Gender Reveal Gift Ideas
Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

Are you looking for the best ? search no more because we have amazing gift ideas for you here. Expecting parents usually organize a gender reveal party purposely to reveal the sex of their baby.

At this party, they invite families, friends, colleagues, and even neighbors to the party, and as an invitee, it is good that you go along with a nice gift for either the baby, mother, or father.

The question now is, what kind of gift do you take along while attending a gender reveal party? This article has provided an answer to this question by listing out the 20 best gender-reveal gift ideas that could serve as a guide to anyone.

So, keep reading to discover the 20 best gender reveal gift ideas that we have selected for you.

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What is a Gender Reveal?

According to Wikipedia, “A gender-reveal party is a party held during pregnancy to reveal the baby's sex to the expectant parents, family, and friends.” 

At the gender reveal party, prenatal sex discernment technology furnishes the information.

The practice originated in the United States during the late 2000s.

parents'Gender reveal is distinct from but sometimes combined with a baby shower, where the primary activity is giving expecting parents gifts for their future infant.

The party often involves gender stereotypes such as pink and blue denoting girls and boys.

20 Best Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

Gender Reveal Gift Ideas
Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

Many of these expectant parents cannot consider that they would be leaving the guests with the challenging task of choosing the best gender reveal gifts that are suitable for both boys and girls while arranging their gender reveal party.

Check out our 20 best gender reveal gift ideas if you're not sure what to get for the party, but remember that some of the items can also be used for baby showers or postpartum celebrations.

#1. Maternity Clothes

Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

While attending a gender reveal party, remember that it is not compulsory that the gift has to be for the baby alone. That's what the baby shower is all for. Instead, surprise the lovely mother-to-be with some stylish new clothes.

The pregnant mother will be grateful for such a thoughtful gift, which will help her feel more at ease with her pregnancy. Additionally, every time she wears the items, she'll think of you and your love.

However, buying clothes for other people can be challenging, so before you head out shopping, sure you know her size and style preferences.

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#2. Savor Baby Keepsake Library – Memory Organizer

The Savor Baby Keepsake Library is exquisitely created and may be proudly displayed in any room of their house.

It is a more acceptable technique to assist the mother in keeping all the valuable keepsakes and souvenirs in one location, aside from the amazing artwork.

This box includes everything from ribbon pulls to micro envelopes to stopper drawers, vertical files, over 50 illustrated labels, and initials, and this box can be divided if there are multiple children.

Given that it is genderless, this unique organizer box is perfect and a fantastic option for the best gender reveal gift ideas.

#3. Foot Soak

A relaxing foot soak will do the trick for any mother who enjoys a little relaxation while her adorable child is closing up to delivery.

The least you can do while everyone waits for the baby to arrive is to provide some relaxation because body pain is prevalent throughout pregnancy.

You can make your foot soaks or buy them in a variety of stores.

#4. Hand-Crocheted Toys

Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

This is one of the best gender reveal gift ideas that will show just how excited you are for the coming little one. Hand-crocheted toys, such as little animals, serve as reminders of the love of a friend.

When making the toys, choose gender-neutral colors so they will match the baby's nursery and clothes no matter if it's a boy or a girl. If you know the theme for the baby's nursery, choose something to match!

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#5. Withings Smart Baby Thermometer

Another thoughtful gift is the Withings smart baby thermometer, which expresses your concern for the baby's health and well-being.

This is not one of the typical thermometers, although there are a lot of them out there. They are sleek, modern, and accurate.

Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

It connects to an app that acts as a health diary in which you can input how medications are taken, progress, photos, etc.

And because it's contactless, there's no hassle of having to get a wiggly baby still for long enough to take a reading.

#6. Hand-Decorated Onesies

Gender Reveal Gift Ideas
Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

This is also one of the that will show you care, but it would not take up quite as much of your time. The mother-to-be will probably get many generic, store-purchased onesies, so make yours a bit more special.

A simple white or other neutral color is best. Then use whatever fabric decorating tools you like and leave a special message for the baby or mom.

#7. Bring a Gift for Dad

Gender Reveal Gift Ideas
Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

Please keep in mind that Dad might be at the gender reveal celebration and will likely feel as thrilled or anxious as the mother.

Bring a present for Dad as well to surprise everyone. Given that mom usually receives the most attention, he'll probably appreciate it a lot, which puts it on our list of the best gender reveal gift ideas.

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#8. Heartbeat Monitor

Gender Reveal Gift Ideas
Stethoscope to check humans heart and breathing

Another item on our list of the best gender reveal gift ideas is the heartbeat monitor. Friends who take themselves seriously and don't mind providing evidence for their allegations should read this.

New parents are constantly concerned for their child's welfare. By offering a fetal heartbeat monitor, you may reduce your stress.

This is a gift that will keep on giving as expecting parents will use it for every child if they have any more, and it will work just great, whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

#9. Lavender

Gender Reveal Gift Ideas
Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

Whether in fresh or oil form, lavender is renowned for its relaxing properties. It is available in many products, including soaps and lotions.

You can either choose a bath bomb that contains fresh herbs or present a vase and a bouquet. However you introduce it into her life, mamma will probably appreciate it. Lavender is also on our list of the best gender reveal gift ideas.

#10. Daddy's Diaper Duty Apron

Gender Reveal Gift Ideas
Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

Earlier we gave you a wonderful gift suggestion for the expectant mother, but don't forget that the expectant father is also eager to learn the gender of his child.

Here is a sidekick that preys on men's inherent timidity and dislike of diaper changes, especially the number 2 type.

