YouTube Channels for Photography
YouTube Channels for Photography

What are the best Channels for Photography? Learning photography takes time, and it will be even more pleasurable if you can do so at your own pace.

These are the kinds of circumstances where YouTube is useful.

Many channels on the internet are devoted to this subject, and many appeal to individuals new to the trade by dissecting the various facets of photography into short, simple video clips.

We have put together this list of the 10 best to save you time because there are so many internet resources available.

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10 Best YouTube Channels For Photography

YouTube Channels for Photography
YouTube Channels for Photography

#1. DigitalRev TV

Subscribers: 1.89 million

Views: 439,714,812 

One of the fascinating YouTube channels for photography was started by Chiara Ye, who frequently gives knowledge on the top cameras and other equipment on DigitalRev TV.

You can uncover numerous reviews on his channel and discover the outcomes you can expect from employing products from your preferred camera company.

For amateur photographers, this YouTube channel will be extremely helpful. If you're on a low budget, read Chiara's reviews of inexpensive cameras before choosing a model.

Additionally, you will find a lot of advice here that will assist you in putting different creative photography concepts into practice. For instance, you can watch videos to learn take pictures of people in the nude or levitating.

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#2. Jared Polin

Subscribers: 1.38 million

Views: 242,995,119

Photographer Jared Polin has a lot of professional experience. He started his channel to aid novices in learning more about various types of photography equipment, such as cameras, lenses, and flashes, just like many other photographers on this list of YouTube channels.

After watching his tutorials, you will learn more about numerous image formats and their primary distinctions.

The author of this channel frequently posts brief videos where she offers advice on how to plan a picture shoot. Jared Polin can help you learn more about taking pictures and even how to launch a photography business. He will also show you how to monetize your photo material.

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#3. Peter McKinnon

Subscribers: 5.75 million

Peter McKinnon's video blog extensively covers these subjects because he has a passion for photography and film.

You may find many educational reviews on this channel that will show you how to change the settings on your camera and other equipment to suit your needs.

He frequently evaluates new cameras, lenses, and other gadgets to assist photographers in making the finest equipment choices.

Peter offers helpful tips on how to your images and more intriguing. Peter also writes tutorials to teach you how to use Photoshop, After Effects, and Lightroom picture editing programs. He also discusses the fundamentals of mobile photography in his videos.

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#4. Phlearn

Subscribers: 2.08 million

Views: 136,310,942

The creator of the particular channel on this list of YouTube channels for photography wanted to teach his viewers how to utilize Photoshop. He frequently posts instructive lessons on subjects about photography and image editing programs.

Additionally, he posts lengthy films detailing the process of creating his most well-known masterpieces.

Its instructive course, 30 Days of Photoshop, where the author demonstrates all the tips and techniques you need to know to master Photoshop and advance your talents, makes it one of the top YouTube channels for photography.

He offers composition advice for photographers that you may utilize to learn new skills.

You may find thorough Photoshop tutorials on this channel that will teach you how to use particular effects and help you grasp the software's features.

This article will teach you how to adjust the background color in a portrait shot using Photoshop. The author also covers installing Photoshop brushes, using presets to enhance photographs, and masking in Photoshop.

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#5. Adorama

Subscribers: 1.16 million

Views: 177,200,963

Adorama is a fantastic channel with photography, video, and audio information. It was developed by a group of more than a dozen experts who offer their advice to both amateur and seasoned photographers.

If you're looking for knowledge on studio lighting setups, travel-friendly small cameras, video and audio equipment, Photoshop techniques, and interviews, add this channel to your list of YouTube channels for photography to watch.

The channel is frequently updated with new movies covering a variety of fascinating subjects, including the future of photography.

Watch the videos in the Master Your Craft category if you wish to develop your abilities. The channel's creators explain the techniques behind high-quality wedding, maternity, and fashion photography and show viewers how to shoot portraits that appear as if an expert took them.

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#6. Mango Street

Subscribers: 1.06 million

Views: 54,527,427 

For photographers looking for inspiration, this interesting photography channel is the ideal resource. Its information can help you develop your distinctive style, master the fundamentals of post-processing, and pick up new creative skills.

