Youtube Channels for Babies
Youtube Channels for Babies

What are the best channels for Babies to follow? Studies have shown that babies who watch certain types of YouTube videos are likelier to interact better than their colleagues who were not exposed to lessons like that early.

Young children are also susceptible to being obsessed with relatively restricted hobbies. Elephants, trains, the moon, and ice cream. Many babies have “very intense interests” at the age of 18 months.

That's why kids who use applications like YouTube Kids frequently choose videos that depict recognizable concepts. Those that involve a cartoon character or a topic they're already interested in.

However, this poses a research problem. If children just tap a thumbnail of a movie because they recognize it, it's difficult to evaluate how much they're learning—or how different the app environment truly is from other types of play.

For many people, YouTube is a stream of low-quality exhibiting the latest internet trend or conspiracy theory, maybe some painful-looking accident, videos and video-bloggers of dubious talent, and, of course, cats.

The story is slightly different if you have a kid, as you may not know just how important YouTube can be until your kid is introduced to YouTube kids.

YouTube created YouTube Kids to be a fun, family-friendly environment for children and families. The YouTube Kids app contains popular children's videos as well as various new content that is offered in an easy-to-use format for children.

This article explores the best and growing kids. The best YouTube channels talk about things that kids are very interested in and addressing them with videos.

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10 Best YouTube Channels for Babies

Youtube Channels for Babies
Youtube Channels for Babies

Here are the top 10 best YouTube channels for babies and the details about them that are essential for parents. If you are keen on starting a channel, here's become a YouTuber quite easily, with the requirements.

#1 – Little Baby Bum – Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs (39.1M subscribers)

The nursery rhymes and kids channel, Little Baby Bum, is an animated musical play that celebrates early childhood experiences; and promotes cognitive development via the beauty of song, repetition, rhythm, and rhyme.

Little Baby Bum follows Mia, Twinkle the Star, and Baby Max on their musical escapades. Fresh and traditional nursery rhymes everyday activities including bathing, dressing, and playing peekaboo more enjoyable.

Derek Holder created the channel in 2011 while sitting in front of a computer with the couple's youngest kid. He sat there with their kid called Little Baby Bum from her childhood, hunting for nursery rhyme videos.

Derek's knowledge was clearly a part of Little Baby Bum's success, but he credits his wife as the channel's hidden weapon.

Impressive work for the channel, which the Holders started in 2011 on a whim. A whim that many parents were seeking nursery rhyme videos on YouTube, and which they manage from the . It's safe to assume that their instinct was right.

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#2 – Pinkfong Baby Shark – Kids' Songs & Stories  (58.5M subscribers)

Preschool songs with learning value, rhymes, and stories that involve the usage of colors, numbers, and letters are among the videos on the YouTube channel. The song words are repeated, the animation is colorful and vibrant, and they last one to two minutes.

Some are bundled in video collections, such as “Planet Songs” and “Christmas Carols,” while some contain claymation and child actors in addition to animation.

The Pinkfong Company (formerly SmartStudy), a South Korean educational entertainment firm, created Pinkfong, the children's educational brand.

Pinkfong mostly comprises children's songs, the most popular of which is “Baby Shark,” and its dancing video eventually became the most-viewed YouTube video.

Their educational channel has vividly colored programming of stories, sing-along songs, and dances, all of which are symbolized by a pink fox-like extraterrestrial dubbed “Pinkfong.”

Over 4,000 children's films, music, games, and applications are available from the worldwide product development organization.

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#3 – Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes (138M subscribers)

Jay Jeon, his wife, and their children created Cocomelon on YouTube on September 1, 2006, to provide free education and fun. On its first day, the channel, then known as “checkgate,” published two versions of the alphabet song on YouTube.

After 9 months, the channel released its third video, named “Learning ABC Alphabet – Letter “K” — Kangaroo Game.” The majority of the videos on the channel taught the alphabet and lasted between one and two minutes.

In the YouTube channels about section, the owners described themselves by saying that the major objective at CoComelon has always been to engage families with engaging and instructive material that makes universally relatable preschool times enjoyable.

The gorgeous 3D animation and toe-tapping music create a universe centered on young children's everyday experiences.

In addition to teaching children the alphabet, numbers, animal noises, colors, and other concepts, the movies provide prosocial life principles, allowing parents to teach and play with their children while they watch together.

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#4 – WB Kids (21.8M subscribers)

Warner bros. Television owns WB Kids is a YouTube channel. The WB Kids people used to know was run on television and was widely publicized, gaining millions of followers in so short a time.

The origin of the WB Kids channel which has become one of the best YouTube channels for babies is one that has seen rough patches. These patches involve discontinuity of service, break-ups, and then remakes.

The main site was split into 3 websites on May 17, 2015.,, and are three of these websites.

The decision to divide the site into three sections halted the usage of the “Kids' WB!” brand name after almost two decades. In addition, the WB Kids Sites now have dedicated YouTube channels:

WB Kids for Warner Bros. properties and DC Kids for DC Comics products. In July 2016, two of the three websites re-merged to form “WBKids GO!” is still operational.

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#5 – Kids TV – Nursery Rhymes And Baby Songs (20.2M subscribers)

Kids TV Channel is an internet educational channel for young babies and young kids. They hope to teach nursery rhymes and children's songs to everyone who wants to learn through our internet portal.

