Polygon Bootcamp Africa

Developers in Africa now have the opportunity to be seen globally with their work; that is why applications are open for , launched in partnership with Xend Finance! The eight-week intensive educational course and hackathon combo will put developers in Africa on the map. 

This is Polygon's biggest step yet in supporting African builders, developers, and creators, and it comes at a crucial moment. Across the continent, a blockchain and internet revolution is in progress.

Since 2000, there has been a 50-fold rise in internet usage in Africa, and by 2030, 75% of the population is expected to be online. Already, 1.7 million and $144 billion in economic value have been generated throughout the continent thanks to mobile technology.

Polygons' partnership with the Nigerian startup Xend Finance, leading a Web3 revolution, made this a possibility by making DeFi more accessible to everyone, showing the growing awareness of blockchain as a solution for real-world problems.

They've sponsored ETH Safari and the upcoming  Fest, and supported communities in , Ghana, South Africa, and other African countries, because of the fact that developers across the continent are eager to take the future into their hands.

The time is now to sure that the upcoming generation of African developers receives a top-notch education. Best-in-class technology from Polygon will aid in the adoption of Ethereum and blockchain across a continent with numerous unique innovation hotspots where cross-border and decentralized coordination is highly valued.

This is an opportunity you don't want to miss out on as a developer in Africa. Keep reading to learn more and also find other related grant opportunities like this.

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Important Dates and Tracks for the Polygon Bootcamp Africa

Polygon Bootcamp Africa is split into two concurrent tracks:

  • Beginner track: This track is for Web2 developers wishing to switch to Web3, as well as newcomers to Web3. This is the beginning of a new career, a new web, and a greater ability to profit from the value you produce.

Participants will get comprehensive knowledge of decentralized computing, writing smart contracts, blockchain mechanics, and the steps involved in launching an app.

  • Mastery track: This track is for seasoned Web3 developers who have won a few awards. You might be a full-time Web3 developer or you might have made the new web your career focus. The ins and outs of Polygon's scaling solutions will be taught to participants.

The top three Beginner projects will be considered for bounties of $5,000, $3,000, and $2,000, respectively, while Mastery projects will compete for bounties of $10,000, $7,000, and $5,000.

The top Mastery submissions will also be funneled into Polygon's Accelerator program, to ensure more mentorship and funding.

In addition to ~swag~ for ALL participants, another 10 runner-up Beginner projects, and 30 runner-ups in Mastery, will receive $500 and $750, respectively.

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How To Apply for the Polygon Bootcamp

Registration closes on 7 October 2022.

To get started with the application,  Click Here to Apply now

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