likes, shares, etc and everything will be done accordingly.

  • Twitter Promotion

Just like the previous two, if you want to grow your Twitter following or create awareness for your business brand on Twitter, Owodaily can easily do that for you. Workers will follow your account, like, and comment based on the action you want them to carry out.

  • YouTube Promotion

As a YouTuber, myself I know the first 48 hours of posting your video on YouTube has a lot to do with how your YouTube video is going to go viral. So if you want to promote your video on YouTube, you can post the job on OwoDaily and have the workers watch, like, share and comment on the video for you.

The more your likes and comments on your YouTube video within the first 48 hours will help boost the “virality” of your content. And as a worker on OwoDaily, you get paid accordingly for every task carried out that is reviewed and approved.

  • Music Promotion

You can also promote sharing and downloading of new music on the platform and the workers will do so across their social media platform.

  • Leads SignUp

For those looking for leads or email sign-up for their business, they can also post the job on OwoDaily and have the workers do so for them.

These are jobs where workers/users of OwoDaily have to answer a questionnaire about a certain topic. By doing this, the owner of the survey will get their data and you who carried out the work will get paid for it.

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How To Carry Out Task On OwoDaily

Signing up as a Digital Worker means you earn when other member post jobs and selects your target location. These jobs are usually posted on a daily basis on the network and should be carried out as instructed so it’s approved and you receive your job commission.

The job poster has a maximum of 5 days to check your submission and approve it, if not it will be automatically approved. Please make sure you successfully complete the job and follow instructions so as to build your worker rank on OwoDaily.

Upon login into your account, you’ll have access to tabs that can help you find your way around the platform. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Find Jobs
  • Finish Jobs
  • My Jobs

#1 Find Jobs

Under this section, you’ll have access to the available jobs on the platform that you can do.

Owodaily Review 2022: A Detailed Guide on How To Make Money on Owodaily 4

You’ll also see the progress of the job, that is, the total number of users that have applied for the job already. All of the jobs have been pre-approved already, just simply click the “Apply Button” to apply for the job.

The next page will bring out the necessary information about the job and the proof that needs to be submitted after you’ve finished the job.

Owodaily Review 2022: A Detailed Guide on How To Make Money on Owodaily 5

Once you’ve finished the job simply enter the required information as proof of job done. This could be the name of the account you used or a screenshot.

#2: Finished Jobs

In this section, you’ll see the jobs you’ve done that are approved and yet to be approved. You’ll also see the rejected jobs as well.

Owodaily Review 2022: A Detailed Guide on How To Make Money on Owodaily 6

#3: My Jobs

This section is for business users or advertisers that want to use OwoDaily to promote their business. From this section, you’ll see the progress on the jobs you’ve posted on the platform and how well the job is progressing.

Owodaily App

Owodaily launched its app and was available on the google play store for some time; but recently, it’s no longer on the google play store. Hopefully, they will relaunch it and make it available again. The below image is what the app looks like when it was available on the google play store:

Owodaily Review 2022: A Detailed Guide on How To Make Money on Owodaily 7

Remember to register here first.

Frequently Asked Questions

(Owodaily Reviews) How Do I Get Started?

First, you will need to know what you, What do you intend to use OwoDaily for after signing up as there are different account types.
You can use OwoDaily as a Digital Worker, Social Media Manager, Digital Marketer, Network Marketer, Affiliate Marketer (OwoDaily+ Only), or Seller On Marketplace.

To get started simply click on the “Become A Member” button at the end of the menu, Submit correctly your personal information in other to get paid once the threshold is reached.

A membership fee of ₦3,000 is a one-time (lifetime) membership fee, while OwoDaily+ is an annual subscription of ₦10,000. If you are a new member and wish to sign up for OwoDaily+ you will be charged both membership and OwoDaily+ annual subscription which is ₦13,000.

How Do I Use Owodaily to Make Money?

