Zuri/HNG Internship

Are you a Nigerian Creative person? The is open for those learning programming, design, project management, and technical sales/.

This Internship is a massive, and quick-paced virtual, aimed at early junior developers and designers who have already finished a training course or have a foundational understanding of programming.

The Internship is designed to surface the very best candidates out of a large pool of participants. It is fast-paced and challenging and helps people learn work in teams, deal with pressure and quickly expand their knowledge.

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Who is this Zuri/HNG Internship For?

HNG Internship is open to anyone with creative skills.

Participants in the internship should have prior experience, either through self-learning or the training phase. Even if you may not have any prior experience, we nevertheless encourage you to apply because you will benefit greatly from the exposure.

  • If you have prior coding or design skills/knowledge
  • If you are a professional looking to connect with others
  • If you are looking for a challenge

The internship is a fun-filled experience that runs like a game, join us, and we promise you'll come out better, even if you're unable to complete the program.

Application for the Zuri HNG Internship

Registration Deadline: October 27, 2022.

Click here to apply online

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