Most Expensive Games On Steam
Most Expensive Games On Steam

Playing games is a lot of fun. However, when you find an environment where you can create, play, and discuss games, you know you have something outstanding in your hands.

According to Yahoo, the global gaming market was valued at USD 173.7 billion in 2020, and it is expected to reach a value of USD 314.4 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 9.64% over 2021-2026.

Steam is a platform that has achieved so much in the gaming industry. They have a lot of games some of which have gained massive attraction from gamers all over the world. This article will explore the that you can choose to explore. 

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What is Steam?

Steam is a game developer's online store where you can buy, play, create, and discuss PC games. Thousands of games (as well as downloadable content, or DLC, and user-generated features known as “mods”) from large and independent game developers are available on the platform.

What or Prime Video is to television, Steam is to gaming. Steam, like other content-streaming platforms, has a lot of content, but the quality varies greatly, and not all of it is appropriate for children.

While it includes many wonderful, family-friendly games like Rocket League and Sid Meier's Civilization VI, it also contains games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Grand Theft Auto V where the major lure is violent violence or explicit sex.

How Does Steam Work?

Steam is a gaming library that is accessible via the Internet. One of its most popular features is the ability for users to play games purchased/downloaded to their Steam accounts on any computer.

Users can also save a huge number of games without consuming too much computer RAM. You must first download and install the Steam “engine” or program on your computer to use Steam.

After that, you'll be able to access the entire library of games, applications, and forums.

Thousands of games are available on Steam right now, ranging from simple arcade-style games (Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+) to simulations (Football Manager 2020) to AAA behemoths (Monster Hunter World). 

Of course, because Steam is a Valve product, it has exclusive titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Portal, and the recently released Half-Life: Alyx.

Because Valve makes one of the best virtual reality headsets on the market, you'll find lots of virtual reality experiences on Steam.

It features a wide range of products that none of its competitors can match.

Even companies like EA and Microsoft, which have their own digital game storefronts, now offer titles on Steam.

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Does Steam cost money?

Although Steam is free to download and use, many of the titles available are not. Some games are free to play or cost as little as $1, but new releases from the industry's biggest and best producers can cost up to $60–70 per.

Savvy players can save a lot of money by waiting for one of Steam's many sales. Remember that games purchased from the Steam shop can only be played on the Steam network.

Can You Own Games on Steam?

According to the terms of the agreement you sign every time you buy a game on Steam, “The Content and Services are not sold but rather licensed.

Your license does not grant you ownership or title to the Content or Services.” You are purchasing a license to utilize the games, not the games themselves.

It's still possible that Valve will provide a patch that allows games to operate without Steam if the massive shop goes bankrupt, although this is likely to be limited to its titles.

Half-Life 2 would be playable, but Dark Souls 3 might not. It ultimately boils down to a single issue: license.

Square Enix, for example, is unlikely to agree to the DRM being removed from a game like Final Fantasy XV (or whatever the most recent one is when this theoretical Steam shutdown would happen.)

In any case, we haven't seen somebody walking down the street with a binder full of PC games on CD-ROM in a long time, and we don't think it'll ever be fashionable again. Who knows, though. The tape has reappeared.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Games On Steam

Most Expensive Games On Steam
Most Expensive Games On Steam

#1. VR-CPR – $119.99

The visuals in VR-CPR are rather good, however, whether many would-be first responders are ready to heed medical advice from a game developed and released by Studio Evil remains to be seen.

Even if users can see past the unappealing name, the $120 price tag will almost certainly be a deterrent.

VR-CPR has only one Steam review as of this writing, in which the author wonders whether the game follows the most recent AHA CPR recommendations.

Several of the directions in the title, they claim, haven't been included in stated guidelines since before 2010, which likely influenced their choice to ask Steam for a refund.

This game is great and takes a place in this list of most expensive games on Steam.

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#2. 1000 Stages: Adventure!!! ($149.99)

1000 Stages: Adventure!!! is a 2D walking simulator that appears more like an Atari 2600 game than one of Steam's most costly titles, with over 1,000 floating platforms and three exclamation marks.

It will cost $149.99, though the developer has stated that free keys will be provided to people with a monthly income of less than $800.

Surprisingly, the game hasn't always been so expensive, with one reviewer disclosing that they bought it for 10 English pounds in mid-2018.

They thought it was a waste of money even at that price, however, the developer did respond almost three years later to wish them a happy new year, which no doubt helped to lighten the blow.

There are two positive reviews, although neither of the people who left them played the game for more than 30 minutes.

#3. Leaping Platform: Adventure!!! – $149.99

The original title of this game is 飞跃跳台: 冒险!!!, but that roughly translates to Leaping Platform: Adventure!!!.

According to the developer, this game was inspired by the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, an award-winning action movie directed by Ang Lee.

Strangely, the developer warns users not to expect action-packed adventure despite the game's inspiration. Instead, users should expect a simple “walking simulator.”

With a price of nearly 150 dollars, this game has received mixed reviews, including one that simply says, “This game makes me want to die.” Another adds, “I do not understand why this game exists.”

This game is great and takes a place in this list of most expensive games on Steam.