There are a lot of ways to earn using our network OwoDaily, The most popular methods members are using to make money using the network are using OwoDaily Network as Social Media Managers, Digital/Online Music Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Network Marketers, and Digital Workers.

Using Owodaily as a Member/Digital Worker

Signing up as a Digital Worker means you earn when other member post jobs and selects your target location. These jobs are usually posted on a daily basis on the network and should be carried out as instructed so it’s approved and you receive your job commission.

The job poster has a maximum of 5 days to check your submission and approve it, if not it will be automatically approved. Please make sure you successfully complete the job and follow instructions so as to build your worker rank on OwoDaily.

Using Owodaily as a Social Media Manager

Members who are social media managers use OwoDaily to promote their clients’ campaigns and boost their engagement on social media.
Without needing to worry about boosting posts anymore this has become a game-changer because all you need to do now is get as many clients as possible and get paid by businesses, influencers, artists, etc on a monthly basis.

For example, you can make your clients for every post have over 100, 200, 500, or 1000 engagements on their post making them appear like a superstar and charging them a good fee. A lot of members have found massive success doing this, that’s why it’s the most jobs found on the network.

Using Owodaily as a Digital Marketer

Digital Markers/Freelancers use OwoDaily as a tool to earn more. Similar to what social media managers do but take it to the next level.

You can create business promotional campaigns and hire digital workers on OwoDaily to promote it on all social media platforms or help music artists get sales to their songs creatively, promote business offers, and get people sharing and tweeting to start a trend. The potential is limitless.

Using Owodaily as a Network Marketer

All Active Members on owodaily can earn an inviting bonus when they choose to recommend OwoDaily to individuals interested in working from home or online marketing.
You earn ₦3,000/OwoDaily+ Invite, ₦1,600/Membership & ₦200/Downline, you also earn 3% when the business you invite deposits money to hire workers or the workers you invited complete their jobs successfully.

Please note all membership plans are non-refundable and endeavor to put an earnings disclaimer when making income claims about OwoDaily.

Using Owodaily as an Affiliate Marketer

When you sign up for OwoDaily+, It means you have signed up to become an affiliate marketer for products, services, and offers listed on the OwoDaily Marketplace.

You can promote both physical and digital products and earn a commission when you make a successful sale. You also get a personal account manager to assist you with any query and to help you get the best promotional methods for your campaigns.

If you don’t have experience in affiliate marketing please endeavor to check our academy or public discussions on affiliate marketing in the village.

Using Owodaily as a Seller

As Vendor/Seller you can offer your products directly to customers via the Marketplace, receive orders via email, and have our affiliates promote products or services for a commission. Kindly Visit Sell on OwoDaily to get More About information about selling on our Marketplace

What is the difference between Owodaily Membership & Owodaily+

For OwoDaily Membership You get lifetime access to earn on the OwoDaily Network. This is limited to completing digital jobs shared within the network by active members and the network cash bonus you get when you invite new members/affiliates on OwoDaily+.

While if you decide to sign up for OwoDaily+ You get everything a member has, and access to promote any available offers on our Marketplace, where you earn the listed commission for that offer once a sale is delivered successfully by the seller.

OwoDaily+ affiliates also get cashback for personal purchases. This means when an OwoDaily+ Member makes a personal purchase for themselves from our marketplace, they earn get cashback into their account.

OwoDaily Membership is ₦3,000, While OwoDaily+ is an annual subscription of ₦10,000. (OwoDaily+ is available to only OwoDaily Members, so new users’ first subscription is ₦13,000)

How To Upload Screenshots When Submitting A Job

Please check this tutorial on how to upload screenshots CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW TO UPLOAD SCREENSHOTS FOR A JOB

How long before Job Submission as a Digital Worker is Approved?

When you apply for a Job on the network, you complete it successfully and submit the requested proof to the Job Poster.
If the Job was set to be approved personally by the Job Poster. He/She has a maximum of 5 days to check your submission and approve if successfully done. If the Job is set to be checked and approved by OwoDaily. This takes less than 48 hours.