Presenting this gift to Daddy at a gender reveal party will make the party fun.

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#11. Vitamins

Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

This may seem like a funny gift idea but think about it mom and baby both need them. Take some off Mom by providing some of her needed vitamins for her.

Make sure you find out if mom has specific vitamins she prefers or has been directed to take by her doctor. Otherwise, mom may not use them. Dad can be helpful, in these types of situations.

#12. Something for Dad to Wear

Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

Most guys like T-shirts, you can bring one for Dad to wear at the party and he will love sporting the message that he's the party's man.

Whether you go for a simple “Dad-to-Be” shirt or something funnier like “The Man Behind the Bump” he'll love wearing it and party-goers will undoubtedly turn it into a conversation point.

#13. Matching Parent Mugs

Gender Reveal Gift Ideas
Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

Every new mom occasionally needs a good cup of coffee or hot cocoa. So why not present your buddies with coordinating mugs to mark their parenthood?

Simply purchase two white mugs, and write “Mommy” on one, and “Daddy” on the other. Don't forget to add the baby's birth year as well.

#14. Couples Massage Gift Certificate

Gender Reveal Gift Ideas
Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

Mom and Dad still need their “us” time while the baby is on his or her way. So a couples' massage gift card is a perfect gift for a gender reveal party.

A couple's massage not only gets mom and dad out of the house for a date night. It also provides some probably much-needed relaxation that they will surely admire.

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#15. A Baby Item Wreath

Gender Reveal Gift Ideas
Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

The parents will need several things for their new infant. Start them off by giving them a wreath-shaped assortment of presents.

Washcloths, diapers, and any other little objects that may be formed into a wreath are examples of things that could be utilized.

#16. Lots of Snacks

Gender Reveal Gift Ideas
Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

Mom and Dad might skip a few meals and get less sleep in the coming months. You can help kids overcome forgotten food by providing them with a lot of wholesome snacks.

Whether they use them at the hospital or in the middle of the night when the baby needs to be fed, they will appreciate your attention to their health.

#17. A Stylish Water Bottle

Mom must stay hydrated, but it's challenging to remember or want to. Give her a nice and fashionable water bottle to encourage her to continue drinking.

Mom wants to use her new container, so if you do your job well, she'll get plenty of water.

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#18. A New Kind of Toolbox

Gender Reveal Gift Ideas
Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

Dad probably has one or two toolboxes in the house, but not one like this. Instead, purchase a tackle box or toolbox and fill it with everything the dad will need to care for the child.

Some items include baby lotion, soap, tiny hairbrushes, hand towels, and hand sanitizer.

#19. Large Diapers

Gender Reveal Gift Ideas
Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

At the baby shower(s), mom and dad will undoubtedly receive a lot of diapers, but you can never have enough. Surprise everyone by offering larger-sized diapers.

This is a wonderful present that parents will appreciate in the future because they will probably receive a lot of newborn and size 1 diaper.

#20. Hobby-Specific Gifts

Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

Consider purchasing items that support the expecting parent's hobbies, if mom and dad have hobbies that might cause unique baby gear.

Do your parents like monster truck rallies or rock concerts? After that, the infant will require ear protection.

You might also buy or build a small painting apron if your parents prefer to paint. Although the infant probably won't need anything, it will make the parents happy.

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What can I not bring to a Gender Reveal Party?

There are lots of appropriate and enjoyable gifts for a gender reveal party. However, there are certain objects that visitors should not bring. Let's look at a few of these.

#1. Encouragement for another Baby

This is not something that ought to take place during a gender reveal celebration. There are many things on the parents' minds already. Even if you know that they intend to have additional children, save your remarks about them for another time.

#2. Gifts for Men and Women

It makes no sense to show up with gifts that are unique to a boy or a girl because mom and dad are announcing the baby's gender.

#3. Alcohol 

The worst time to make a toast is really at a gender reveal party, despite what you may expect. Why? Mum must refrain from drinking alcohol because of this.

Bringing alcohol to the event will just make mom feel left out or tempt her to drink it when she shouldn't.

#4. Tales of Horror

Don't start a conversation by listing all the awful things that happened to you throughout your pregnancy or following the birth of your new child. There is no need for further stories to cause Mom and Dad anxiety and nightmares.

Make them cheerful and enthusiastic instead, as they are already considering potential risks and new learning opportunities.

#5. A lot of Sugar 

Don't overfeed Mom with sugar; her body and teeth need to be healthy. Don't do it, even though she loves sweets.

If you must provide snacks and treats, pick healthier options. You can change your favorite recipes to use healthier ingredients, like black bean brownies.

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You really can't go wrong with a gift card, whether it's for a dinner for two, a newborn photo session, a baby gym class membership, a maternity clothes store, a baby store, a couple's massage, or any other indulgence you believe the expectant parents will appreciate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Am I supposed to bring a gift to a gender reveal party?

While gender reveal party etiquette doesn't require you to bring along a gift for the new arrival (like it would be for a baby shower,) the gesture sure will be appreciated by new parents.

Who hosts a gender reveal party?

The couple who is expecting typically hosts these gender reveal parties.

Who should be invited to a gender reveal party?

Most gender reveal parties are limited to family and close friends, though it depends on the couple and what they wish to celebrate.

When is a gender reveal party typically held?

Ideally, a gender reveal party is spaced out far enough from the baby shower to prevent those two celebrations from being too close together.

Baby showers tend to happen in the third trimester, meaning gender reveal parties could fall naturally in the first three months.

What does a gender reveal party entail?

A gender reveal party comprises a few games, themed food and drinks, and of course, the reveal of the baby's gender!

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