YouTube Channels For Teachers
YouTube Channels For Teachers

What are the best ? As a teacher looking for resources to prepare notes, improve your teaching skills, or the topics lively for your students, you no longer have to rely solely on library materials.

Do you know why? This is because there are other ways to get resources, especially online. Now, channels for teachers are one of the digital platforms that have made your teaching job easier and simpler.

With the right click, you can get unlimited resources to share with your students in school.

YouTube has become the most popular video streaming platform with different content, and it does not leave education out. You can find videos on science topics, rhymes, nature, arts, and more here.

You don't have to feel bad using a YouTube channel to teach, if it's going to pass the message across and make the class more engaging then there's nothing to worry about.

Besides, most Gen Zs are visual learners, so using a YouTube video to illustrate some topics will save you more time and keep the students engaged.

The internet has also made digital learning possible, which means teaching is no longer limited to using textbooks alone. Moreover, you can use many friendly applications to make teaching interesting and easier.

To make teaching easier and more enjoyable for you, we'll be looking at some important YouTube channels for teachers.

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10 Important YouTube Channels For Teachers

Since we all know that there are a lot of educational resources on YouTube which could make it hard to select from, we'll assist you by listing the most important YouTube channels for teachers.

#1. Crash Course

Subscribers: 13.5M

Views: Over 1 Billion

Videos: 1.4K

Crash Course YouTube channel is an online educational platform that provides detailed knowledge on various courses.

Established and managed by brothers John and Hank Green, the educational YouTube channel has high-quality videos on different topics.

John is a well-known author of children's books, while Hank is getting a lot of attention for his entertaining videos on .

Crash Course is your best choice if you're looking for resources to use in preparation for your next class or as a backup.

You can find well-researched topics on this YouTube channel. Moreover, it is not only one of the best YouTube channels for teachers but also for anyone interested in getting more knowledge on various topics.

Search for any topic you want to teach in your next class here; however, you should also know that one outstanding feature of this channel is the fact that it uses interesting animations to help visual learners.

You can find courses such as biology, computer, math, politics, computer science, physics, philosophy, anatomy, government, economics, USA history, and more.

Crash Course

#2. Khan Academy

Subscribers: 7.31M

Views: Over 1 Billion

Videos: 8.2K

Khan Academy is a not-for-profit organization established by Sal Khan in 2008 with the sole purpose of educating students through online materials.

Sal Khan the founder of the academy is not just an American educated but also the owner of Khan Lab School, a brick-and-mortar private school in Mountain View, California.

This is one of the greatest YouTube channels for teachers, here you can find short videos on different topics to share in class.

The academy provides top-notch videos in complex courses like math, chemistry, physics, economics, biology, and more.

Moreover, you can use these videos to back up your explanations in class since most people today are visual learners, for instance, you can find videos on different math topics like algebra, statistics, and so on.

Find various practice exercises and resources to keep your students busy at school or as assignments.

Khan Academy

#3. Ted-Ed

Subscribers: 17M

Views: Over 3 Billion

Videos: 1.9K

Ted-Ed is an online platform that serves as a lesson creator. As a teacher, you can structure an assessment around a video and examine students' engagement with the resources.

One reason why this YouTube channel is just right for you is that there are a lot of things you can do with it.

You can find high-quality topics to spark your students' interest, create customized lessons, and motivate your students to share their big ideas. You can use it to develop your skills as well by engaging in online professional development.

This is also a great way to improve your students' engagement in a class by assigning them YouTube videos and asking them what they learned from them.

If you create customized lessons here, you'll get notified when students complete the lessons, you can also review the summary of the results. However, you and your students will need to open a Ted-Ed account to maximize these benefits.

Ted-Ed has great educators on the platform committed to producing world-class educational videos to make learning fun and exciting.

Ted Ed

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#4. Teachers Channel

Subscribers: 67.8K

Views: 700k

Videos: 1

Teaching Channel is a multi-platform service, that provides professional development videos for teachers virtually.

The YouTube channel was specially created for teachers. Its essence is to help you access high-quality videos for educating, engaging, and inspiring your students.

Moreover, you'll find various educational videos, tips, and tricks for introducing YouTube into your classroom activities.

YouTube teachers channel is one of YouTube's educational platforms for streaming educational content.

As one of the best YouTube channels for teachers, it might not have a direct impact on your students, however, its sole purpose is to sharpen your skills as an educator which would let you deliver expertly in class.

Here you can connect, learn, and get inspiration from other teachers to improve your students' outcomes.

This platform aims to develop your teaching skills, celebrate your skills, and also improve opportunities for teacher learning.

One cool feature of this platform is that the videos cover various subjects and topics for teachers at all grade levels.

Teaching Channel

#5. Google For Education

Subscribers: 451k

Views: Over 140 Million

Videos: 1.1k

is one of the biggest famous tech giants in the world with lots of products like Chrome, Meet, Suite, and more.