If the Job poster does not check and give his/her final take before the end of the 5th day. The Job submission is automatically approved and the payout is automatically added to your account balance. If the submission is checked and submissions were false or incorrect, this will affect your account quality with a negative review count.


Deposit is immediate either using your Bank Card or an OwoDaily gift card. The deposited funds are made available to your account immediately. There is a 1.4% Deposit fee for local cards and a 3.8% Deposit fee for international transactions.

Withdrawals (Owodaily Earnings)

All Member Withdrawals are processed on a Net-7 Basis (Every Friday). Payments are sent when a member submits a withdrawal request after reaching the minimum payout amount, to the bank account details submitted during member registration.

Who can post Jobs on Owodaily?

All Jobs found on OwoDaily are shared by active members of the network. Jobs are usually shared by Individuals and Businesses in Marketing for other members to carry out.

Does Owodaily Create Jobs?

OwoDaily does not create jobs on its own but instead, as a network operating platform whereby digital jobs are by Members/Marketers/Freelancers on a daily basis for available workers to complete and earn from the Jobs as this is how digital workers earn. 
If a job poster posts a job and targets your location, you will have access to apply and complete the job.

Are Jobs Posted Daily?

Yes, Jobs are posted by active members on OwoDaily every day.

Job Fees & How much you get charged

There is a ₦200 Approval fee & Satisfaction fee for every job posted on OwoDaily. Employers pay only for tasks they are satisfied with.

OwoDaily does not charge any money of fees for tasks that did not meet requirements set by Employers. Employers have a chance to rate every submitted task.

You can choose to Hire OwoDaily to check and confirm your job submissions for you for extra charges; If you wish to check and approve jobs yourself, there would be no extra charge.

Acceptable Jobs

They do accept jobs that help Employers promote their business (website, apps,…) or help them do something they cannot do by themselves; where they need more people and/or their knowledge to achieve set goals.

It is acceptable to ask Workers to Sign up to a website, Write an article, Do research, Search online, Blog about products, Place banners or links on their website, Upload or Download videos or pictures, and Subscribe to a newsletter, Vote online, etc.

Non-Acceptable Jobs

They do not accept any job that could harm a third party. No spam or scam jobs will be approved. It is not acceptable to ask Workers to Use a credit card or disclose their credit card information, Provide bank account details, Spam or harm a website, Use any form of payment to finish a task, Exchange money between payment systems, Create fake reviews, Give negative rating or negative feedback, Sign up to website requiring activation or membership fee, Sign up for a free trial or similar offers that might risk payment charges after the free trial expires, Perform more than 3 connected tasks in a single Campaign, Asking for proofs to be emailed (all proofs must be places in proof box), etc.

How Much You Earn Per Referral

You earn a referral bonus of ₦3,000 when you refer a new member to OwoDaily+, or ₦1,600 when you refer a new member, and ₦200 when your referrals refer new active members.

You also earn a 3% Bonus on your referral first deposit and a 3% commission when the workers you refer carry out our jobs successfully.

Scamming, Spamming, and Misleading Members (Owodaily Legit)

They are actually working extra hard to make the platform more reliable and useful to both Members, Marketers, Vendors, and Customers. Therefore we do not tolerate any illegal activities, scams, spam, or trying to mislead other members to gain an advantage, get free work, or ask others to perform actions that are not legal.

They do monitor many things in the backend and as soon as we notice strange behavior, we put such accounts on hold and contact the owner. In cases where we are 100%, a user has tried to perform an illegal activity, we will immediately terminate such an account.

Getting Started With Owodaily+

OwoDaily+ is available to Members only; Therefore to get started on OwoDaily+ you will need to first become a member, only then can you subscribe to OwoDaily+ and get full access to dashboard tools to earn commission from every sale.