If you want to watch videos that will assist you in overcoming challenges you might encounter at the start of your profession, add this channel to your recommended YouTube channels for photography.

For instance, you'll discover more about basic portrait photography poses that anyone, even those without formal modeling training, can do. Additionally, you'll learn how to take stunning trip pictures.

The authors also frequently post movies where they attempt to apply advice from other experienced photographers.

Mango Street presets were made by this channel's team. They frequently exchange details on how to use these presets on images and what settings were employed to get different effects.

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#7. Brendan van Son

Subscribers: 1.04 million

Views: 20,220,657 

Anyone aspiring to become a travel photographer must subscribe to this channel. This channel stands out from other YouTube channels for photography since the creator records behind-the-scenes films while traveling.

This vacation photography blog is just what you need if you're fascinated by beautiful landscapes and sunrises or want to learn more about long-exposure photography. You may find helpful advice for photographers of all experience levels right here.

This YouTube channel for photography has a ton of helpful material, even if you're starting. Brendan van Son uses clear language to explain complex subjects. He frequently considers the numerous difficulties that amateur photographers could experience.

>>>Click Channel

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#8. Jessica Kobeissi

Subscribers: 1.94 million

Views: 179,664,075 

If this channel is not included in the list of the best YouTube channels for photography, your search is incomplete. Anyone interested in portrait photography will find Jessica's channel to be helpful.

She frequently publishes videos with posing instructions and other practical suggestions to assist you in taking human subject images that appear professional.

Along with recording reactions and behind-the-scenes films, the photographer also contributes her thoughts on various photography-related topics.

Make sure to contact the FixThePhoto team if you're short on time or have only basic editing skills to receive professionally fixed photographs as soon as possible.

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#9. B&H Photo Video

Subscribers: 862 thousand

Views: 372,663,977 

The B&H Photo channel was made for photographers who wish to discover new techniques and quick tips for snapping eye-catching pictures and making interesting movies.

A group of photographers, retouchers, videographers, and other content producers made these reviews, interviews, and step-by-step tutorials.

All types of creative workers will find this photography-focused YouTube channel's extensive coverage of relevant topics interesting. You can read intriguing articles about travel, wildlife, and landscape photography on this site.

The group also provides helpful posing advice, details on photography, etc. You may find several reviews of professional-grade equipment on this particular channel on the list of YouTube channels for photography.

Watch these videos to learn what gear you need to use for various shooting scenarios.

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#10. Fstoppers

Subscribers: 942 thousand

Views: 105,495,047 

Professional photographers and videographers founded the YouTube channel Fstoppers, where they frequently share their assessments, helpful hints, thorough lessons, and news.

When discussing practical photography equipment, they frequently go into great depth. Videos about lighting setups and photo storage choices can be found on this channel.

Its abundance of BTS (behind-the-scenes) videos, in which the photographers explain the shooting process to viewers, makes it one of the fascinating YouTube channels for photography.

If you are a newbie, watching these videos will teach you a lot of valuable information. Additionally, you will observe how various experts approach their projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is A Photographer?

A photographer is technically anyone with a camera who takes pictures with it.

Who Can Start A Photography Business?

Anyone who can take pictures that paint a picture and tell a story.

Can I learn from YouTube channels?

Yes. You can learn a variety of courses from YouTube channels.

Are subscriptions free for YouTube channels?

Yes. They are free.

Are there YouTube channels for photography?

Yes. Our list of best YouTube channels for photography is suitable for you.


Among the best ways to meet awesome people you might not have otherwise encountered is through photography. And while sites like Instagram and Pinterest can inspire you, neither is necessarily as effective as YouTube for learning helpful knowledge.

We hope this selection of the best YouTube channels for photography will inspire you to start looking around!

And you can study free of charge from the top photographers! Whether you're trying to capture magnificent landscapes or compelling portraits.

Everyone can find something on this list!

I believe this article was helpful to you and that you enjoyed every bit of it. Please feel free to leave us a comment below if you have any. 

Also, help us share this article on social media to help us reach more people who needs this information. 

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