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#4. Virtual Orator ($199.99)

Virtual Orator's concept is simple: create a virtual reality experience that helps people overcome their fear of public speaking.

If the two evaluations are any indication, Virtual Human Technologies did an excellent job with the execution, with both expressing that they would suggest the game to others.

The game has a variety of settings, including the ability to change the size of the crowd and their general behavior.

Players can also import and rehearse with their own notes, making it an excellent tool for practicing speeches and presentations as well as conquering glossophobia.

Only those with an extremely severe fear of public speaking are likely to bite at $200. This game is great and takes a place in this list of most expensive games on Steam.

#5. CrisisActionVR ($199.99)

Unlike many of the other overpriced Steam games, CrisisActionVR appears to be a legitimate game. It's not quite cutting-edge, but its aesthetics are on par with some of the double-A games that have been released for the PS4 and Xbox One in the recent decade.

Players will, however, anticipate a little more than gorgeous graphics for $199.99.

The game is a VR-enabled co-op first-person shooter that includes a fully fleshed-out plot and several maps. On paper, everything appears to be in order, but user feedback is divided, with some criticizing the game's poor controls, lousy animation, and low value for money.

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#6. Safety Education – $199.99

Colyu, a Japanese studio, has released two games on Steam, both of which cost $199.99. The first is Safety Education, a virtual reality disaster simulator that teaches gamers flee danger in the event of an earthquake or flood.

It's quite basic and only available in Japanese, but the absence of user ratings implies that even Japanese gamers are turned off by the price.

COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention, the developer's second game, has no user reviews and no English language support. It does, however, have a flying blue cat who acts as a type of interactive guide.

The images, like Safety Education, are really simple, and while the information supplied may be important, it can usually be found elsewhere. This game is great and takes a place in this list of most expensive games on Steam.

#7. Super Fight – $199.99

This game doesn't seem to be popular – and it's not hard to guess why. With a price tag of nearly $200, this simulation includes just one level and is very simple to use (one reviewer stated that the background was merely a JPG image).

Nevertheless, the description of the game might entice some… maybe. According to the developer, Super Fight is a “retro style game” where users can “use fist and leg attack.”

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#8. Fight – $199.99

Despite claims to the contrary, The Battle is a first-person shooter produced and self-published by the Chinese business Rongyou.

It's the developer's lone game on Steam at the moment, and it's been accessible since June 2021. It doesn't appear to have sold well, possibly due to its outrageous cost.

There are currently no reviews for the game, though it has been sarcastically labeled as an eSports title by multiple Steam users.

The game does, however, support PvP fighting and even allows players to join lobbies with their friends. However, the visuals are disappointing, especially for a game that requires a 1050ti and recommended 2080 and 16 gigabytes of RAM.

#9. VRemedies: Radiotherapy Procedure Experience – $199.99

Another VR simulator is coming up soon. Users can now participate in non-invasive hospital procedures including CT scans and radiation.

According to a video created by StaplesVR, the firm behind VRemedies, the simulator was created so that patients can get a sense of what they'll be going through before undergoing an operation.

This pricey simulator, which costs $199.99, includes robot tour guides who guide participants through the simulated hospital and through their scheduled appointments.

The simulator will also assist users in their preparation by allowing them to lie down and observe medical equipment from a first-person perspective.

This game is great and takes a place in this list of most expensive games on Steam.

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#10. The Ascent: Free-Roaming VR Experience – $999

This game is by far the most costly title available on Steam, costing $999. To be clear, this is not the same game as Neon Giant's popular game of the same name.

Fury Game's virtual reality experience.

So, what do Fury Games users get? According to the reviews, players will receive a “not bad” game. Yeah, it's not looking good.

The Ascent is still described by Fury Games as a “free-roaming” and “very immersive” VR experience that works with haptic suits, motion floors, and climate controls that imitate the game's VR environment.

Surprisingly, the developers don't say anything about the game or which VR headsets are compatible with the simulation. Instead, they simply state that “the FuriCorp research will be cleared.”

Strangely, Fury Games warns Steam commercial users based in the U.K. and Ireland not to purchase this game via Steam. Instead, people in those regions are asked to go to the company's website for an unknown reason.

This game is great and takes a place in this list of most expensive games on Steam.

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FAQs on the Most Expensive Games On Steam

What are the 5 most expensive games in Steam?

The 5 Most Expensive Games On Steam (& How Much They Cost)
1 Ascent Free-Roaming VR Experience ($999.00)
2 CrisisActionVR ($199.99)
3 Super Fight ($199.99)
4 Derelict ($199.99)
5 Happy Chick ($199.99)

What is the most expensive PC game to buy in 2023?

The record for the most expensive game ever sold is a sealed edition of Super Mario Bros. that was auctioned for $2 million.


Steam is changing the face of the gaming industry. Through its platform, it has made collaboration easier for gamers and people interested in building games.

Although many gamers are not comfortable that they cannot outrightly buy games on Steam, this doesn't stop them from interacting with the platform.

I believe this article was helpful to you and that you enjoyed every bit of it. Please feel free to leave us a comment below if you have any. 

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