It is the belief of the creators that with their extensive variety of rhymes and creative children's songs learning is possible. They believe that everyone who wants to learn something new can, which is precisely what they seek to deliver.

The preschool movies are intended to encourage learning, inventiveness, and cognitive development in young children with receptive minds.

The channel which has become one of the best YouTube channels for babies strives to help your children read and learn on their own. They do by using appealing, colorful pictures, a combination of 2d and 3d animations, and basic yet captivating narrative lines.

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#6 – Disney Junior (12.3M subscribers)

On May 26, 2010, Disney-ABC Television Group announced the launch of the channel as a pay television service. They did this after creating the Disney Junior YouTube channel on April 22, 2008.

The channel is competing with other subscription channels aimed primarily at preschool-aged children such as Nick Jr., Qubo, and (the latter became known as Universal Kids).

They broadcast special material for lovers of Mickey Mouse, Spidey, and His Amazing Friends, Alice's Wonderland Bakery, Doc McStuffins; Bluey, Puppy Dog Pals, The Chicken Squad, T.O.T.S, Mira, Royal Detective, the Muppet Babies, PJ Masks, Disney Junior Nursery Rhymes.

With over 12.3M subscribers, the channel is obviously entertaining kids with the right content, and that has placed it as one of the best YouTube channels for babies.

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#7 – Little Treehouse Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs (8.43M subscribers)

Little Treehouse Nursery Rhymes is a collection of classic baby songs that educate and delight infants and preschoolers via music and storytelling. This channel has become one of the best YouTube channels for kids with an audience of more than 8.43M subscribers.

Children may dance and sing along to traditional and new children's rhymes and cartoon tunes. Tunes such as Baby Shark, Wheels on the Bus, Johny Johny Yes Papa, Five Little Monkeys, and many more.

Parents will see that Little Treehouse Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs is the ideal place for their babies to gain information, improve thinking abilities, and expand their children's imagination and creativity.

Parents will also like our YouTube learning videos for kids, which feature preschool songs, hilarious animations, and famous lullabies. Preschoolers, toddlers, and newborns can learn letters, numbers, animal noises, colors, shapes, and other educational concepts.

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#8 – Eli Kids – Cartoons & Songs (7.82M subscribers)

Eli Kids was produced by a group of artists who are enthusiastic about children's content. Since its creation, the channel has continued to create wonderful kids' content.

The content as they had intended has come from every facet of life to introduce the babies to imaginative thinking early. They, therefore, spare no drop of creativity in ensuring that only the best is given.

The channel has nursery rhymes, nighttime lullabies, phonics songs, and fairy tales that help youngsters learn alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors, and much more.

They remain a one-stop store for teaching your children nursery rhymes. Nursery rhymes aid in the development of phonological awareness, reading, and writing abilities.

After the artists created the channel in 2018, the channel has grown to an audience of 7.84M subscribers and this number is expected to increase. This is so because there will always be children to listen to and watch these educational videos.

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#9 – BabyFirst Learn Colors, ABCs, Rhymes & More (2.48M subscribers)

BabyFirst TV is a YouTube channel that has one of the internet's largest collections of educational tools, nursery songs for children, and baby cartoons. As the name implies, they feature a large selection of videos for children.

Through their huge BabyFirst TV complete episodes, your kid may learn anything under the sun, from ABC to Animals, colors to shapes, and so much more. When you think that there's very little left to learn the channel springs up new content.

The channel believes that babies are the key to the future and there is nothing more meaningful to parents than their connection with their babies. This puts the baby's welfare first.

Baby First works to produce high-quality, safe, and positive content that is essential in the programming of young children.

They believe that when supervised and age-appropriate, electronic media can enrich the connection between parents and their babies and give them new opportunities for exploring and playing together.

As part of its core values, the channel aims to provide new opportunities for babies and toddlers as they explore their world. Again, baby first. They also seek feedback and value the feedback given to them by their viewers.

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#10 – Loco Nuts – Cartoon Videos (2.2M subscribers)

The entertaining adventures of six animal pals – Alex (the bear), John (the elephant), Ruby (the cat), Charlie (the naughty monkey), Lily (the rabbit), and Toby – are the focus of the series (the dog).

They like pulling pranks on one another but are also available to assist when one of them is in difficulty. The series is a silent comedy that is a giggle riot for people of all ages.

This YouTube channel which is one of the best YouTube channels for babies is fiction-based. It teaches kids what life could be about while they laugh. Since it is easier to learn that way, the channel makes people of all ages laugh while they learn.

With a growing audience of 2.2M subscribers, The channel has the potential to do more than it is currently offering.

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FAQs on Best Youtube Channels for Babies

What is the #1 YouTube channel for babies?

The #1 YouTube channel for babies is Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes. The channel offers all sorts of videos and has about 138 million subscribers.

What is the most-watched content for kids?

The most-watched content for kids is the Baby Shark Dance by the Pinkfong Baby Shark Channel which was released in 2016 and has so far generated over 10B views.


Children prefer to watch the same thing again and some of that is a comprehension difficulty. This means that they'll look at it again and again until they get the tale.

This is why the best YouTube channels for babies as listed here are intentional about what they display. This is because they know that children will watch it repeatedly till they understand what they are looking at.

Kids watch the best YouTube channels for kids very repeatedly with some of them having over 2 billion views. That is because you have a large number of kids watching videos on these channels repeatedly.

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