Best YouTube Channels for Anatomy
Best YouTube Channels for Anatomy

Are you looking for the ? We have some wonderful news for you. You no longer have to spend long hours at the library seeking anatomy study resources. We've uncovered the top 10 Best Channels for Anatomy.

Anatomy is known to be one of the most difficult courses medical students have to deal with in their line of study. Most times, only going through a class might not give you a full glimpse of what each diverse topic entails.

Well, thanks to YouTube, all these are things of the past. YouTube has amazing educational channels that teach Anatomy in its most basic form. They are also really accessible, so you can watch them at any time.  

In this article, we will be looking at some of the best YouTube channels for anatomy videos you should attempt. So, without further ado, let's get started.

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10 Best YouTube Channels for Anatomy

Best YouTube Channels for Anatomy
Best YouTube Channels for Anatomy

YouTube is amazing for learning anatomy. Not only is it free but it's fun too. As long as you know where to look.

To save you time, I've rounded up the 10 best YouTube channels for anatomy. Each of these delivers the basics in plain English and is guaranteed not to waste your time. 

We will dive into each in more detail later.

Note: these 10 best YouTube channels were not ranked in any specific order. Each of them is equally beneficial and can help you on your journey to learn anatomy. 

We purposefully exclude dissection-based videos for a reason. Starting in anatomy for the first time, it might not be considered essential. 

Let's get to the channels.

#1. Sam Webster

  • Subscribers: 386k
  • Views: 27,153,186 views

Sam Webster is a lecturer of human anatomy at Swansea University Medical School in South Wales, . His YouTube channel, with the same name, is always the #1 recommendation for the best YouTube channels for anatomy. 

The channel was founded in 2008, and it has since expanded in both content and subscribers, having over 380,000 subscribers as of today.

And given the content he provides, there is little question that the channel will grow in size over time.

His anatomy playlist has more than 200 instructive videos. Why Sam Webster Is Great For Anatomy Beginners is a simple question to answer. 

One of the reasons is the way Sam teaches even the most complicated anatomical issue, bringing it down to its most basic form. Watch him describe mesenteries using clingfilm, and you'll understand precisely what we mean. 

He's also a YouTube regular with weekly postings. Another fantastic aspect of his channel (apart from his weekly personal vlogs, in which he frequently relates his interests to his anatomy teaching) is his access to high-quality anatomical figures and 3D models. 

Watching Sam play with them (pardon the clattering and clanging) improves your ability to envision the spatial arrangements of structures in the body. This is something that 3D software cannot provide.

Sam is also a big fan of handy mnemonics. Who could forget his noteworthy one for autonomic nervous functions assisting male genitalia?
You'll have to sift through his videos to discover it!

To subscribe: Sam Webster

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#2. The Noted Anatomist

  • Subscribers: 297k
  • Views: 15,563,560 views

Dr. David Morton, an Anatomy Professor at the University of Utah School of Medicine in the United States, is a Noted Anatomist. His first anatomy class in high school earned him a C-, according to his site bio. 

Don't worry, he's come a long way since then! His channel has over 200K followers and is beautifully split into different video playlists for essential anatomical subjects. 

He uploads once a month on average and is one of the best YouTube channels for anatomy. The Noted Anatomist, like Sam Webster, is a generalist's guide to anatomy, not simply for medical students. 

As a result, he takes care to keep things simple and avoid bugging his audience with unnecessary detail. Each video begins with a vital couple of questions he wants the viewer to consider.
The channel's tone, delivery, and tempo are very appealing. The graphics and figures that accompany his remarks are highly interesting. 

This also implies that you are unlikely to switch off. Another excellent element that makes it suitable for novices is the way he breaks down the terminology and makes it less intimidating.

Just look at his video on brain divisions, for example. He describes gyri and sulci as “hills” and “valleys” respectively, making it much easier to see and recall. 

The most popular video on The Noted Anatomist illustrates coronary circulation.

