6 Best Fashion Schools in Virginia | Requirements, Cost & How to Apply

Are you looking for the best fashion schools in Virginia? Well, fashion design and merchandising schools, colleges, and universities are very much available in Virginia or VA.

Virginia is a fun-loving state, although strict. The fast-growing fashion industry in the US is widely spreading among its states, and Virginia is not left behind.

Subsequently, this rapid growth in the fashion world has increased the number of fashion schools in Virginia and across the globe.

Fashion, in the broad sense, encompasses the total makeup of a person. Hence, it comprises clothes, accessories, footwear, handbags, makeup, hairstyles, etc. In recent times, people attribute fashion to clothing construction only. This is a wrong notion.

Nevertheless, fashion design specifically focuses on clothing construction, ranging from fabric analysis to the finishing touches.

Virginia Beach is the most popular city in Virginia and has drawn many fashion designers there. Also, Popular Virginia Fashion Week is always hosted in this city. However, choosing a fashion design school in Virginia would be worth it as the state is fully engrossed in fashion.

So come with me as I show you everything you need to know about fashion schools is Virginia.

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List of Fashion Schools in Virginia

Below is a list of the best fashion schools in Virginia. They range from schools, colleges, universities, etc. And you can study a fashion program in any of these institutions:

  • Regent university

  • Radford university
  • Lo k fashion institute
  • Old Dominion University
  • Liberty University
  • Mary mount university
  • Virginia Commonwealth university
  • The art institute of Washington
  • The art institute of Virginia

Course Options to Study in Fashion Schools in Virginia

Fashion Schools in Virginia
6 Best Fashion Schools in Virginia | Requirements, Cost & How to Apply 1

A lot of individuals battle with this question oftentimes. The passion and zeal for fashion design are there, but the notion of a fashion school is far-fetched. Essentially, Studying in a fashion school is the first step in getting into the fashion world.

However, there are a lot of careers in fashion design. Most notably, different options are made readily available for you to choose from.

Fashion, in a broad sense, is very large. There are only three majors in fashion programs: fashion design, fashion marketing, and fashion merchandise. Each of these majors has so many careers under it.

You can study in fashion school to get a degree in any of these;

1. Fashion Degree

Every aspect of the fashion design process. This is the broadest of them all. It covers fashion design, marketing, photography, management, communication, promotion, etc.

2. Fashion Marketing Degree

You learn the theories of marketing, consumer behavior, brand marketing, and digital strategies of the fashion world.

3. Fashion Designing Degree

Learn how to make research, design, and make clothing.

4. Fashion Technology Degree

This focus is on technological innovations in fabric design, Textile science, fashion accessory design, printing, quality control, etc.

5. Fashion Journalism

The component of fashion media, photojournalism, writing on fashion trends and events, etc.

Other Degrees in fashion include; fashion buying and merchandising, fashion management, fashion photography, etc. There are lots more of what one can study in fashion schools.

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How Long Does it Take to Complete a Fashion Program in Virginia?

Firstly, Completing a fashion program in Virginia involves 120 credit loads which may take about four to five years as a full-time student.

However, most universities’ fashion programs take four years for a B.sc degree, 2 years for an M.s degree, and two to more years for a Ph.D.

Are Fashion Schools in Virginia Expensive?

The cost of fashion schools in Virginia ranges from $7,943 to $24,900.Meanwhile, the average tuition cost of a Virginia fashion marketing school is $18,047, while fashion design is $17,751.

Scholarships and financial aids are available for students also.

How to Apply to Fashion Schools in Virginia

Applying for Virginia fashion schools, the intending student must provide and complete these basic requirements common to all fashion schools. This includes;

  • Transcript from the previous school
  • Perfect an application letter
  • Pay for the application letter
  • Write an admission essay
  • Submit a letter of recommendation
  • Present a portfolio.
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Best Fashion Schools in Virginia

Fashion schools in Virginia here would include colleges, universities, and fashion schools in VA. This is a comprehensive list of the best fashion schools in Virginia.

#1. Virginia Commonwealth University 

Location: Richmond, VA. 

This is one of the fashion design universities in Virginia. It is a publicly owned institution. The institution majors in fashion design and fashion merchandise. Alike, Students opting for fashion design and merchandise jointly have most classes together.

