YouTube Channels for Korean Drama
YouTube Channels for Korean Drama

What are the best Channels for Korean Dramas? Perhaps you've seen every one of the top Korean dramas and are out of choices. Or maybe your or Viu subscription is on a tight budget.

You only need to visit a reliable YouTube channel. It's hardly surprising that it has developed into a venue for some brief but sweet South Korean web dramas.

YouTube channels have become an excellent alternative to popular K-dramas given their almost limitless supply of content. These YouTube channels have ads but you may watch them for free.

They also have well-known actors and K-pop performers. In addition, most of them have series, allowing you to pick from any category of Korean dramas you may have an interest in. 

You can find the top YouTube channels for binge-worthy Korean web dramas below. Don't think twice about clicking the link below to each channel to subscribe.

Are you ready to take your entertainment to the next level? Let's get started on the top YouTube channels for Korean . Don't forget to use the link below each channel to visit their YouTube channel directly. 

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Top 10 YouTube Channels for Korean Drama

YouTube Channels for Korean Drama

If you love Korean dramas, you surely need a YouTube channel plug for it. Nothing is more annoying than craving to watch a Korean drama and not having a plug.

You may see some channels with dry content or inferior video quality. This is not the case for the YouTube channels on this list. The top 10 YouTube channels for Korean drama are:

#1. tvN D Studio

Subscribers– 1.89M

Views -653,123,220

tvN D STORY is one of the top YouTube channels for Korean drama. This YouTube channel operates the digital drama studio tvN D STORY. It features some of the highest-rated K-dramas, including Start-Up, Crash Landing on You, and Hotel del Luna.

Many online drama channel dramas include youth and friendship themes. We suspect this is because it caters to Gen Z fans only. But one of its most recent online dramas, Trap injects some zest into the viewing experience. It also has a romantic thriller plot.

No matter the Korean drama you have an interest in, the odds are it is on this channel. From the old to the new. This YouTube channel has everything from funny to action to romance and even horror. 

tvN D Studio

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#2. Playlist Global

Subscribers– 1.78M


Playlist Global is already well-known in the world of Korean web dramas. It currently has 1.78 million YouTube subscribers, which is growing.

Many of its romantically themed dramas are appropriate for teens and young adults. They constantly serve great content and also upload videos as frequently as possible.

High school drama A-Teen has two seasons so far and is its most well-liked miniseries. Kim Do-wan, best known as Yong-san from Start-Up, also appears in Seventeen.

The channel shows the most interesting content every Thursday and Saturday at 7 p.m. It is currently one of the top YouTube channels for Korean drama.

Playlist Global

#3. KOK TV

Subscribers- 1.74M


KOK TV is one of the top YouTube channels for Korean drama. It is home to many Korean dramas, including comedy, romance, action, and even horror. 

This YouTube channel provides some of the top Korean online dramas. KOK TV is also popularly known as King of Korean Drama TV.

WHYNOT Media is a production business specializing in short-form videos for online media platforms. WHYNOT media is the company behind this 1.7 million-subscriber YouTube channel. You should know that it is one of the top YouTube channels for Korean drama.

Secret Crushes, a story of unrequited love that debuted on Naver TV is the online drama that made them famous. Best Mistake, FAILing in Love, and One Fine Week are some of the other well-liked dramas on their YouTube page.


#4. Dingo K-Drama or Dingo Story

Subscribers: 1.1M

Views: 207,077,006

Dingo is a digital studio brand owned by the Korean media business MAKEUS, specializing in lifestyle and entertainment programming.

Both the YouTube channels Dingo Story and Dingo K-Drama feature congruent web dramas. Its video archive has a larger selection of K-pop and variety shows.

Their best-selling films include the coming-of-age rom-com Coming of Age and the slice-of-life comedies Miss Independent Jieun and Not a Robot. Like. In addition to Dingo K-Drama, there are more dingo channels with makeup-related content, such as Dingo K-Beauty.

For K-Pop enthusiasts, there is also Dingo Music. This features videos of well-known idols performing their hits to vlogs of these idols. Dingo K-Drama is one of the top YouTube channels for Korean drama.

Dingo K-Drama or Dingo Story

#5. Luluala Story Lab

Subscribers- 274K


One of the newest web drama channels, Lululala Story Lab hosts the well-known TV network JTBC. It is a spinoff of Studio Lululala. Itaewon Class and The World of the Married, two highly regarded K-dramas, were constantly run on the channel. 

It is one of the top YouTube channels for Korean drama.

The Way I Hate You, a rom-com featuring Jae-min of NCT, is one of Lululala Story Lab's most well-liked web dramas. The most recent Hanging On stars well-known people such as actor Jung Sang-hoon, a family sitcom based on a webtoon.

The singer Lee Jin-hyuk, and model Lee Hyun-Yi are not left out.