 To subscribe: The Noted Anatomist

#3. Crash Course Anatomy And Physiology

  • Subscribers: 13.5 million
  • Views: 1,686,996,165 views

Hank Green is the creator of the YouTube series Crash Course, which covers a variety of topics (not just anatomy). The lovely visuals (the studio they hired did an amazing job) and Hank's funny run-throughs of difficult topics are highlights.

This anatomy and physiology playlist contains 44 videos. However, the large amount of traffic this series receives indicates that it is one of the 10 best YouTube channels for anatomy.

The entire purpose of the Crash Course is to be brief while covering all of the essentials. A video's average length is about 10 minutes. Perfect for studying.

Crash Course is helpful since it gives a fun and brief overview of the subject before digging further into anatomy. You may watch these flicks on a tablet, phone, or whatever device you like and just take it all in.

It's incredible how precise each short video is. Hank uses analogies to connect complex physics to strange happenings. This is a novel method.

To subscribe: Crash Course Anatomy And Physiology

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#4. AnatomyZone

  • Subscribers: 996k
  • Views: 79,983,735 views

Another amazing channel you should look out for in our list of 10 best YouTube channels for anatomy is AnatomyZone. This YouTube channel is maintained by two doctors from the , Peter de Souza, and Jack Hurley. 

The channel (and website) have been active since 2011. This channel distinguishes itself from others by utilizing 3D imaging software. 

Watch the lessons to discover how Jack and Peter delete structures. Without the distraction of a sloppy dissection.

The channel is separated into playlists that focus on different anatomical areas. Videos are generally between 5 and 10 minutes long.

The visuals are the greatest part of AnatomyZone. The 3D modeling in the , together with the thorough commentary, greatly aids viewers in visualizing the curves and forms of prominent structures and better associating their positions. 

Another interesting feature of AnatomyZone is its emphasis on clinical anatomy. Understanding illnesses become much simpler when specific pathologies are explained in terms of the organs and structures they affect.

To subscribe: AnatomyZone

#5. Khan Academy Medicine: Human Anatomy & Physiology

  • Subscribers: 1.56 million
  • Views: 270,961,413 views

Khan Academy is one of the most well-known free education websites on the internet. This is why it is one of the 10 best YouTube channels for anatomy. 

Its medical courses have been transferred from its main site to YouTube. Unlike their other courses, you can only access the material there for the time being.

The anatomy and physiology playlist is extensive in its medicinal material (over 200 videos). There's enough stuff here to keep you busy for months, covering all of the major organ systems and anatomical locations.

Khan Academy is well-known for its straightforward explanations of complex subjects. Their structure, with comments over blackboard-style drawings, also works well. 

Each video is free of distractions. What's fantastic for novices is that the video content is particularly tailored to their level. 

Most videos provide recaps or definitions of concepts so that you don't get lost if you've come from someplace else.

To subscribe: Khan Academy Medicine: Human Anatomy & Physiology

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#6. Dr. John Campbell: Anatomy

  • Subscribers: 2.37 million
  • Views: 508,848,650 views

John Campbell is a former UK nurse educator and emergency department nurse. His YouTube account is one of the oldest on this list, having been established in 2007. 

It was first created to assist John in teaching his healthcare students in the UK as well as in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

John has nearly 2 million followers.
Dr. John's movies are unique in that they were initially intended for nurses and other healthcare workers (not medical students). He doesn't utilize any fancy visuals, animations, or other frills. 

His teaching technique is more traditional; traditional classroom-based explanations with a lot of real-life 3D models and drawings. John's delivery is extremely similar to Sam Webster's and we felt that this deserves a spot on the list of 10 best youtube channels for anatomy. 

Both are British, both speak fluently, and both organize their movies in such a way that newbies to anatomy will feel at ease.

To subscribe: Dr. John Campbell: Anatomy

#7. Dr. Matt and Dr. Mike

  • Subscribers: 342k
  • Views: 23,280,870 views

Dr. Mike and Dr. Matt's YouTube channel has been most beneficial to the understanding of Anatomy in college and is among the 10 best youtube channels for Anatomy.