Click Here to Get Started

How To Partner With Owodaily

OwoDaily Partners can re-sell OwoDaily gift cards at a regular rate in their approved business area in the approved period. Partners earn on every gift card sold by them.

What is Village?

The village is our online social community where members can interact and discuss freely a wide range of topics. You can follow your favorite members to keep up to date on what they are sharing and engage with them on topics you are interested in.

How To Use Village

To post a topic on Village, you will have to reply to a total of 5 existing topics, which will unlock your account from new member to villager. When this is done simply enter your room of choice to start a new topic.

Topic found to be of ill intent, porn, insults or scam/spam, drug-related, or defamation to any business/individual or public figure will be removed and can lead to suspension of the topic creator.

Using Marketplace

Here you can Access Products/Services directly from Verified Vendors across Nigeria. All items listed on the Marketplace are of the very best deals + you. Get cash-back if you are on OwoDaily+

Owodaily Member Benefit Program

The Owodaily member benefits program offers members access to receive rewards when patronizing businesses partnering with OwoDaily. Similar to cashback, Offline businesses can reward members with gift cards for purchasing products/services.

OwoDaily Review Conclusion

If you have the time and you’re willing to spare your N3,000 then you can give it a trial. I signed up and carried out some tasks on the platform and it paid me. So I can say yes, this platform is legit and you can actually make money with it.

So if there’s enough time to spare why not signup and try it out for yourself?

As usual, what do you think about the platform? Is it working for you or you’re yet to get started?

Now, Over to you. Let me know what you think in the comment section. Also, Try and Share this Post with at least one person today!

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  1. Thanks so much for this information, I just signed up and and have activated my account.

    Please can you explain the “Win A Car Contest”?
    I want to understand how it works.

    Thank you

    1. The “Win A Car” contest is mainly for Owodaily+ members. You will need to upgrade your account to the owodaily+ plan to participate; once you complete the milestone for the car, you will automatically win a brand new car.

  2. When can I withdraw my earnings?
    I signed up and I’ve already made some money 😋😋😋

    It’s sweeting me 🥰

    1. Withdrawals are made every weekend; from Friday to Sunday. Your Payment will be processed into the account you used while registering.

  3. Thanks so much for these great information. At least this will help people who registered but doesn’t know how to make money on the website.

  4. Wow this is really wonderful, thanks it’s really inspirational 🔥🔥

  5. Thank you so much for this information,I have signed up on this wonderful platform already ,I’m enjoying it so much

  6. What do I win on owodaily milestone, and is it only on Owodaily + that I can win a car

    1. Yes, dear, it is only owodaily+ users that can win the car.
      Instruction is right there on your dashboard, once completed, you win your car

  7. Thanks alot for this information and review,I completed the registration last week and I have make alot of money by performing some simple task.

    1. Sure thing dear, just keep working and accumulate your earnings. Once it’s up to 5k, request for withdrawal and you will be paid instantly every weekend.

  8. Thanks for this wonderful information, I have signed up already and I am looking forward to withdrawing my earnings soon

  9. Owodaily is a rare gem to making money online

    At first I thought it was a lie until I tried it out.

  10. Owodaily is one of the best paying platform i really love it and i just made my third withdrawl

  11. Owodaily is a legit site. 7 days a week; win as much as you can. Withdrawals are made every Friday.

  12. Thank u for the information , I just signed up and still confuse on how to use the village

    1. To start using the village, first, you will have to follow at least two posts on the village and comment on each post.
      Doing this will unlock your access to post a topic.

      I have updated the post right now to explain this in detail.
      So, read this post again and see how to make it work for you…

  13. Wow beautiful blog . Very good, they are things which I don’t know before about the website, wow this is great

  14. The write up is very educative and purposeful, I just signed up to the platform and i have submitted some jobs and they are still pending, so i will have to wait.

    1. Thank you, Kelvin,
      The submitted jobs will be reviewed and approved by the publisher of the job and you will be paid once approved.

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