With 274k subscribers and 61M views on their channel, this YouTube channel should be your go-to place. Their content never disappoints. You can find Korean dramas from way back. They also upload all the recent ones you might have been looking forward to.

Luluala Story Lab

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#6. LifeTime

Subscribers: 5.59M

Views: 23,876,439

Lifetime's YouTube account features plenty of web dramas besides K-pop-related content. The Who Kissed Me (Kiss Scene in Yeonnamdong) romance drama and The Mermaid Prince, a fantasy romance series featuring Astro's Moon Bin, are on the list.

On this channel, you will find content from all your favorite actors. This YouTube channel promises to keep you glued to your device for hours with its entertaining content. 

Lifetime is currently one of the top YouTube channels for Korean drama. The channel focuses on bringing every form of K-drama entertainment to your doorstep.

With 5.59M subscribers, you would love what this YouTube channel offers. They also post up to 6 videos a week. When it comes to Korean drama, there is no limit to what this YouTube channel offers.


#7. KBS World

Subscribers- 18M


There is the KBS World YouTube Channel for those who enjoy marathons. Dramas that were previously broadcast on KBS television stations are always uploaded to this channel.

Then there are extraordinary one-episode dramas. The plots are just as interesting as dramas with several episodes.

You should check this channel if you enjoy watching Korean variety and music shows. In any case, this channel offers a fairly comprehensive offering.

Some videos contain Indonesian subtitles, while others occasionally only have English subtitles. It is one of the top YouTube channels for Korean drama.

With over 18M subscribers, this YouTube channel promises to keep you entertained and glued to your screen for the longest time. You will enjoy the content this YouTube channel offers.

KBS World

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#8. Bea Alonzo

Subscribers- 2.62M


This channel features a variety of online dramas with entertaining and engaging plotlines and characters to pass the time. If you become bored watching web dramas, there are also vlogs by several well-known Korean celebrities.

These dramas would not only keep you entertained but also keep you amused.

There are English subtitles on this channel. This is so viewers won't have any trouble comprehending the web drama's plot even though Indonesian subtitles are not offered.

Bea offers an unlimited batch of Korean dramas. Even though most of them don't offer Indonesian subtitles, watching these dramas with just English subtitles won't confuse you.

It is currently one of the top YouTube channels for Korean drama.

Bea Alonzo

#9. AsianCrush

Subscribers- 3.27M


Like Kocowa and Viki, AsianCrush is a website that streams Asian entertainment. On this channel, there are Korean dramas from South Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and more.

They produce excellent Korean web series for their YouTube channel. You can spend hours on this YouTube channel and not even notice how much time has passed.

The Blue Sea, Love Security, Longing for Spring, and I Eat, Therefore I Am are some of the online series available on this channel. You can also find some of your interesting old films to rewatch. Ranked #9 on our list, it is still one of the top YouTube channels for Korean dramas.


#10. Studio DIA

Subscribers- 770K


Try Studio DIA if you like your K-Dramas a little odd! It features a wide range of web series with themes including fantasy, shape-shifting, silliness, and surprising humor. Studio DIA is currently one of the top YouTube channels for Korean dramas.

The channel has 770K subscribers with praise for its superb content in the comment section. My Dog-Like Dating, What to Do With You, and Legally, Dad is a few online series available on this channel.

On this channel, you can find Korean dramas on different playlists. Whether you are looking out for comedy, action, or even romance, they don't disappoint.

Studio DIA

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There is a ton of fantastic content on these web drama YouTube channels. Before you enter marathon mode, sure you have some refreshments available.

Order Miss B milk drinks, Banh Mi sandwiches, and Wagyupsal's Korean BBQ from KKday! The contents these YouTube channels provide are good enough to have you on your seat for hours. 

Your preferred YouTube channel is the quickest and finest spot to look for a decent drama. Yes! Top K-Dramas are on YouTube in abundance.

YouTube might be a good spot for a K-Drama marathon if you have Netflix or paid membership to watch K-Dramas. Subscribe to any of the top YouTube channels for Korean dramas above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Kdrama is the most well-liked?

A Business Proposal. Twenty-Five Twenty. Why Her? All of Us Are Dead. Love All Play. Shooting Stars. My Liberation Notes. These are the most interesting Korean dramas.

Does YouTube TV offer any Korean channels?

Yes. There are tons of YouTube channels for Korean dramas. You can find the top 10 listed above. They are your primary window on Korean entertainment. YouTube for KBS WORLD TV.

What is the top YouTube channel in Korea?

tvN D Studio and playlist Global are currently the top YouTube channels for Korean drama.

Which Korean actor is the best?

Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun; Kim Woo Bin, and Kim are currently the most popular and best Korean actors.

Is YouTube a common site in Korea?

No. The most popular subscription video service in the nation is Netflix. It has made significant investments in Korean and television. Compared to the combined 13% of subscription-VOD platforms, YouTube accounted for 81% of minuted consumption. Gaming and live streaming made up 4% of the total, while made up 2%.

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