Google For Education is one measure put in place to assist teachers and students improve their learning through the use of this software.

What they do is make videos on use various Google products, moreover, they also explain the benefits of these products to the educational sector.

Though they upload videos to broaden your knowledge of the best Google products, they also hold curated sets of training that is not only beneficial to you but also to your students.

As one of the best YouTube channels for teachers, you'll find it handy to learn about various Google products.

Enhance your teaching skills by taking advantage of these products for a face to face, blended, or remote teaching.

Google For Education

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#6. AsapScience

Subscribers: 10.2M

Views: Over 1 Billion

Videos: 428

AsapScience was established in May 2012 by Canadian YouTubers Michelle Moffit and Gregory Brown. The channel produces weekly videos that feature every part of science.

They also have another channel that provides videos on various topics not restricted to science alone.

The sim of the channel is to use videos on hand-drawn images to get students interested in learning science in a few minutes.

With the catchy phrase “Making Science Make Sense” they make science fun by using engaging videos with real-life examples.

If you're looking for how to make science class more engaging and interesting for your students, then AsapScience is the best YouTube channel for teachers, especially science teachers.

Videos on every topic include pictures to enhance understanding as the explanation is going on.


#7. Edutopia

Subscribers: 193K

Views: 43M

Videos: 800

Edutopia started in 2007 as a YouTube channel that updates teachers and students on current educational practices for k-12 students.

The virtual community for educators is one of the best YouTube channels for teachers that offers a variety of videos that helps you develop your teaching skills.

Videos on the platform feature classrooms, educators, and institutions that have achieved success through the best educational practices.

Here you can learn about various test practices that educate students on various topics and grade levels.

Aside from that, you can also get resources that would help you learn how to support children's social-emotional learning and handle academic, racial, and economic challenges.


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#8. Be Smart

Subscribers: 4.57M

Views: 437M

Videos: 351

Be Smart is created and hosted by Joe Hanson, Ph.D., to give deep answers to simple questions about science and the universe.

These YouTube channels for teachers cannot be complete without mentioning Be Smart.

Be Smart uses engaging imagery and animation to capture the students' attention on various topics.

It explores various aspects of science however it focuses more on abstract topics like “What is Impossible In Evolution”.

You can use videos from this channel to get your students interested in science especially when you're introducing the topics.

Be Smart

#9. Vsauce

Subscribers: 17.8M

Views: Over 2 Billion

Videos: 390

Vsauce is also one of the great YouTube channels for teachers that famous American celebrity educator Michael owns.

Michael David Stevens is not only an educator but also an entertainer, public speaker, and editor.

The YouTube channel was initially used to upload video game content, however, after his education series DOT popular in 2016, videos around general topics covering science, philosophy, culture, and illusion brought fought Vsauce.

You can find various videos featuring topics like science, philosophy, games, math, psychology, tech, pop culture, and other general topics.

With Vsauce, you can get your students interested in whatever general topic you teach them anytime.

Vsauce won the Steamy Award for Best Science and Education Channel in 2014 and 2015.


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#10Alice Keeler

Subscribers: 23.5K

Views: Over 6 Million

Videos: 1.7K

Are you looking for YouTube channels for teachers to teach you how to use today's tools? Then Alice Keeler is your best bet.

Alice Keeler launched the YouTube channel to help educators learn how to use the latest tech tools to build better relationships with their students and improve instructions.

Alice Keeler the founder and host of the channel is a Google Certified Innovator, Microsoft Innovative Innovator, and New Media Consortium K12 Ambassador. Moreover, she's also the owner of CoffeeEdu.

She believes that with the right tech tools, you can develop and improve your students' learning through interactions, increased relevance, better feedback, and a well-organized student-centered classroom.

You can find and watch new videos on the channel every two weeks, with this you'll be able to produce world-class students.

Alice Keeler

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What are the best YouTube channels for teachers?

There are lots of great YouTube channels for teachers, it all comes down to what you're looking for. It depends on where you're looking for YouTube videos to illustrate your topics or YouTube channels to enhance your tech skills.

Is there a YouTube channel for teachers?

Yes there are, if you're an educator or teacher, you can register on these YouTube channels, or

Can I start my own YouTube channel?

Yes, if you're interested in starting your own YouTube channel, you have to find interesting topics or topics students find hard to understand and take it up from there.

Who are the most popular educators on YouTube?

There are lots of popular educators on YouTube but you can check out Alice Keeler, Michael David Stevens, Michelle Ferre, and Elizabeth Coller.

How much do educators on YouTube get?

The amount depends on the type of educational content you put out and the number of engagements it gets, YouTube is still going to take a cut from the money, so it varies.


Now you know what the best YouTube channels for teachers are. Explore them, select the one you prefer and enjoy your profession like never before.

These YouTube channels will not only build your tech skills or knowledge but that of the students as well. It would also get them more engaged in classroom activities.

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