They are devoted Anatomy instructors from Griffith University in Australia who have uploaded their films on YouTube to help students understand Anatomy.

Dr. Mike expertly simplifies and discusses tough ideas. He even creates simple illustrations to assist you in comprehending the content.

They also have a Medical Anatomy podcast that is among the top ten. The videos by Drs. Matt and Mike cover Anatomy, Physiology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Biology, and Embryology.

We strongly suggest Dr. Mike and Dr. Matt's YouTube channel is one of the best YouTube channels for anatomy.

To subscribe: Dr. Matt and Dr. Mike

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#8. BioDynamics Vienna and Muscle and Motion

  • Subscribers: 16.1k
  • Views: 697,780 views

If you find it difficult to remember what each muscle performs and where it's placed then you need to check out this best youtube channel for anatomy. BioDynamics Vienna may be quite beneficial in understanding muscle anatomy and physiology.

This channel shows you footage of each muscle and its actions. Muscle and Motion is a similar channel that can help you visualize and memorize distinct muscle movements.

To subscribe: BioDynamics Vienna and Muscle and Motion

#9. Amoeba Sisters

  • Subscribers: 1.38 million
  • Views: 160,339,673 views

Are you perplexed by Anatomy's molecular components, such as lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates? If you answered yes, the Amoeba Sisters are here to save you from tearing out your hair.

This channel will help you get started with your Anatomy course. There are movies on molecules, proteins, lipids, cell structure, carbohydrates, and other topics.

Their drawings are entertaining and humorous. The Amoeba Sisters straightforwardly explain the principles. 

There's no doubt that this is one of the 10 best youtube channels for anatomy. You'll have a great time studying molecular anatomy with the Amoeba Sisters.

To subscribe: Amoeba Sisters

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#10. Bozeman Science

  • Subscribers: 1.2 million
  • Views: 182,984,412 views

Mr. Andersen is the host of the Bozeman Science YouTube channel. He makes movies on a variety of science topics, including anatomy, chemistry, physics, biology, and others.

He uses cultural phenomena such as Dora the Explorer, , Jimi Hendricks, and Email to create parallels between complex subjects and them easier to understand.

Mr. Andersen even goes through the topics with you at the end of the video. This type of recollection allows you to memorize the subject more quickly.

To subscribe: Bozeman Science


It might be difficult to learn anatomy. Choosing excellent resources, on the other hand, might make things easier. 

Each of these 10 best YouTube channels for anatomy might help you study faster. All you have to do is decide which resource is ideal for you.

Everyone will find good beginner-friendly tutorials on the list above. Best wishes, and have fun learning anatomy.

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Frequently Asked Questions on the Best YouTube Channels for Anatomy

Is Khan Academy suitable for MBBS?

Medicine at Khan Academy Every medical student should watch the YouTube channel containing extremely valuable instructive films. This medical channel is unique in giving high-quality, well-explained lectures on important topics throughout medical school.

Is it possible for a medical student to create a YouTube channel?

Of course, yes. There are no limitations for everyone. Begin your YouTube channel now.

Is MBBS anatomy difficult?

Most medical students may perceive anatomy as tough since it entails understanding anatomical structures and their functions and studying multiple other topics. On the other hand, anatomy is a required study for any aspiring healthcare practitioner.

Is anatomy a difficult subject?

This class is difficult since, once again, there is a lot of memory required. Human anatomy is concerned with the structure of the human body and the pieces that comprise that structure, such as bones, muscles, tissues, organs, and so on, as well as how they interact or work together.

Is anatomy or physiology more difficult?

According to research, students find physiology information more difficult to acquire than anatomy (14, 22), but few studies have looked into the reasons for this.

I believe this article was helpful to you and that you enjoyed every bit of it. Please feel free to leave us a comment below if you have any. 

Also, help us share this article on social media to help us reach more people who needs this information. 

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