Subsequently, The VCU(Virginia Commonwealth University) fashion program aims at preparing students for different careers in fashion.

Students are taught creative and professional processes for concept development, fashion illustrations, pattern making, draping and clothing construction, etc.

Likewise, Students aiming for a fashion design BFA are grounded in balancing their artistic creativity with the fashion industry.

Students aiming for BA in fashion merchandise have been taught analytical abilities, problem-solving skills, and a global perspective of the fashion world.

Also, fashion merchandising minors are given proper and sufficient business training on fashion-related products.

In addition, scholarships and awards grants are also available for fashion program students. Most importantly, travel opportunities are made available for students to tour the fashion world in places like London, Europe, Asia, etc.

#2. The Art Institute of Virginia Beach 

Location: Virginia Beach, VA. 

This is one of the best fashion schools in Virginia. It is a private institution. Mostly, They major solely in fashion marketing and management. Students are allowed to explore their interest in Apparel and design.

However, this institution is known for its creativity in fashion. Students are groomed to initiate their creative ideas in traditional or computer-aided fashion design.

Also, they are grounded in courses that cover the areas of fashion marketing, such as consumer behavior, fashion market trends, supply chains, etc.

#3. Marymount University 

Location: Arlington, Virginia. 

This is another fashion merchandising and fashion design school in Virginia. It is a private institution. They offer two degrees in the fashion program, which are B. an in-fashion design and in-fashion merchandise.

Marymount University prepares students for entry-level careers as assistant designers in product development. Besides, they are also provided with skills that help them work as an assistant in apparel manufacturing.

Marymount Fashion Program students are known for thinking outside the box. Likewise, They emerge with ideas for fashion trends at a young age.

In addition, Students enjoy internships with notable fashion Industries and study abroad opportunities.

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#4. Liberty University 

Location: Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Through the family and consumer science department, one can earn a B.SC in fashion. It can either be on fashion design or fashion merchandise.

However, this Virginia fashion school is a private institution. It has a low acceptance rate of 50.1%.

Subsequently, Liberty University grounds and grooms students on the basis that helps them create and illustrate ideas in fashion.

#5. The Art Institute of Washington

Location: Arlington, VA.

This is one of the best fashion design colleges in Virginia. It is a privately owned institution. Therefore, students seeking a high profile in the fashion industry can earn a bachelor of arts degree in fashion design and retail. More so, They offer diplomas in fashion retailing.

Students of the fashion program in this institution are taught the basic knowledge of drawing and design. Likewise, scholarships and financial aid are provided for students, and students with special needs are also catered for.

#6. The Art Institute of Washington Dulles

Location: Dulles, Virginia.

The Arts Institute of Washington Dulles is a fashion college in Virginia. It majors solely in fashion marketing.

Most importantly, Students are enlightened and trained on how fashion trends work, what and what not to buy in fashion, consumer behavior toward fashion, supply chains, etc.

Best Fashion Schools In Virginia can’t be complete without the mention of this noble institution. However, it is shut down for now.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Fashion Schools In Virginia

What major is Fashion design?

To become a fashion designer, one should consider pursuing a bachelor’s degree in design.

Does the University of Virginia have fashion design?

The University of Virginia graduates are at every end of the fashion world, from executive suites to design shops and showrooms.

Is Fashion Merchandising a good career?

This is a great career for those with an eye for fashion trends. A fashion merchandiser is responsible for several tasks, including developing products and tracking inventory. This field is highly competitive.

What is the difference between Fashion design and Fashion merchandise?

Fashion design involves designing cloth lines and creating the final product, while fashion Merchandise trains students in encouraging consumers to buy clothes from retail chains.

Is studying fashion a good idea?

Fashion design has become highly competitive today. To pursue a career in this industry, you must work harder and develop several other skills.

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There you have it, the 6 Best Fashion Schools in Virginia; its Requirements, Cost & How to Apply. A passion for fashion can be fulfilling and rewarding if explored. Hence, Fashion Schools are made readily available to make these dreams come true.

A Career in the fashion industry is sustainable in the fast-changing world.

Don’t just know the skills; back them up with education to explore greater opportunities.

Lastly, It is important to know that all fashion school internships are compulsory. Theories and Practicals work hand in glove in the world of fashion.

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